The Era Of 2012

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I do not believe the the earth will end on December 21, 2012. I understand that is the given date for our planets to align in our solar system. I know many fear this event as the end of all things but I am not one of them.

My fears are for a time on earth that I refer to as the Era of 2012. I believe that we have placed many real facts and real science in a bag with many unknown facts and uncertain fears which has confused the facts with fears and keeping the subject in the world of the paranormal. I do think in this case the mixture of this thinking is a devastating situation as it has given many who are skeptical about things paranormal an easy out concerning the real and proven era we are entering.

There is no mistake that our earth goes through cycles that repeat. These cycles have been known and understood by science for a long time. We know volcanoes erupt. We know that earthquakes occur. Look at the horrid circumstances going on in Haiti from the 7.5 earthquakes that devastated the area and cost so many their lives.

Tsunamis are part of life on this planet as we learned watching the last large one take over a hundred thousand lives in Indonesia. I think it is obvious that we are entering the cycle of devastating earth changes that I consider the era of 2012.

Many things are due to happen as nature cycles through its normal routine. We have not been riding the surface of this planet long enough or have been able to record clearly what happened before our new era of technology. We are not experts yet on the facts of our history but have learned enough to know that we have had many huge earth changes before and are due to have them again.

For mankind the normal happening and routine of this planet still seems awkward and new. The earth however has been around for billions of years and it is going to do exactly what it needs to do. The fact we may not be able to handle the natural happenings is another story. I need to re word that and say the fact we may refuse to get ready and ride the natural cycles of things to come- that refusal is not the earth’s problem it is our problem.

For a time now we have known that hell is getting ready to hit earth as it throws it self into what it does and has done from its start. The earth moves its crust, earthquakes hit and they can be devastating. It is something we need to learn to handle. I do not think building large cities along active earthquake areas was our best idea knowing only time would be between the earth in those areas staying solid or quaking with great force. The same thought has to be given to volcanoes, flood areas and tornado lanes. We know it is going to happen yet live in denial becoming deer locked in head lights when they hit.

Yellowstone is one of the world’s biggest super volcanoes. It has blown in the past and it is timed to blow again. We know this, we know it is becoming active, and yet we seem to sit around in denial that this world event is something we need to contemplate and deal with. I do admit that I do know two different men of science who took a trip to Yellow stone. Both returned back to their homes located close to that part of the country and sold their homes, found new jobs and moved to the eastern section of the United States that is considered a safe distance from the destruction area that this volcano would destroy.

I listen daily to those who quickly dismiss, laugh at or ridicule those who try to discuss the 2012 fear. I understand that since 2012 has had many hands trying to use the subject to cause fear for profit the subject has become confused. Of all the paranormal subjects 2012 has been bounced around by both the world of science and the frauds of the paranormal leaving 2012 with a bad name.

I often write about the fact I do not think the earth will end on December 21, 2012. I think those who sit in fear of that exact day or think living past that exact day is all needed are not thinking this out clearly at all.

It seems obvious to me that this earth and its place in this solar system in this universe is going to do what it has many times before and shake itself, slap its self around and cause hell for all living things upon it.

Along with all the internal changes and natural weather cycles due to take place on the earth we have the additional concerns of the sun and its cycles, which for earth can be problematic.

We have lived through the sun blasting our planet with flares before without too much damage or concern to mankind. The difference for us now is that during those explosive events on the sun we were not an energy driven society of technology.

We were living with fire and horses as our energy sources. We rose at sunset and went to bed at nightfall with hours of hard work in-between as our survival method.

We did not have communications, air travel, cars, refrigeration or any of the technologies of modern life. However, that is not how the world spins today.

Solar flares could wipe out our energy grid. We would be without electric, phone, cell phones, communications, air travel, transportation, and every other modern convenience our society uses to survive today.

We would be thrown back 200 years in a day’s time. This would bring hysteria, hunger, panic and survival of man to a place it has not known and is not equipped to deal with. It could take three or four months or three or four years to re-establish any degree of return to a normal energy grid. The question is can any of us survive that considering our present lifestyles?

Along with these natural earth and solar concerns we have other items to add to this era of 2012.

I watch the sky over my home every day. I watch as the continuation without hesitation of odd spraying goes on over the New York area. I watch as the planes zig zag in odd patterns precise lines that work together to build a sky full of fake clouds and large masses of stuff that hovers over our heads doing whatever it is it does in our atmosphere.

I am hopeful that this incredible undertaking that has been going on for many years is a attempt to keep the earth and earthlings alive and able to weather that which may be due to come. I am hopeful that all the spraying is a method of counter acting the effects of extreme weather changes or tremendous damage from a sun timed to hit us with its fury. I know that there are many ideas of why this spraying is taking place. I can only hope it is for the good of mankind. We certainly do not need anything else stacked against us at this time in history- in this era of 2012.

I have written about all of this many times before. I keep trying to get this warning out about this 2012 era which may have started around 2000 and may last until 2020 or longer. I keep trying to get those who read what I say and toss it aside with a yawn as boring or ridiculous to wake up. If you do not believe me go research all the things I have talked about. Read the facts, find the sources and then decide if your yawn is worth your life? For those who consider this all-paranormal nonsense I dare you to do the same. To all the skeptics among you- I especially suggest you use all your science links or connections to test what I am telling you before you laugh this off or feel it is not your concern.

Not understanding your place on this earth may be a sad and fatal mistake during this era of 2012. It is a time to prepare for what may come to the best of your ability.

It is a time to have a family plan for disasters. It is a time to stock a light source and try to have a heat source for heat and cooking. It is a time to have extra food and supplies. It is a time to give these things some thought and action. It is without question not a time to sit and do nothing. The future may be the days of those who did and those who did nothing being the difference in survival or not.

I realize some of you are well prepared. I also know many of you do nothing at all to help you or your family as far as disasters are concerned. All I can tell you is to look to those who now face horrific circumstances like the earthquake in Haiti and ask your self truthfully how you would fare if it were your city, your town, your home and family in that disaster. I promise you those with a shovel, those with some water and food; those with light at night are those with hope for a tomorrow.

Stop falling into the mold of the numb and entertained and understand that the era of 2012 is not a fairy tale; it is not a silly internet story- it is real, it is here, and you are the one it is about.

I hope nothing bad ever happens again on this earth. That statement is truly unrealistic and sadly impossible. I can only warn you that slacking off facts and ignoring all warnings as ridiculous is not the road to secure your welfare during this juncture in History. I think the key to life on earth during this time is to be aware of what is going on around you and prepared for what may come.

I hope every word I have written is wrong and we all live in happy peace and safety in a healthy way. I hope come 2025 someone finds this old article and laughs how silly this writer was to think any of those things would happen. I will gladly be a fool if all of you will trust to the side of safety instead of sorry when it comes to the era of 2012.

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