Índice Mensal 04/10

---- Mesmo com o sono pegando forte, Índice Mensal adentrando para falar o que vai rolar por aqui em Abril. Vamos conhecer os assuntos?
---- Fora o tradicional da casa, nesse mês teremos uma variação no cardápio com muito doce já que a Páscoa está batendo na porta. Ainda teremos mistos quentes para todos os gostos, músicas para acompanhar as refeições e uma luz ambiente bem bacana.

---- Para quebrar o clima doce do chocolate, ou para incrementá-lo, teremos assuntos quentes e picantes, como os motéis. Vamos ter alguns poucos textos falando deles. Curioso para saber do que falaremos? Então terão que nos visitar freqüentemente. Hehehe!

---- Na parte musical, nesse mês de Abril teremos clipes com neve por aqui. Eu sei que foi o outono que começou, mas vamos adiantar um pouco as coisas. Hehehe!

---- Um cardápio bem diversificado para esse mês, não é mesmo? Lembrando que você pode sugerir assuntos pelo e-mail estranhasverdadesrelativas@ymail.com , me seguir no Twitter e muito mais, podendo até mesmo adicionar no MSN. Legal, não?

---- Sua voz, sua vez aqui nas Estranhas Verdades Relativas!

Ficha Técnica: Fernanda Montenegro

#### E o quadro mensal que vai fechar as postagens nesse mês é o quadro Ficha Técnica. Quem terá sua ficha revelada aqui e agora será...

#### Fernanda Montenegro, uma das maiores atrizes brasileiras terá seus filmes, passado, presente e quem sabe o futuro expostos aqui. Para começar, vamos com seus filmes.


1965 - A Falecida
1970 - Em Família
1970 - Pecado Mortal
1970 - Minha Namorada
1971 - A Vida de Jesus Cristo
1976 - Marília e Marina
1978 - Tudo Bem
1981 - Eles não usam black-tie
1985 - A Hora da Estrela
1986- Trancado por Dentro
1988 - Fogo e Paixão
1994 - Veja esta canção
1997 - O que é isso, companheiro?
1998 - Central do Brasil
1998 - Traição
1999 - Gêmeas
2000 - O Auto da Compadecida
2004 - O outro lado da rua
2004 - Olga
2004 - Redentor
2005 - Casa de Areia
2007 - Love in the Time of Cholera

#### Fernanda Montenegro na verdade é o nome artístico adotado por Arlette Pinheiro Esteves da Silva, seu verdadeiro nome, nascida no Rio de Janeiro no dia 16 de outubro de 1929. Fernanda está com 80 anos, carreira consolidada, novelas, teatro, prêmios e muito mais. Seu currículo é vasto e experiência não lhe falta, por isso é dela a homenagem das EVR agora em março.

#### Até mais!

Whisperin' Bill Anderson and His Haunted Tour Bus

Click for video

Click for video

When Whisperin' Bill Anderson embarked on his 12-day Canadian tour on March 23, he thought it would just be business as usual, rolling down the highway in his tour bus going from one gig to the next.

But Bill and his Po' Folks Band had a rude awakening ... literally. During the first few nights on the road, the Country Music Hall of Famer heard some eerie moaning sounds coming from the bus' back state room. Then, last Wednesday night (Mar. 24), the bus driver had to come to a screeching halt after hearing a loud scream.

That's when Bill's sense of humor kicked in. "I'm trying to figure out if it's Hank Williams wanting to co-write a song or Faron Young just messing with my head," he jokes with That Nashville Sound.

We're guessing Bill's nickname may change to 'Screamin'' Bill Anderson if his ghostly friends don't find a new bus and let him get some sleep!

Whisperin' Bill Anderson and His Haunted Tour Bus

Denard Span Hits His Own Mother With A Foul Ball During Spring Training Game

TAMPA, Fla. -- Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span hit a foul ball that struck his mother in the chest in the first inning of Wednesday's spring training game against the New York Yankees.

