Alien Abductee: Let Me Introduce Myself

About a week ago, I posted a few UFO videos taken by 'alienphotog'. I started to look at his other videos that referenced his contact with extraterrestrials. Intrigued, I forwarded an invitation for him to present his story. The following is his introduction along with a series of videos. The plan is to post installments where 'alienphotog' will go into more detail of experiences.

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On paper I’m your average about 30 year old guy. Kids … dog … wife … My alter-ego however, well he is a different cat altogether. An alien abductee he proclaims through my very lips … a hybrid too. That’s right we’re both part alien. People like Jesus and Mohammad were as well. Which is really quite obvious to anyone paying attention to their stories.

But I’m not alone … and boy was that a pleasant surprise the day the my friends above informed me of that. Apparently it has more to do with this recent surge in population we have seen on this would have ever imagined. Some would say just in the nick of time too!

This 2012 stuff ain’t Y2K again.

That’s right. Folks like Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Billy Jo Armstrong of Green Day, Jimi Hendrix and Dave Groehl of the Foo Fighters have a good hunk a’ alien in them as well. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Which again, is really quite obvious if you are paying any attention to their story. So few people actually listen …

But a few do, so here I am. Your average everyday guy … I do dishes, walk the dog, then talk to aliens telepathically. They’re angels you know? I mean … who else did you think the angels would be? So all this “listening to voices in your head” is actually a more successful method of this “prayer” stuff we’ve been doing for so long now … and almost no true understanding of the dynamics of the whole thing. Like yelling in a tin can with a turnip tied to the other end of the string.

So that’s why I’m here. To explain some of the dynamics. Enjoy. Soak it in and use it and let’s move forward … improve this place a little. Bit of a mess isn’t it? That’s my only agenda.

I want to tell you all I appreciate you listening to what I have to say. That means a lot to me.

Oh and for the non-believers …well … any parent knows full well I have better things to be doing than just making crap up with 2 kids. So maybe you can give me the benefit of the doubt for a few minutes? See what happens. Aw, come on! It’ll be an adventure.

I’m legit. Simple as that guys.

Thanks Again,


P.S. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I’m always happy to help people sort their experiences out.

Click for video 1

Click for video 2

Click for video 3

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