Photos: Saucer Shaped UFO - Colombia - 12/25/09

MUFON witness report (rough translation): Colombia (undisclosed location) - 12/25/09 - After taking two photos, without tripod, of a dusk, when reviewing them in the PC south wind a sparkle with oval form that apparently corresponds to an object with displacement. In the first location and position it is different from the second taking. The coincidence but impressive this in the apparent oval form of clouds to the bottom of the dusk, like simulating a great ship, that went what it took to want to me to photograph that figure. After reviewing in the PC it surprised the light that appears to me in the two takings, furthermore in different positions. The difference between both photographs is of 35 seconds.

I was in my residence sharing with the family. When I observed that light in the photos, I shared with the family, that accepted that sparkle apparently is a flying object. Immediately I wanted to report on the subject and I acceded to the internet, looking for where to post this event. The object has an oval form, which I did not observe it at first. Nótice that the location of the object is different between a photo and the other. I believe that I have been lucky with this event.

Despues de tomar dos fotos, sin trípode, de un atardecer, al revisarlas en el PC noto un destello con forma oval que aparentemente corresponde a un objeto con desplazamiento. En la primera la ubicación y posición es diferente de la segunda toma. La coincidencia mas impactante esta en la forma ovaloide aparente de las nubes al fondo del atardecer , como simulando una gran nave, que fue lo que me llevó a querer fotografiar esa figura. Despues de revisar en el PC me sorprendió la luz que aparece en las dos tomas, ademas en posiciones diferentes. La diferencia entre ambas fotografias es de 35 segundos.

Estaba en mi residencia compartiendo con la familia.
Cuando observé esa luz en las fotos, le compartí a mi familia, quienes aceptaron que ese destello aparentemente es un objeto volador.
Inmediatamente quise reportar sobre el asunto y accedí a la internet, buscando donde consignar este evento.
El objeto tiene una forma ovalada, el cual no lo observé a simple vista.Sólo lo pude notar una vez quise abrir el archivo en mi PC. Nótese que la ubicación del objeto es diferente entre una foto y la otra.
Creo que he sido afortunado con este suceso.

NOTE: this sighting seems familiar to an earlier report in Colombia posted below: & Planeta UFO
Date: 12.19.09

Colombia: College Photographer Captures Phantom UFO

The presence of "phantom" or "invisible" UFOs in digital photographs (and some analog ones, too) is a persistent and annoying situation. And a polarizing one, too. Many either embrace these objects as proof of the otherworldly or reject them outright as proof of the photographer's ineptitude. But Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO has kindly sent us an article from the Chilean on-line newspaper that suggests that even college campuses are being plagued by the pesky "invisibles".

Juan Gabriel Sutachán, a graphics designer with Colombia's prestigious Universidad de los Andes, more specifically its School fo Sciences, was taking photos of the campus for a college fair and at no time saw the strange object, which subsequently appears flying over the School of Economics building of this academic institutuion.

"What I find truly curious is that I wasn't aware of the object while taking the photos. In fact, none of us present at the time ever noticed it, despite the fact that it was a particularly sunny and clear day. It was only when we downloaded the images to the computer that we noticed it," says Sutachán.

The "phantom UFO" depicted in this latest case shows a saucer-shaped form that emits a whitish-pink wake. The sequence of images was presented to Prof. Carlos Hernández of the Physics Department "As a rule, we physicists are very skeptical when dealing with such subjects, as we consider that there is always a logical and scientifically provable reason to explain any phenomenon. However, despite the fact that the image recorded its very curious, we will have to engage in a more thorough analysis before being able to say what it is."

NOTE: there have been some interesting reports from Colombia in recent years. Hopefully, these recent reports will be investigated properly...Lon
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