Wanda Wilson was wearing a Span jersey and sitting with about 20 family members and friends near the third-base dugout. Span, batting leadoff, took a defensive swing against Yankees starter Phil Hughes in the first inning and hit a liner right at her in the box seats.

A stunned Span sprinted from the batters' box to the stands and stayed with his mother while paramedics treated her. The split-squad game was delayed for a few minutes as she was taken to first aid, and the Twins said she was sore but OK.

Span returned to the plate with the count 3-2 and struck out looking on the next pitch. The Twins originally said Span would leave the game, but his mother was sitting in a different seat by the bottom of the first inning and he went to center field.

She was treated by paramedics and back in the stands minutes later, but eventually went to a hospital after being convinced by medical personnel at the stadium.

Span flied out in the second inning, then left in the bottom of the third, telling a team official he wasn't mentally into the game. Span and his mother spent time together after he departed.

The AL co-leader in triples last season was born and raised in Tampa. Span regularly volunteers to make the long trip from the Twins' spring training home in Fort Myers when Minnesota visits the Yankees so he can see his family.


What are the odds of this? 1 in 6,000,000,000,000,000??? Out of all the people to hit in the stands, you bop your own mother. Insane. I wouldn't have believed this story if I didn't witness it unfolding on live TV. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Granite State of Mind

Just got tipped off on this Jay Z parody video of Empire StateText Color of Mind. We've posted past parodies of Jay Z's Empire State of Mind and want to know what the freshy followers think of this one. Vote 1 star if you hate NH more after this video of 5 stars if you now want to move there.

PS- How long do you think it took this guy to make this video anyway? He basically sums up NH in a nutshell, but normally a parody comes out a few days or weeks after the single drops. Not months. Typical NH resident, behind the eight-ball on everything!


Greatest Story Ever Told or Biggest Paranormal Event Ever Known?

Click for video

abcnews - The History Channel revealed for the first time Tuesday night a new 3-D image that many believe to be the face of Christ, causing mixed reaction around the globe.

Artists and scientists studied the Shroud of Turin, a cloth that some say was wrapped around Jesus' face when he died, to develop the image.

"If you want to re-create the face of Jesus and you want to get the actual face of Jesus, you have only one object and that's the shroud," said computer artist Ray Downing of Studio Macbeth in New York City, which specializes in digital illustration and animation.

While some people said the image was "realistic" and what they imagined Christ looked like, others were not as certain.

"I find it questionable," one man told ABC News.

"I don't think there should be any one face," a woman said.

Another man questioned whether the Shroud of Turin was real.

"I believe it is an accurate image of whoever the shroud belongs to, but it's unclear if that shroud belongs to Jesus Christ," he said.

Others said they felt a spiritual connection to the image.

"I see love. I see compassion. I see my savior," said one woman who was at the Vatican when she saw the image.

The drive to create the image and the intense response to it are examples of the profound role that Jesus plays in so many lives.

"There's a long tradition in Christian theology and Christian history of seeking the face of Christ, of wanting to know what he was like as a man," said the Rev. Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest and author in New York City.

Finding Jesus' Face

The centuries-old shroud contains a faint impression of the front and back of a human body, along with blood, dirt and water stains from its age.

Cutting-edge modern skills were required to pull an accurate flesh and blood face from a piece of fabric so old.

The year-long project culminated with a team of graphic artists using the newest technology to create a computer-generated image.

"I have a lot of information about that face and my estimation is we're pretty darn close to what this man looked like," Downing, the lead artist, said.

Ancient Shroud Provides Clues

One of the main problems -- the condition of the shroud -- provided key clues. The team realized there were distortions in the image on the shroud because the fabric had been wrapped around the body.

"The solution was to realize that the shroud wasn't hanging on the wall, it was wrapping a corpse," said Downing, who has also used computers to create images of Abraham Lincoln. "That's the crux of the problem, the face is hidden in there."

