UFO Mystery in the Pine Barrens

I received this email a week or so ago:

"I kept quiet about the following described incident for about 4 years and have decided to come forward, mostly because I heard that someone had a similar experience recently and is looking for answers."

"My mother and I were driving in south New Jersey in the middle of nowhere as we were in the process of moving to where we live now. The location was in the area of Shamong, NJ. It's out in the Pine Barrens notoriously known for the Jersey Devil. We were on Jackson Road which is deep in the middle of a thick forest with very few lights, though there is a raceway nearby. I wish I remembered the exact time and the date because I'm sure others had to have seen it since there was car in front of us and the raceway was packed with people. It was July and had to have been late in the evening as the sun was starting to set."

"So we are driving down the road we noticed a huge dark object flying from a very high distance to simply disappearing into the trees. The driver in front of us slammed on the brakes since it appeared that the object was going to crash into the road in front of us. My mother almost collided with them because she was looking at the object, but it traveled above and across the road. It was about the height of a typical two story home and flew straight into the woods. We were expecting to hear a loud crash, see an explosion, something.... but nothing happened."

"We sat there staring until a car approached from behind, so we left. We were both confused and since my mother fears things like this she just refuses to talk about the encounter. Also, Fort Dix and McGuire AFB aren't too far from that location. Did the military cover this up? But it looked mechanical and too big to be a drone or anything similar to that. The raceway was near there and the bleachers were facing the same direction as this object. Could there be an explanation or rational reason why this was never reported? I'm seeking answers." David J.

NOTE: was this a case of 'lost time'? David does seem confused on the time and date. I sent David an email for some followup information. He states that his mother has a clear memory of the incident but refuses to talk about it. I asked him if it may have been anything natural, but he insists that the object was definitely man made. There are military training flights in that area according to sources I have talked to. Again, David insists it was not a jet or military craft...Lon
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