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I posted this episode of The Haunted: Ghost Box Prophecies for a few reasons which I will explain below.

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The episode centers around the Henryton Center in Carroll County, MD and how a spirit from that location may have attached itself to the subjects and became embedded in their home.

Before I go any further, the following is a brief understanding of the Henryton Center.

Henryton Center was established in 1922 for the care of African-American tuberculosis patients. In 1963 the hospital was transferred to the Department of Mental Hygiene and began to operate a training and habilitation program for severely and profoundly retarded ambulatory adults. The center was closed in 1985.

Now, I have lived very close to this facility since the mid 1970's and have had friends and family work there. In fact, I had been there several times when I was younger working part time at the hospital. Believe me, the place was even a 'house of horrors' before it was shutdown. At one time, it housed some of the most severe mentally ill patients in the state of Maryland and, frankly, it was under staffed and things got out of hand regularly.

I have heard several stories of horrid abuse, especially when it was used strictly for care of African-American patients who suffered from tuberculosis. I don't blame the staff as much has I blame the state who purposely considered it as a low priority.

Anyway, the place had extensive paranormal activity before it was closed. Towards the end of it's use, it was very hard to find workers because of the stories surrounding the facility....disembodied voices, malevolent phantoms, possessions, etc. Personally, I had a strange encounter while raking leaves one day.

It was a late afternoon in November and I was almost done raking leaves near one of the smaller buildings in the back of the grounds. The light was fading and I had just bagged a pile of leaves when I heard a voice behind me that said "go". I turned around and caught a glimpse of the partial spectre of a elderly woman dressed in a hospital gown. She was clearly African-American but most of the figure was blurred. As I continued to look, the slowly spectre faded away then disappeared. I was shaken but not really afraid since this wasn't the first (or last) time I have witnessed an apparition.

I didn't say anything about the incident until I was at dinner with some family members a few days later. An aunt, who was a nurse supervisor at Henryton Center, had asked me if I was planning to pickup up some more part time work at the facility. I stated I already found other work...then proceeded to tell her what I had witnessed. Well, her reaction was profound and she told me that a female patient had passed away on that very day and time and that my description of this woman was very similar.

I have been back to Henryton Center as a paranormal investigator and I agree that it is one of the most active places I have ever been.

Another point I wanted to make from the episode is the use of a 'ghost box'. I have a friend who uses one in her investigations and swears by it. I am familiar with Chris Moon and his use of a 'Frank's Box' but I just wonder how many paranormal teams use a ghost box in their investigations. When I was in the field, I usually used a medium or spiritual consultant during investigations since I felt it was important to get a feel of the quarry before I started probing around. Can a ghost box actually help during an investigation? I'm interested in some opinions...Lon
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