"By imitating those distortions, we could take the image and put it back into that shape and figure out what the face looked like … it gave us a blueprint," he said.

After forming the blueprint, the computer artists started the recreation. Of course, there were limitations to what they could do with what they had.

"Inevitably, you do run out of information," Downing said. "You can't see the pores in a linen fabric. There are no eyebrows. It doesn't take a lot of guesswork to assign pores and skin texture to a model, to know that the man did have eyebrows and to provide them. At some point, you do have to leave the realm of actual information and use experience."

NOTE: Now, before people start shooting emails off to me stating I'm a religious zealot, please understand...I'm only interested in the historical and possible paranormal aspect of this phenomenon. Though I'm familiar with the teachings of the Christian faith (in my case, a childhood of having it force down my throat) I am not a follower. I do call myself 'spiritual' but in a sense not related to any organized religion. Personally, I believe that there was an actual Jesus of Nazareth who very well may have had followers who believed that he was a rabbi and the Messiah. Was he able to heal and provide as stated by his disciples? The Bible is a wonderful historical document but, so are the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Koran, the Shruti Vedas and other ancient religious texts. I lean towards interpreting Judeo-Christian and other ritual dogma in a more metaphysical manner. There is an excellent website on the Shroud of Turin that includes several links and theories...Lon

Greatest Story Ever Told or Biggest Paranormal Event Ever Known?

Erykah Badu Desperately Seeking Attention, Wanted to Get Arrested for Video

Provocative R&B star Erykah Badu wanted to make her "Window Seat" video even more controversial -- by getting arrested during the shoot. The singer/songwriter rips off her clothes in front of complete strangers in the promo, which was filmed in public at Dealey Plaza, the tourist hotspot in Dallas where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

But she was hoping for some even more headline-grabbing scenes -- she deliberately attempted to get seized by police officers for filming without a permit. The promo's producers, duo Coodie and Chike, even had bail money on hand to free Badu from the cells when the shoot was over -- but the plan fell flat when local cops failed to notice the film crew.

Here we have another fading star desperately seeking attention by any means necessary. Stripping naked in public and pretending to be shot in the place where JFK was assassinated will certainly get you some attention. As will getting thrown in jail for such a display, which is apparently why Erykah Badu was willing to accept the consequences. It’s sad that her career has gone so far down the tubes that she has to resort to this kind of thing.

It blows my mind that some people can defend this disgusting display as art. If any normal citizen did what she did they would be prosecuted as a sex offender and labeled both un-American and a freak. Badu is mocking one of the most beloved presidents in American history in the place where he was tragically shot and killed. It’s not art. It’s sick.

Sam Adams acoustic version of Driving Me Crazy

Kid has absolutely blown up since Boston's Boy here's an accoustic version of Driving Me Crazy Sammy Adams did for Billboard.com

Sam Adams Conversation with Billboard.com

Billboard catches up with Boston's Boy Sam Adams and his recent success from his EP that dropped earlier this month. Get on the kid's bandwagon go cop his track on iTunes if you haven't already and get ready for Stoolapalooza with the kid!

Psychiatrist Claims the 'King of Pop' Being Harassed In Heaven

NOTE: The following statement comes from Abraham Tribesky, the 'Psychiatrist To Deceased Hollywood Stars.' Apparently, some of Tribesky's 'deceased clients' (in particular, a deceased 'sitcom actor') are telling him that dead pop star Michael Jackson is being harassed in 'Heaven' by furious residents who don’t believe he should be there. OK...well, where do these heavenly residents think Jackson should be? I'm looking forward to more of this divine soap opera...Lon

“A lot of people feel like Michael Jackson cut some sort of shady deal to get into Heaven and they’re not happy campers. These are guys and gals who feel they did the right thing while they were alive and Jackson, well, he pulled a few strings to get here. They contend that rich and powerful dead people are getting special treatment on the Other Side just like in real life–and they’re furious.

