Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 5

The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Location/Date: Powys, Wales - March 2001 - 7:30 PM

A British biologist and a few colleagues were conducting some research in the area after being notified by a local of "something" strange that was witnessed a month earlier. As they stood at the edge of some woods by a quarry they suddenly looked upon an extraordinary entity. Measuring 3 ft. or so in length, it resembled a serpentine dragon with four short limbs, but its head was shaped very like that of a sea horse, and it was airborne...undulating and wriggling as it flew about 10 ft above the surface of the quarry in a wide circle.

They were unable to recall seeing any wings, but it had a long tail that ended in a pair of horizontal, whale like flukes. The entity was green in color and shimmered somewhat, but appeared solid, not translucent or ethereal. They watched it for 3-4 minutes, at a distance of approximately 50 ft, before it finally vanished into one of the numerous caves and large crevices pitting the quarry. The biologist had the distinct impression while watching this creature that it was deliberately seeking to keep them at bay, warning them off from approaching further into its territory.

Source: Reported by 'Strange' Magazine

NOTE: the Powys, Wales region has had it's share of UFO reports over the years.


Location/Date: Yakima, Washington - Jan. 1977 - 6:00 AM

A 9 year old boy was getting ready to eat his breakfast when he noticed a "little man" standing outside in his yard. He went outside and saw two light green colored creatures about 3 foot tall, who rotated on a base instead of having legs and feet. In a drawing, these creatures had only one eye, pug noses, and vestigial arms. Two metal craft were observed, one resting in the backyard and the other on the roof of the house, where there were two more identical creatures visible. While hiding, he saw the first two beings return to their craft, which were brightly lit inside and contained "two chairs with very tall bases." Ramps led up to "cross shaped" doors. After the humanoids had re-entered, the craft in the yard rose and disappeared in a cloud of steamy exhaust.

Impressions in the gravel were found where the boy said the creatures had stood. In the long grass of the backyard was a circle of whirled grass about 10 feet in diameter. Local investigators found these traces still present during their on-site inspection on the same day the incident.

Source: CUFOS


Location/Date: near Barstow California - July 1995 - midnight

Five young men had gone into the Mojave Desert to shoot their rifles and camp for the night. Three of the group had gone to bed while the other two stayed up talking and working by portable light on a dirt bike.

After awhile they heard a strange humming sound and their portable light went out. Looking up, in the light of the full moon, they spotted a large black circular object slowly moving over their camp. Startled and curious, they followed the craft hoping to make out more details. After about an hour, they lost sight of it over a hill. They headed back to camp but lost their way.

After wandering about for nearly an hour, they came upon an old State Park dumpster in the middle of the area used for dirt bikes. Then from within the masonry wall surrounding the dumpsters, they heard loud crashing sounds like if someone was tossing garbage around. One of the men walked around to an opening in the wall, intent on asking directions from whoever was there. He noticed a tall blond man, clean shaven and wearing a golf shirt and dress slacks, both stained with motor oil and muck, wildly tossing garbage around as he searched for something in the dumpster.

The camper asked the blond man if he knew how to get back to town, the man responded that he was not from around the area, that maybe the government knew. The campers asked the man what he was doing out in the middle of nowhere dressed as he was, but he ignored them, held up a bullet riddle radiator, and asked them what they thought of it. Concerned the two campers moved back from the stranger. They then looked around for a car but saw nothing. Just then a helicopter flew over the hillside and shot a blinding light down on the group. Though the two campers do not recall the man leaving the dumpster, they turned to talk to him and he was gone. An instant later the helicopter veered off in the direction of a glowing green light that was steadily rising in the sky. Neither camper remembered anything after that. They woke up leaning against the masonry wall sometime after 6:00 AM.

Source: NUFORC

NOTE: the Barstow, CA area has been a UFO / ET hot spot for many years..Lon
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