Coma Berenicid Meteor Shower Results In Spectacular Mid-Atlantic Event

There were a bevy of reports sent to The Vike Factor - namely, large falling balls of light or fire seen over Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland on January 18, 2010 at approximately 5:30 pm. This was the result of the Coma Berenicid meteor event which peaked that Monday evening and early Tuesday. I have listed the reports below at well as an account of a meteorite fall/strike in Northern Virginia:

Large Ball Of Fire Falling From The Sky Over New Hope Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Approx: 5:40 p.m.

Location of Sighting: New Hope, PA.
Number of witnesses: two
Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Large Ball of fire falling from the sky.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: Hi Brian, My friend and I were driving South on Route 202 in New Hope on 1/18/10, around 5:40 p.m., when all of a sudden I noticed a large ball of fire falling from the sky directly in front of us. It was moving quickly and seemed to burn out before hitting the ground. At first I thought it was a plane and then I realized it was too small, but definitely too large to be a falling star.

I quickly mentioned it to my friend who said she saw it as well, but wasn't able to get the words out before I did. We couldn't believe what we had seen. A minute later we saw a smoke trail where the ball of fire had been. Was it a meteor? Please let me know if anyone figures out what this sighting was. Thanks.

Huge Ball Of Bright White Light Descended From The Sky In Newark Delaware

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: 5:37 p.m.

My husband, myself and Grandson also saw exactly what you indicated last night at 5:37pm. I live in Newark, Delaware and was on Rt. 4 driving home (right next to the new Barclays Credit Card Center) and out of no where this huge ball of bright white light descended from the sky very quickly and fell south west down. When I pulled up to my sister’s house (2 minutes later) we told her what happened and looked outside and could see a smoke trail where this thing traveled.

I’ve been all over the internet last night, looking for anyone else who witnessed this and this morning I found you. I know others have had to see it and I’d sure like to know what we saw!

Anymore news please let me know.

Falling Ball Of Light Observed From Collegeville Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Approx: 5:30 p.m.

Brian, I saw the falling ball of light too on January 18th. I thought it was closer to 5:30 PM, but I’m not sure. I didn’t have any timepieces on me. I live in Collegeville, PA, and I saw it fall from the sky west of me. It happened so fast, and no one else was around. I started to doubt my own eyes. I waited to hear a sound, and I heard nothing.
I kept checking the news and I saw nothing about it.

I’ve never been on your website before. When I didn’t see anything on the news I began doing internet searches, and then your website came up with a sighting.

Since nothing seems to have hit the ground I wonder if it was space junk burning up.

Blue And Green Ball Of Light Over Six Mile Run Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Evening.

Mr. Vike, My fiancé and I were walking Monday evening and saw the ball of light that you described. My fiancé saw it a few seconds before I did and he said he saw blue and green colors before it turned a yellow color. I saw the yellow ball of light before it disappeared. We couldn't believe our eyes and I wondered if anyone else saw it. When I got to work I told a friend and she looked on the internet and found your article.

We live in Six Mile Run, PA. It's about 10 miles from the town of Saxton and approximately 15 miles from Breezewood. According to the Baltimore Sun, there were several sightings in Maryland. It's amazing to think we were in the right place at the right time to see a rare occurrence such as this.

Ball Of Light Seen Falling Out Of The Sky Over Manchester Pennsylvania

Date: January 18, 2010
Time: Approx: 5:15 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Southern skies Manchester, PA.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Ball.

Full Description of Event/Sighting: I'm not sure what this was, or if it is even a UFO parse. I had my kids with me sitting at the Giant parking lot, my oldest (9) in the front seat. I see a falling ball of light to the south and just that second, my son sees it too. He asks me if I seen that "planet fall from the sky?" I told him I saw it too. Basically this huge ball of light came out of nowhere in the middle of the sky, fell very quickly to the Earth, then just vanished. My friend who lives adjacent to York College in York City seen this as well. I recently started inquiring if anyone else was witness. I'm hoping I can figure something out soon.