“The result is that a small group of protesters has been harassing Michael Jackson ever since he surprised them by popping up here. The King of Pop can’t go anywhere without being followed by critics who’d like to expel him from Heaven.

“And their campaign seems to be working. Just yesterday Jackson was spotted moaning incantations with a notorious group of hooded, monk-like figures with connections to what we in Heaven simply call the Other Place.

“Michael Jackson may truly belong in Heaven. But the way things are going, he’ll most likely be happier moving on.”

Abraham Tribesky
Adjunct Professor, Afterlife Issues
Edgar Allan Poe Community College

NOTE: Abraham Tribesky has given several interviews on the following blog askdocparanormal. Frankly, I know very little about this person and I'm presenting it here for your interpretation...Lon

Psychiatrist Claims the 'King of Pop' Being Harassed In Heaven

Michael Lohan admits he is a bad father

Michael Lohan speaking out about his daughters drug problems and alcoholism. To sum it up quickly he says Lindsey needs family support and professional help -- yet again -- and ignores the fact that he should of stepped in before Lindsey got out of control. It's a pretty interesting video because he comes out and says his daughter has problems, but defends her at points in the interview.

One question for Mr. Lohan, why are you wasting your time with the public when you could be talking to your daughter about how she needs help?

Disclosed: Pig's Blood Used In Cigarette Filters

ukmedix - Cigarettes may contain traces of pigs' blood, an Australian academic says with a warning that religious groups could find its undisclosed presence "very offensive". University of Sydney Professor in Public Health Simon Chapman points to recent Dutch research which identified 185 different industrial uses of a pig - including the use of its haemoglobin in cigarette filters.

Prof Chapman said the research offered an insight into the otherwise secretive world of cigarette manufacture, and it was likely to raise concerns for devout Muslims and Jews. Religious texts at the core of both of these faiths specifically ban the consumption of pork.

"I think that there would be some particularly devout groups who would find the idea that there were pig products in cigarettes to be very offensive," Prof Chapman said.

"The Jewish community certainly takes these matters extremely seriously and the Islamic community certainly do as well, as would many vegetarians.

"It just puts into hard relief the problem that the tobacco industry is not required to declare the ingredients of cigarettes ... they say 'that's our business' and a trade secret." The Dutch research found pig haemoglobin - a blood protein - was being used to make cigarette filters more effective at trapping harmful chemicals before they could enter a smoker's lungs.

At least one cigarette brand sold in Greece was confirmed as using pig haemoglobin in its processes, Prof Chapman said. "If you're a smoker and you're of Islamic or Jewish faith then you'd probably would want to know and there is no way of finding out."

Disclosed: Pig's Blood Used In Cigarette Filters

AMAZING! Master Business Card Thrower

Click for video

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Introducing John Forte

We've been promoting Wale & K'NAAN's show at the House of Blues in Boston tomorrow night here at F2DD. We've heard from our readers that they don't know who John Forte is and would like us to provide them with some information. So here it is: F2DD introduces John Forte --

Forte was born on January 30th, 1975. He is a rapper / producer who first made his name with the Fugees.
After the group split up Forte pursued a singles career with his debut album in 1998, Poly Sci, not getting much success. In 2000, Forté was arrested at Newark International Airport after accepting a briefcase containing $1.4 million worth of liquid cocaine; he was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to distribute.[3]He was convicted and sentenced to the mandatory minimum 14 years after being found guilty, and incarcerated at FCI Loretto, a low-security federal prison in central Pennsylvania. With the help of Senator Orrin Hatch, Forté's prison sentence was commuted by President George W. Bush on November 24, 2008. He was released from prison four weeks later December 22.

Here's a more recent joint by Forte who collaborated with Talib Kweli on a remix of Homecoming

Wale, K'NAAN ft. John Forte tomorrow night!

