More Bloggers Jump Into MUFON Debate

Rick Philips at Barf Stew makes reference to the MUFON debate at FAA Makes Curious `UFO Call Statement' - As UK Shuts Down Same, in particular the MUFON 'Star Team' and Robert Bigelow's involvement in the network.

Quoting from Rick's post... Now, reading between the lines about Mr. Capp's assertions about MUFON and Lon's readers experiences (Joe's readers too) -- it doesn't take too much of an imagination to believe that UFO reports are now being `funnelled' - into organizations that may be less than forthcoming with the results - (In the links above you can see how some MUFON reports `vanish'.) - while providing the `cover' of real investigative interest.

Also... it seems mighty strange for the FAA to give one damn about who those reports should go to by the MOST BELIEVABLE AUTHORITIES - PILOTS AND AIR CONTROL --- and then - for THAT company to have ANY link to MUFON - doubles that strangeness.

Or, could this be a way for Mr. Bigelow - to be positioned by our government - as the ultimate spokesperson for `Anomalous Disclosure' to the world?

It's a very interesting post...go to FAA Makes Curious `UFO Call Statement' - As UK Shuts Down Same and leave a comment.

NOTE: I found the following tidbit in reference to a supposed 'deal' a MUFON executive and Robert Bigelow had in 2000. Here is the link to the source OUTRAGE OVER JOHN CARPENTER'S ETHICS, OR LACK THEREOF. Apparently, Larry Bryant, then Director of Governmental Affairs for MUFON was upset about the fact that John Carpenter, MUFON's Director of Abduction Research, had apparently sold 140 abduction case histories to Robert Bigelow for the sum of $14,000. It begs the much involvement has Bigelow and his companies had with MUFON over the years? Lon
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