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++++ 6ª Básica entrando na última sexta-feira do mês para um pouco de tudo com direito a música, informações, comentários e extras sobre o mês de abril. Vamos lá?
++++ Para começar, como todos sabem, ando curtindo muito o som das The Veronicas. ‘4ever’ é a recente música de trabalho das irmãs que mandam muito bem, tanto que abrem essa 6ª Básica com muito estilo!
++++ E para a praia das revoltas, olho só como funciona o ego das pessoas. Como vocês sabem, semestre passado reprovei por 0,2 que acabei descobrindo recentemente que na verdade foi 0,1. Ao entrar em contato com o professor, comentei sobre o ocorrido e ele disse que nada poderia fazer, porém comentei que a coordenadora havia me instruído a conversar com ele sobre isso para depois pedir revisão. O tom da conversa mudou, porém deixei passar. Sabe como eu fiquei sabendo que o professor não atribuiu o 0,1? Porque ele comentou em sala de aula que não podia fazer nada, mesmo o aluno tentando lhe ‘comprar com uma cesta’? Explicando, no último dia letivo de aulas acadêmica coincidiu com o último dia de trabalho de 2009, o que resultou nas empresas presenteando seus funcionários com uma cesta que tive que levar comigo depois do trabalho. O professor pensou que eu estava tentando comprá-lo e pior, falou isso para uma turma inteira de alunos! Calunia e difamação é crime e agora vou procurar meus direitos!
++++ Em clima tenso, vamos para um rápido resumo desse mês de abril que está acabando. Ele foi tenso, bem tenso, mas engraçado onde precisei tomar algumas medidas em minha vida. Preciso evitar o estresse, mas algumas vezes o assunto fica complicado. Independentemente disso, algumas risadas foram geradas aqui no blog que contou com várias notícias engraçadas, como os peladões mundo a fora. Hehehe!
++++ Se o assunto é peladões, Blink 182 não poderia faltar, por isso segue os caras, seguidos pela nervosa ‘One Step Closer’ do Linkin Park que fala bem o que eu penso sobre o professor que vai ter que me encarar...
++++ Continuando, nesse mês eu também tive algumas prévias do que virá pela frente e do trabalho que terei. Vi pessoas boas sendo corrompidas e outras voltando a serem o que realmente são. Sei lá! Faz parte! Deixo vocês com ‘Hunter’ da Dido que também é uma música que me motiva. Até mais!

"Survival of the Fittest" ft. August - Maino

Survival of the Fittest: Download

Hot new track by Maino featuring August! Pretty sick chorus and Maino does his thing like always.

Tiger Woods misses cut at Quail Hollows

Tiger Woods missed the cut today at Quail Hollows. Today Tiger Woods shot a career worst 79-+7 during the second round. To put this in perspective Tiger has never shot that bad at a PGA event. His worst round ever was in Europe with an 81 during the third round of the 2002 British Open. On another note this is what he accomplished, errrr...

Worst 36-hole total of professional career (153)
2nd-worst 18 hole score of professional career (79)
Ties worst 9-hole score of entire career (43 on back 9 today)
Hit 6 fairways over first 2 rounds, worst of his professional career
1st missed cut in non-major since 2005
Back-to-back double-bogeys (or worse) for 3rd time in entire career (14th and 15th holes today)

So basically after trying to prove to the world that he still had his stroke at the Masters, Tiger came up lame in this event. After seeing the sex scandal unfold we've now realized Tiger Woods is human, but let's hope this isn't what's in his future on the golf course, because that's one place where I don't want to see him become human.

"Hood Politics" - Young Jeezy

Hood Politics: Download

Young Jeezy drops "Hood Politics" and even though we've been censored for dropping Young Jeezy before this track is so hot we had to toss it up. F2DD don't care if they get censored when something this hot drops.

The REAL Drama Queen: Brett Favre

Brett Favre has been informed he requires surgery on his left ankle to play the upcoming season for the Minnesota Vikings, and the quarterback is deliberating whether to have the procedure or simply to end his 19-year NFL career by retiring.

Favre, who would turn 41 during the 2010 season, told ESPN the ankle injury that he suffered three months ago in the NFC Championship Game against the New Orleans Saints continues to be swollen and painful.

That prompted tests to determine why healing had not occurred, and Favre sent the results of those scans to orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who told the quarterback his opinion that surgery is unavoidable.