K'NAAN, Wale w/ special guest Joe Fohn tomorrow night at the House of Blues in Boston, M.A. Get your tickets here. Don't forget about the show because it most certainly will be worth the money. Gonna be one of the best hip hop shows in Boston this spring! Tune in to F2DD on Friday if you can't get to the show because we'll be sure to provide you with how great the performances were!


There is one book Alexander McQueen would certainly have liked: it is Heavenly Vault: From Romanesque to Gothic in European Architecture by photographer David Stephenson (released by Princeton Architectural Press). This book is a vertiginous display of sublime cathedral vaults; of choirs, crossings and naves. The mystique of architecture shines from striking gothic sobriety to norman follies. McQueen’s latest effort also evoke this calm magnificence of architectural motives and the pathos of Middle-Age beliefs. We think there could be no better décors for these heavenly creatures than these architectural masterpieces.

Romanesque Architecture 1000 - 1140 - St. Etienne Basilica, France.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

Laon, in northern France city, was one of the first cathedrals built in the new Gothic style, with pointed arches showing you the way up to Heaven.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

Stargard Choir - Gothic architecture

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

Batalha, Portugal

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

Batalha, Portugal

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

More about the book:
Internationally renowned photographer David Stephenson has dedicated his practice to capturing the sublime in nature and architecture. Stephenson began to photograph Gothic vaults in Spain and Portugal in 2003, while completing the work for his Domes project, and his first monograph Visions of Heaven: the Dome in European Architecture. He began to focus on the Vaults project in 2006, photographing Gothic churches and cathedrals in England, Belgium and France. With the assistance of an Australia Council Artist Fellowship in 2008-09, Stephenson completed extensive fieldwork for the Vaults project, intensively photographing Romanesque and Gothic architecture in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. David Stephenson's new book of photography is a love letter to the intricate, seemingly sui generis vaults of Europe's Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals and churches.
Source: Images ©: David Stephenson through John Buckley gallery and http://www.160grams.com/


Irmãos Lumiére
O cinema surgiu em 1895 pelos irmãos Lumière. No início, os filmes tinham no máximo um minuto de duração e não contavam uma história propriamente dita. Eram acontecimentos, como a saída dos empregados da fábrica dos irmãos Lumière, a chegada de um trem à estação, um bebê comendo, a derrubada de um muro.

A câmera ficava parada. Com o passar dos anos apareceu o cinema de ficção, mas sem muitas inovações á que eram os atores que se movimentavam para ficar no enquadramento enquanto a câmera ficava parada, mas esse detalhe foi sendo resolvido aos poucos.

O cinema só se tornou sonoro em 1929, quando passaram a ser usados 24 quadros por segundo e a fala podia ser sincronizada com a imagem.

Os signos visuais, segundo Pierce dividem-se em:
* Ícones - Tem, uma semelhança física com o referente (o objeto que deu origem à imagem), mesmo que ele não seja visualizado no momento, como exemplo imaginar uma mesa e desenhá-la.
* Índices - O objeto precisou existir. Como exemplo, os passos de um pássaro na areia, o cheiro de feijão queimando, o rosto abatido de uma pessoa.

* Símbolos

Os signos plásticos são: luz, volumes, formas, profundidade, a textura. Ex.: uma faca e a representação que ela pode ter dependendo do interesse do diretor e até ser usada posteriormente para um assassinato.

Os significados plásticos são:
- Quadro, enquadramento;
- Ângulo da tomada - dependendo do ângulo em que a tomada é feita, pode-se enaltecer algum personagem com a câmera filmando de baixo pra cima, ou diminuí-lo filmando de cima para baixo;
- Escolha da objetiva;
- Composição;
- Formas - verticais, dimensões, cores, iluminação, textura;

A luz também é uma linguagem.
O plano e as tomadas de cena são compostas de três parâmetros:
1 - A fotografia;
2 - O quadro;
3 - A duração do plano, desde o momento em que se liga a câmera até desligar.

