Photos: Eyewitness to Recent Bogota, Colombia UFO Sighting

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MUFON witness statement (unedited): Bogota, Colombia - 12/27/09 - I was with my family in a vacation center in a touristic town called Melgar in the department of Tolima in Colombia, in which there is also a Colombian Air Force base, called Tolemaida, we were going out of our cabin to a pool after noon when my cousin looked at the sky and saw a brilliant dot, and, at first joking, he said "look, a UFO" then we all looked at the sky and saw this first brilliant dot, after that we noticed it was not alone, there were at least 3 more objects, for a total of 4 simultaneous objects, at first we thought of then as balloons, but this idea was soon controverted because each object moved independently from each other or the presumed direction of the wind, they made formations, triangles, lines and one of the objects seemed to change its color from white to red and back to white, at a certain point during the observation we noticed up to 5 simultaneous objects, we were not frightened at all, but we were curious about what was happening and what made this so interesting, is that a similar phenomenon was observed in Bogota that was reported by several media ( )I was with my photo camera and as we observed I took some photos of the objects, unfortunately we I could not take a photograph were simultaneous objects were observed, because they looked white and made not so much contrast with the sky to be noticed, then I tried to take a photo with hi amplification, and we all were surprised when we saw that this object was a silver octahedron, then we realized it was no balloon at all, because in every other picture that I have taken or saw from a balloon you could see a basket,we continue observing the object in our road to the pool, when we get there it was still visible but some clouds started to cover it, until it wasn't visible at all.

NOTE: this event was big news in Colombia...thousands of witnesses in downtown Bogota, Colombia and the surrounding area...Lon

Fleet of five UFOs / OVNIs captured by TV crew over Bogata, Colombia

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There was also a reported sighting in Colombia two days previous on Christmas night Photos: Saucer Shaped UFO - Colombia - 12/25/09
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