Meteorite Hunters Converge On Area After Fall In Virginia

baltimoresun - Meteorite hunters are descending on Washington's Virginia suburbs this week, drawn by news of a space rock that lit up the night sky on Monday and drilled through the roof of a Lorton doctors' office.

Steve Arnold, co-star of the Science Channel's TV series "Meteorite Men," grabbed an early-morning flight Thursday from Arkansas to Baltimore to launch a search for fragments of the meteor.

He was joined by Michael R. Hankey, an amateur astronomer from Freeland who was bitten by the meteorite-hunting bug last July after he snapped a photo of a fireball meteor that fell over the Maryland- Pennsylvania state line.

Both men searched in vain for that "Mason-Dixon meteorite." But this time is different.

"In this case, we've got a building with a hole in the roof. There goes all the guess work," Arnold said via cell phone as he followed Hankey's car toward Lorton. "I'm driving to the hole in the roof right now."

That roof was supposed to shelter the offices of the Williamsburg Square Family Practice, where Marc Gallini and Frank Ciampi see patients every day. They were still at work at about 5:45 p.m. Monday when they heard a crash in an empty examining room.

"The first thing I thought of was that Dr. Gallini's bookshelf fell on him," Ciampi told a WUSA9 TV crew. The fist-size rock had crashed through the roof, a fire wall and the room's ceiling tile before it hit the floor and shattered.

It was the first known meteorite fall in Virginia since 1924, according to the Smithsonian Institution, and the first meteorite to strike a building in the U.S. since September 2003, when a 44-pound rock smashed from the roof to the basement of a home in New Orleans. No one was hurt.

The Channel 9 TV crew took the Lorton meteorite to the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Linda Welzenbach, the museum's meteorite curator, said it weighed in at slightly more than two-thirds of a pound. She identified it as a stony "ordinary chondrite."

"It's 'ordinary' because 85 to 90 percent of everything that falls is this type," she said. "It has a light gray interior with little, tiny iron, nickel metal particles," all covered by a black fusion crust that melted as the rock entered the atmosphere.

Its spectacular arrival Monday evening was witnessed by hundreds of people from southern New Jersey to southwestern Virginia. More than 120 reported the event in comments to The Baltimore Sun's online WeatherBlog.

They described a brilliant, colorful fireball that broke into several pieces as it fell through the twilight, leaving a sinuous trail of smoke glowing in the sunset.

"Ken," in Baldwin, wrote: "It appeared to break up slightly as it fell and almost seemed to sparkle like a firework would. It was an awesome sight between the orange/pink color of the horizon, the navy blue of the sky and the moon. The trail stayed in the sky for a number of minutes and seemed to have a slight crook or bend to it."

Reports that the meteor split up as it fell are heartening to Arnold, Hankey and other meteorite hunters. "This definitely has the potential of rocks landing on rooftops, on streets, in yards and ballparks," Arnold said.

A meteor fall in the Chicago suburbs in March 2003 produced scores of meteorites along an 11-mile swath. "I found 113 pieces in 44 days of hunting up there," he said.

The incentive is money. Arnold said a meteorite the size of the Lorton stone could be worth as much as $10,000 to the owner of the property where it's found. But Welzenbach scoffed.

"Oh, that's too much," she said. Fortunately for the museum, the Lorton doctors and their landlord have donated their meteorite to the Smithsonian. "We hope to have it on display very soon so the general public can come and see it."

But if others turn up, Arnold said, "then I'll get in a buying mode." He won't be alone.

Eric Wichman, meteorite hunter, collector and dealer at, is also on the hunt, urging residents to report any new finds to his Web site, where he said the Lorton stone "probably has baby brothers and sisters."

"People should be on the lookout for black rocks, with fusion crust," he told WeatherBlog readers. "Check yards, roads, sidewalks, baseball fields, farm fields or anywhere else meteorites could have fallen."
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