Parents Claim Deceased Son Performs Miracles

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express - Bereaved parents George and Lina Tannous believe their dead son is performing miracles at their house.

They claim a mysterious oil that weeps from the walls of his bedroom and leaves messages has helped to heal dozens of people.

The oil, which scientists have failed to identify, started to appear just weeks after the 17-year-old died in a car accident in September 2006.

Lina, who insists her son should be declared a saint, said: “Mike is a messenger between us and God. He has healed so many people.”

The number of people arriving at the house in Australia has been so great that the family have had to impose visiting times.

Those hoping to find cures for ailments ranging from arthritis to cancer come to pray at the Tannous home in the western suburbs of Sydney.

George said the family was keeping a record of his son’s healing powers. “Our boy is a saint,” he said. “This is him talking to us, talking to other people.”

Last year a woman who lived near the Tannous house was told by doctors she could not have the third child she desperately wanted.

Mike’s aunt Susan Sawan said: “She came here and prayed. A month later she came back with a box of chocolates and said: ‘Guess what? I’m pregnant.’”

The oil has continued to weep, appearing on almost every wall of the three-bedroom house, as well as on framed photos of Mike and religious icons.

“Over the weekend we had people everywhere. We even had to close the street. They want to experience a miracle,” said George.

If Mike is canonised, he would be the country’s first male saint. Earlier this month the Pope confirmed that Mary MacKillop, an Australian nun who died in 1909, would become its first female saint.
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