And so it begins. Not to be overshadowed in world of drama by LeBron, a story about Brettt Favre and "unavoidable" surgery comes up. So here we go NFL, here we go Vikings fans everywhere. Get ready for Brett Favre to hold your team "hostage" kind of. You know he's coming back. I know he's coming back. All the readers on F2DD knows he's coming back so I guess he isn't holding you hostage. He's just making more people hate him and the Vikings organization.

What a joke. Favre just get the surgery done, get your ass on the field so we can all enjoy when you throw a god awful interception in a critical moment and cost your team a game, a chance at a super bowl appearance, and all your teammates a ring.

Daily Dumbass: Lindsay Lohan

With the news that Lindsay Lohan has violated her terms of probation and will be heading to court next month to please her case, she has officially reached "Daily Dumbass" status here at F2DD. Not that she didn't already reach that when she looks like this:

And she used to look like this:

I think we've made our case.

Pregamin' Pod--Warm Up With The Freshest Beats

Many of you may notice this is the first week we're experimenting with our featured "Pregamin' Pod" to help all ya'll who are slacking on you're daily dose of Fresh2Death Daily music.  Here's a mix to get you ready to pop some bottles and get your happy feet warmed up.   Give us some feedback in the comments section and if it's successful, we'll make it a weekly occurrence (for future reference I'll be posting it Thursday).  Cheers!

Dealing With The Unknown

NOTE: The following is a very interesting email I received today from 'Seeing Things in Ohio'. BTW, I'm going to hold off on the 'Humanoid / Cryptid Encounters Reports' series for a bit...but I promise to resume soon. Now, let's see if we can help this reader with their concerns...Lon

Dear Mr. Strickler,

"I will be upfront an honest with you. I am one of those who want to believe. However, I am also one of those who is very skeptical. I have read the books of Eric Von D, Robert Bauval and others. Mainstream media has tickled my interests in DaVinci and the Free Masons. And for over 15 yrs or so (now being in my early 30's) I have always had a love of Mayan, Inca, and ancient Egyptian societies. Maybe a year or so ago while watching something on NatGeo/SyFy/History Channel, I was browsing the WWW and came across your blog. I have followed on and off since then, and with your posts of the little lizard man and most recently your post of the "Red Man", they kinda hit home for me. With "V", I felt that if this person could come forward then I know I am not alone and they may also know that they are not alone in having an experience."

"I was born and raised in NE Ohio. I had a normal upbringing (or what some would call). Parents are still married, went to church on Sundays, had a dog, picket fence, all those things. I did a little marijuana in high school, I rarely drink, and there is only one reported case of a mental illness in my family."

"When I was 12-13 yrs old, I remember having a very vivid dream where I was sitting in my living room watching TV. While watching TV (which in my dream I was viewing myself in 3rd person) something made me want to look out through the dining room and out through the large sliding glass door into the backyard. When I turned my head, it was completely dark outside, and then in almost a comedic way of film, this giant moon slid up from below the horizon (like from the 9 to 12 position on a clock). The moon was enormous, almost filling the sky and was brilliantly white. As I sit dumbfounded in my dream staring out the back window, something pulls my legs out from under me while I'm sitting on them on the floor. This startled me but while in my dream I am still staring at the moon this voice from what I can only assume was in my head said, "its almost over"."

"This frightened me horribly. So much that I woke up hot and sweaty only to find my bedroom door partially open with a small, dark figure closing the door and saying without moving his mouth "don't tell"."

"I don't recall really any of the small humanoid's features. I just recall him being about 2-2.5 ft tall and seeing the figures darker than gray complexion and nothing moved on its face when I heard it speak. Even to this day this incident is one of the most vivid memories that I have."

(Seeing your photo of the reptile man was nearly like pulling out a photo of my head from that past memory)

"I mentioned nothing of this occurrence until a just a few years ago to a close friend. I never even told my wife."

"Well I went off to college, came back home, got married, had a couple of kids and just over a year ago bought my parents house. On and off since the encounter/dream/incident (whatever you would like to call it because I don't) I get this feeling like I'm being observed. Not the kind of being watched where you are sitting up at night unable to sleep and you feel like someone is watching you through the window. More like something is waiting for me as I walk into rooms and sitting in the car with me while I drive to work. This was only in small increments and I never felt it to be constant. But since moving back home, I am feeling it more so."