A mesma cena pode ser composta por vários planos e descreve uma ação que inicia e depois termina.

Existem diferentes tipos de películas coloridas, que produzem diferentes tipos de contraste de cores, como o technicolor com suas cores vivas. Os soviéticos utilizavam suas próprias películas, com baixo contraste e dominantes azul-verde.

A tonalidade das cores pode ser mudada em laboratório, ou mais recentemente por computador. O vermelho pode se tornar mais vivo ou desbotado. Para esse fim também existem os filtros para as câmeras, como a noite americana, utilizada para filmar cenas noturnas durante o dia.

Daily Dip: Mandy Lynn

Introducing Mandy Lynn, a 28 year old, American model. Mandy Lynn is the definition of a honey dip with measures of 5'2", 98 pounds, 32-D, 22, 33. Mandy brings the honey on all your social networking websites including myspace, facebook, and twitter while she uses her Mac. I mean there's nothing hotter than a honey dip doing hot things on the internet, right? She also has her on blog..... oh and how did I not mention this already, she appeared in Playboy's Special Edition magazine. Cheers!

For more information/pictures on Mandy visit: Club Mandy Lynn (NSFW)

Misto Quente: Rir, Bebês Mortos, Séries, TV e Extras

---- Misto Quente adentrando na madrugada de quarta-feira, último dia de março, para mais um pouco de tudo e mais um pouco. Sabe que esse quadro é uma das marcas registradas desse blog. Legal, não é?
---- Uma coisa que deveria ter me deixado irritado, mas levei na boa. Em dias mais tensos, não levaria. Uma amiga esqueceu uma sacola na van. Quando vi, peguei e levei para casa, combinado de entregar hoje. Ontem percebi que mesmo a mochila sendo grande, eu já havia lotado o espaço com roupas e coisas da academia, o que me fez desistir para assim conseguir levar as coisas da colega de van. Saindo da UCS eu recebo uma proposta de carona, porém recusei ao lembrar das coisas. Moral da história? Minha colega de van não foi...
---- Notícia bizarra vinda da China. Pescadores encontraram cerca de 21 corpos de bebês em um rio na cidade de Jining. Segundo acredita-se, parece que esses bebês foram concebidos em um hospital da região, porém como não resistiram, foram jogados no rio com as plaquinhas identificadoras e tudo. Que tenso...
---- E as séries continuam bem. Supernatural voltou semana passada, mas o episódio foi regular. Nada que me despertasse a atenção como vinha ocorrendo nos anteriores. Na verdade eu achei o episódio meio fraco, mas beleza.Já Lost mostrou porque é uma das melhores séries de todos os tempos com o episódio focado em Richard, o cara que não envelhece. Definitivamente um dos melhores episódios da série que está muito boa nessa temporada final.
---- E quando o povo deixar de ser conformista e acomodado, poderemos chegar em algum lugar. Fico espantando vendo a quantidade de pessoas que apenas reclamam da vida, mas nada fazem para mudar a situação em que estão. Só reclamar não ajuda! É preciso fazer alguma coisa, tomar uma atitude e lutar para melhorar o que não está bom. Chorar apenas não dá, por isso corra atrás e faça a diferença.
---- E finalmente acabou o BBB 10. Que programa mais chato, mas no lado bom da história é que o Dourado, gaúcho marrento, levou essa. Hehehe! Que parem com isso, mas sei que ano que vem tem mais... Tenso....

Poderia ser um Clipe: Pink

---- E no último ‘Poderia ser um Clipe’ desse especial que nos embalou durante todo o mês de Março, hora de falar da Pink. Vamos lá?
---- A Pink tem duas músicas muito boas do álbum ‘Try This’ que seriam hits certos nas paradas musicais. Estou falando das músicas ‘Humble Neighborhoods’ e ‘Try Hard’.
---- Massa, não é mesmo? Essas são respectivamente as faixas 10 e 9 no álbum ‘Try This’. Gosto muito desse álbum, especialmente dessas duas faixas junto com ‘Trouble’. Bom cd...
---- E esse especial ficar por aqui. Futuramente ele volta...

