More Strangeness From Picton, NSW, Australia

dailytelegraph - Two years ago, while hosting the ABC radio program The Weekender, my producer and I decided to investigate the inexplicably growing number of hair-bristling ghost stories emanating from the sleepy, rural town of Picton.

Everyone loves a good ghost story, we thought, and so we teed up to meet local ghost aficionado Liz Vincent, who passed away last year.

Liz was a down-to-earth, no nonsense, chain-smoking ghost-buster of the highest order and we spent the day traipsing all over Picton on a Cook's Tour of the supernatural. We scrambled through the lantana to the mouth of an abandoned railway tunnel where, in 1916, a young girl threw herself in front of a steam locomotive and ever since, on cold, clear nights, she returns - appearing in the tunnel dressed in her white frock and hat.

Liz took us down to the Shire Hall, a lovely old brick building where she recounted the run-of-the-mill apparitions that turn up there as if they're bundying on for work.

"You see a lot of orbs here," she said, lighting up another gasper.

Orbs we learned, were just another part of the whole bizarre Picton spiritual experience - inexplicable "balls of spiritual energy" that regularly pop into the shire hall and hover over the performance stage.

During the interview Stu, my producer, snapped away with his digital camera so that we could post photographs on The Weekender website to accompany the story. Back at the ABC, Stu downloaded his camera on to the computer. His jaw dropped: "Have a look at this!"

Everyone in the office crowded around the computer screen to look at Stu's photo. Floating squarely above the shire hall's stage was a pale, circular image exactly where Liz said it would be. Stu and I looked at each other. Was it a trick of the light or something to do with moisture in the atmosphere? Or something else?

Stu immediately emailed Liz a copy of the picture. "Is this an orb?" he asked. Liz immediately replied: "Yes it is! And isn't it a beauty!"

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