"My son is the fun age of 5 and recently started talking about some guy he met here at home named 'Kyle Foker'. He tells my wife and I that he has seen him all over the house. Yes he is a child, with an imagination. But while giving him the 20 questions over his new friend I am rattling my brain on what TV show/commercial/movie he could have come up with this, and so far have come up with nothing."

"While that is going on I was in the kitchen just a week or so ago talking to my mom and for some reason I felt compelled to look the other way and I saw a dark figure. This figure that I saw had an upside down triangle for a torso and a rectangular block for a head. When I turned to look I could tell that it looked at me because while my brain was trying to comprehend what I just had seen, I could see that the block head sort of rotated and proceeded to take an immediate left and zip its way through my stairs that go up to our bedrooms."

"From everything that I know, no one has died on this property. (My grandfather that lived with my parents and I (at my current location) for a few years while from the time I was six until I was in high school became ill with Alzheimer's and later passed away having a complication from a stroke at a hospice center.) But I am afraid partially for my sanity but more for my family. Although no one has been hurt in any way, I can't help to think like a father/husband and want to protect my family from any possible threat. But my issue here is that what the hell am I dealing with? Possible alien thing, spirit, mental illness, or D: all of the above? Am I seeing one thing and my son is seeing something else?"

'Any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated."


Seeing Things in Ohio

Dealing With The Unknown

Video: UFOs Over Pittsburgh Skyline Similar to 'Lake Erie Lights'

Click for video
Statement: April 29, 2010 — I was filming the over the at the river banks of the Pittsburgh river and there they were hiving over some buildings. What followed was totally awesome. I captured the same event that Michael Lee Hill (Frozenhill) caught while he was filming at the banks of Lake Erie. Obviously these must be the same aliens that he filmed which leads me to believe that they are spreading their activities and possibly gearing up for the great disclosure event. Something wonderful is about to happen.

NOTE: first off, turn down the volume because the person taping this event has an irritating voice! Anyway, if this is the real deal (...and I'm not making an implication either way) then the similarity to the 'Lake Erie Lights' incidents is somewhat, well, ...eerie :) Tell me what you think...Lon

Video: UFOs Over Pittsburgh Skyline Similar to 'Lake Erie Lights'


Every month I read tons of magazines, every single day I visit dozens of blogues and sites, and I must say that mostly of them speak the same subjects and repeating the same things almost simultaneously, with some exceptions of course. I try to avoid the same posts and published similar photos of the others blogs but it's not an easy task to do because the sources are limited and information are global around the globe.

If I buy a magazine at the train station, when I will come to the next stop, less than an half hour later, I already red it. Sometimes I get the impression that the headtitles and the descriptions are always the same in all magazines and some blogs. There is a series of adjectives and expressions that are used over and over. The Miss at La Playa blog made a selection of words and expressions used by fashion magazines and blogs to exhaustion.

So I make you a suggestion and a challenge, if you are a journalist or a blogger try to talk about fashion and writte an article or post without use this words/expressions. The readers will thank you.

-L'enfant terrible
- Eco-chic
- Boho chic
- The next Kate Moss
- Vintage - The new black
- Très chic
- Cool
- Intelligent prices. Expensive prices are stupid or what?
- Country chic
- Vip
- Modern
- Avant-garde
- Retro
- Working girl
- Preppy
- Hit
- Must
- "In"
- Cool
- Très belle
- (...) & the city
- Safari
- It girl
- The new Audrey Hepburn
- Femme fatale
- Rockabilly
- Muse
- Licence to (...)
- Deluxe
- Flower party
- Zoom
- Sport chic
- Minimal
- Pin-up
- Made in (...)
- Techno fashion
- Fabulous at every age
- Perfect match
- Key pieces
- Confidential
- Face to face
- Basics
- Risky business
- Deluxe
- At work
- Eclectic
- Neutral
- Edgy
- Most wanted
- The show must go on
- Mix & Match
- The next Marilyn Monroe
- Work the (+ a trend)
- Material girl
- Power dressing
- Icon
- Fashion fix
- Underground
- Hotlist
- Insider
- Twist
- Extra
- Ageless beauty
- Curvy
- The next Brigitte Bardot
- Militar
- Influence
- Inspiration
- Jet set
- The (...) of the moment
- Pop
- Classics
- Uptown girl
- A star is born
- From Paris/Russia with love
- Smart shopping - Comeback 


Four-Legged 'Grey Monster' Sightings - Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico

NOTE: the following is a recent post by Scott Corrales at Inexplicata:

Mexico: Four-Armed “Grey Monster” in Monclova

Several witnesses claim seeing the creature – Elements of the public safety forces responded to reports – Creature’s presence is associated with animal deaths.