Kate Gosselin Wants Her “Dancing with the Stars” Partner Fired

Exclusive: Sources backstage at 'Dancing with the Stars' tell me the sparring between Kate Gosselin and partner Tony Dovolani that we saw last night is just the tip of the iceberg, and that things escalated so quickly that Kate insisted Tony get the boot from the show! However, from what I'm hearing, it's not Tony who's the problem. Inside 'DWTS' dish you won't get anywhere else, after the jump!

"Everyone involved in the show thinks Kate is impossible. We all feel very sorry that poor Tony got paired up with her. She talks to him as if he is her ninth child," sources tell me. "At one point things got so bad that Kate demanded that the shows producers fire Tony and get her a new partner. However, everyone would rather get rid of her than Tony, who is loved by all the staff."

During the March 29 broadcast, video showed Kate and Tony clashing during a rehearsal. Dovolani walked out on Gosselin after she questioned his technique, arguing that what he was teaching her was "wrong." Gosselin teared up on camera, and it looked as though she was going to quit. But they finally pulled through and danced the Jive for the show, despite Dovolani saying on camera that he should quit.

Tony has since apologized for his "quit" taunt, and now has decided he needs to keep on 'Dancing' no matter how "impossible" Kate may be. Unfortunately for the two, they scored just 15 out of 30 points, and may be eliminated this week.

This just in: Kate Gosselin is a miserable bitch. Oh wait, we’ve known that for awhile now. Incidents like this make it pretty obvious why her husband would cheat on her. She’s gotten a lot of sympathy from the media and feminists everywhere, but it’s probably time for her to look in the mirror.

What is Kate thinking criticizing Tony Dovolani? He’s the professional. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to dancing. Kate needs to just shut up because lord knows she wouldn’t want anybody criticizing her talent and expertise. Which is… what exactly? Somebody remind me why she’s famous again? For having a lot of kids? Her 15 minutes of fame has dragged on way too long. After she gets booted from “Dancing with the Stars” – which looks like will be happening in the very near future – she needs to go away for good, and quit exploiting her kids for fame and money.

Jesse James Mistress Video

Just came across this video of Jesse James' alleged mistresses. F2DD hasn't been covering the Bullock/James scandal because quite frankly we have no interest. A matter of fact the only interesting thing about the scandal is Sandra Bullock because she is so damn pretty. So basically what I'm saying this will be the only thing from the scandal that we post, most likely, besides pictures of Sandra.

PS - What the fuck was James thinking? I'm sorry, even if this girl is a freak in the bed there's no way - absolutely no way - she's worth risking Sandra Bullock for.

Daily Dumbass: Ricky Martin

With Ricky Martin coming out of the closet this weekend the next question that needs that should be posed to him: How much do you regret that tattoo on your arm?

Wale Visits DC United Practice

"DC's hip-hop star Wale visits D.C. United's training session and speaks to dcunited.com's Tony Limarzi about his passion for sports and music.

Wale will be performing before United's home opener on April 3 on the Armory Mall as part of the It Takes More Concert Series. His free show starts at 6pm and the game versus the New England Revolution begins at 7:30pm at RFK Stadium."

I don't understand why more MLS Teams don't take this same approach to generate a fan base.  Sure it's not a full blown concert, but teams are struggling enough to put asses in seats, why not bring in a local MC like Wale to spark your crown.  I know damn well that if Sam Adams performed before the Rev's game, I'd be there in two hot minutes.  

