Reporter Fears She Has Allowed Ghost Into Her Home

"I am scared - I think I've let a ghost into my own home."....Amy Dale

dailytelegraph - Having spent days investigating all things ghostly, dozens of haunting tales have flooded in.

But here is one of my own - involving blackouts, creatures in my bed and my once-adoring cat too spooked to come near me.

It began when two ghostly children mysteriously appeared in the background of a photo of Picton cemetery sent to The Daily Telegraph.

Since Tuesday my work days have been a blur of mist, mysterious figures, orbs and the question of what, if anything, is out there. So it was a relief to be heading home for a night in.

But there was to be no relaxing in front of the TV as my house was plunged into darkness moments before I arrived. At first I thought it was a routine blackout - only to soon find out it had affected only a handful of the more than 60 houses in the street.

It was strange coincidence but a night with no electricity gave me a chance to imagine what life was like circa 1886, the same year 11-year-old Blanche Moon died at Picton.

Three hours later and the lights were restored so I headed for bed. But hopes of slumber were ended after a nasty eight-legged creature ran across my pillow. Nothing like a spider to wake you up faster than three shots of coffee.

After these few strange instances, I was ready for a few cuddles from my cat. My 13-year-old cat Dilly is usually only too willing to rub against my legs.

But not that night. In fact, ever since the first story about the Picton ghosts appeared, my once faithful feline won't have anything to do with me.

He bounds away with a wild and terrified look in his eyes.

His fear is akin to someone who's just seen a ghost.
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