Mexicana Airlines Airbus A-320 Encounters UFO / OVNI Over MCIA

This incident was reported in Spanish and translated from two and inexplicata:

Monday 18 of January of 2010 an airplane Airbus A-320 of Mexican Aviation happened near a ufo when it flew by Xochimilco. This happened during the operation of ascent, to obtain a straight and made level flight, being 11:55 h. The Mexican passenger airplane happened to about 200 ms of a spherical object of metallic appearance that it changed of color (of gray aluminum to red brilliant). The airship went towards the east of the City of Mexico, whereas the ufo went towards the south. According to unofficial data, and with excellent meteorological conditions, the ufo was detected visually, which flew to an approximated height of 10.000 M.s The aeronautical personnel of the AICM (Airport the International of the City of Mexico) had access to the information. He is possible to mention that in this zone, especially the area of boating near Xochimilco, has seen previously the same type of objects: metallic spheres that fly to the evenness of the channel. Photos of the airplane and the image of a ufo are similar to the one of the encounter of the 18 of January.

Personal commentary: The report of Alfonso Salazar and the videos of Daniel Sanchez confirm the presence of a ufo in the airways of the Mexican capital. The following recordings obtained from Daniel days 16 and 17 of January of the present year.

Click for video

"The first object I saw by chance, was not in observation routine. Course went to the zone of volcanos, was the noon. Then, the 15:40 hours of day 17, I observed flotilla what is called; the good thing is that I managed to catch them with the reference of an airplane. Most impressive it was an enormous sphere that brought smaller other like sentry. That material I will give the following week to it so that analyze you it she presents and it."

Mexico: Airbus A-320 Flies Near UFO

On Monday, January 18, 2010, a Mexicana de Aviaciaon Airbus-A320 flew close to a UFO as it went over Xochimilco, according to Alfonso Salazar (UFO researcher and aviation technician)

This occurred as the airliner made its climbing maneuvers to achieve an appropriate altitude for a straight and level flight. The time was 11:55 a.m.

The Mexican airliner flew some 200 meters form a spherical, seemingly metallic object that changed colors (from aluminum gray to brilliant red). The aircraft was heading east of Mexico City while the object headed south.

According to unofficial data, and under excellent meteorological conditions, the UFO was detected visually as it flew at an approximate altitude of 10,000 meters.

Personnel from MCIA (Mexico City International Airport) had access to the information. It is worth noting that this area, particularly the one near Xochimilco, has become known for its reports of similar objects: metallic spheres that fly over the water, nearly touching the canal's surface.

NOTE: the second translation is better and basically the same account. Anyway, these anomalies are fairly common over Mexico City International. From my sources, pilots flying into MCIA that have anomalies detected by radar are usually questioned and briefed thoroughly. I don't know if this is a government or airline exercise but I know it happens. Pilots that have flown north out of MCIA into the United States have experienced some amazing accounts, especially over the state of Chihuahua into southwest Texas...Lon
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