Daily Dykes: Juwanna Mann vs. Brittney Griner

Via Baylor's Player Bio: 
"Arguably Baylor's most decorated recruit in any sport ever... Ranked as the nation's top player by all of the recruiting services ... Dunked the ball 52 times in 32 games as a senior ... Averaged 33.0 points (1,290), 15.5 rebounds (608), 11.7 blocks (459), 3.4 steals (136) and 3.1 assists (122) as a senior at Houston's Nimitz High School ... Career totals include 3,114 points, 1,586 rebounds, 939 blocks, 268 steals and 198 assists ... Set a National Federation of State High School record when she rejected 25 shots against Aleif Hastings (Nov. 11, 2008)"
We all know by now that Brittney Griner is a freak of some hulk specimen who has single handedly led the lady Bears to the NCAA Women's Final Four.  My question to you is how is there not more controversy over this 'human'?  I refuse to accept the fact that is a woman until I see DNA records.  Listen, 14 year old chicks don't just sprout up like Giant Sequoias and dominate the NCAA tournament.  It's evident that the country is getting Punk'd harder than Justin Timberlake here.  Did anybody see the movie Juwanna Mann?  Griner is blatantly stealing a page or two from Juwanna's book of secrets.  I just hope that Griner's wig doesn't fall off after she throws down, exposing her true identity to the world.  But hey, who cares about Women's basketball anyways?  

"Swang" Lyrics- Sam Adams- BostonsBoy

Sam Adams

Sammy Adams
Swang your drank
But if you ballin’ swing that bottle

Swang your drank if you ballin’ swing a bottle
We up in the club get your girl back tomorrow
Cause we get it poppin’ only hittin’ models
If you aint a ten, get your hands off my bottle

I’m up in the club chillin with a couple twelves
Bottles of that goose rollin up a couple L’s
Heaven bound I dunno I might go to hell
Cause you know im a sinner baby girl you couldn’t tell
Now im a get my mind get my mind get my mind right
Or to not be the man, catch me in the limelight
Catch me at my table
Standing on the joint two cords and my mic and my mac I’m connected like cable
Shawty swang your drank to the side then drop it
I can fill you up my supplies not stopping
Cause we hit the club and its just like shoppin’
Any bottle that you like girl go cop it

Swang your drank if you ballin’ swing a bottle
We up in the club get your girl back tomorrow
Cause we get it poppin’ only hittin’ models
If you aint a ten, get your hands off my bottle

Yeah, VIP and your girls tryin to roll
She bout 26 chick you a little old
Not to mention that you only care bout my dough
Or the fact I can spit it any stage any show
We livin in the world that they say is so cold
But life’s good baby cause my champagne gold
My girls stay hot when the winder time goes
And they all know who they are they aint nothing if they don’t
(?) Versace shoes with a black dress matchin
three bottles poured up call that a hat trick, yeah
Just wanna see you jump til your knees cant bend
My entourage deep so you’ll need your friends
Hop up in the BM wit the toups on stand?
Foot on the rims that’s what we be in
Like what you see baby please come taste it
Not a Jersey boy but I am The Situation©

Swang your drank if you ballin’ swing a bottle
We up in the club get your girl back tomorrow
Cause we get it poppin’ only hittin’ models
If you aint a ten, get your hands off my bottle

Swang ya drank
Swang ya bottle
Swang ya drank
Swang ya bottle
Swang ya drank
Swang ya bottle

(Hook x2)

Uhhh, see our bottles never run out
Maybe your drinks do, hahaaaaa
That’s why we got bottle service baby all night
O yeahhh

Top 5 Wale Collabo's

While it's Wale week here at F2DD, we'll be sharing our dose of Wale daily to help promote his show at House Of Blues Boston this thursday night.  MTV compiled a list of Wale's top 5 collaborations, which you can visit here.  MTV will also be feeding a live stream of Wale on tour which kicks off tonight at 9:30. 

Seeing as yesterday was unofficially dubbed "Lady Gaga" day here at F2DD, we wanted to share one of Wale's top collabo's with Gaga the queen.   
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