[Prof. Ana Luisa Cid notes: “I learned of this incident through Ing. Ricardo García of Monclova. It should be noted that the reports are from three separate dates: April 4, 5 and 9. On the 4th, it was seen by some children in the Chinameca district; on the 5th, it was seen at the Alamo district, where witnesses point out that it submerged into the Monclova River; on the 9th it was reported that a shepherd saw it several times at a ranch and that it has killed 10 goats in six months. All information is from the Zocalo newspaper.”]

Zocalo Saltillo

Monster Causes Alarm in Chinameca
By Sergio A. Rodriguez
Diario Zocalo, April 5, 2010

MONCLOVA, Coahuila – Residents of Colonia Chinameca were gripped by a psychosis on Saturday night after two children reported seeing an alleged monster of humanoid characteristics and four legs on Calle Londres in that busy sector.

The children described the entity as a little man with smooth, grey skin and four legs or lower extremities. It was seen in an empty lot of the street in question in the Chinameca district.

Omar Andres Armendariz and Jose Rolando Gallegos, both 13 and local residents, were terrified and spread the word of the “being” they had just seen among other locals.

The mother of one of the youngsters, seeing the state of nerves that her child was in, called the police, requesting that whoever caused her son to fall into such a state of terror be apprehended.

After receiving the report, law enforcement agents reported to the scene and searched everywhere for the strange little man, but could not establish it whereabouts. However, this is not the first time that strange things have been reported in this district, according to residents.

“Monster” Drives Bathers Out of the Moncloa River
By Alejandro Hernández

Diario Zocalo, April 6, 2010

MONCLOVA, Coahuila – Residents of Colonia Alamo had quite a fright yesterday upon seeing a large, grey-colored, four-legged creature submerge into the waters of the Monclova River at the location known as “El Charco Azul” (the blue pond)

Public Safety Personnel reported immediately to the scene to deal with the case, which represents the second sighting of an unknown being with matching characteristics.

Officers of the Policia Preventiva ordered bathers out of the water at the location where the “grey monster” was seen entering the river.

According to reports provided by the police department, residents contacted the desk officer to report the strange animal sighting at 2:00 p.m.

It should be noted that on Saturday night, two minors were terrified by the sight of a strange being in Colonia Chinameca. They described it as having the same characteristics.

In yesterday’s report, residents of Colonia Alamo stated that what appeared to be a “strange animal” broke into a run and entered “El Charco Azul”, submerging itself without coming out again.

Several elements of the Municipal Police reached the site quickly and conversed with some locals, who concealed their personal information.

Four young men from Colonia del Río – Jesús, Rolando, Emmanuel and Edgar – were terror-stricken by the “little man” while fishing for king prawns at the location.

Psychosis Strikes Monclova – “Monster” Now Seen at Ejido

By Zocalo, April 9, 2010

MONCLOVA, Coahuila – The monster seen at Chinameca and the Monclova River appears to dwell in the city’s southwestern section, over by Ejido Curva de Juan Sánchez, where it has slain 10 goats over the past six months and has been seen on at least five occasions, even in broad daylight.

Jaime Cruz, a 21-year-old shepherd from Irapuato, Guanajuato, says that he has seen the strange beast several times between Ejido Curva de Juan Sánchez and the Colinas de Santiago district. The beast is no ordinary animal and is also capable of extremely high leaps.

Four-Legged 'Grey Monster' Sightings - Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico

Bigfoot Sighting - Northeast Frederick County, Maryland

"I was on the way to the grocery store one day about 2-3 weeks ago and I saw something standing upright against or behind a tree. At least it looked that way. It happened when I was crossing a railroad track and that was against a hill that had a sharp bend at the top. So I didn’t stop, fearing someone would come and hit me from behind. At the time I tried to tell myself that maybe it was a tree. So when I came back from the store whatever I saw wasn’t there anymore and I just can’t explain it."

"It wasn’t the same color as the tree. That’s what made me curious. It was a light reddish brown with beige. Almost like the hair was 2 toned or something. The hair looked like it was in jagged tuffs that looked like it would look darker underneath if you lifted the fur. At the same time looked like you’d like to touch it .(maybe that’s because I’m a hairdresser). I can’t explain what it was since I did not see a face or did I see any arms and feet. But whatever it was, it was about 6 or 8 ft. tall from the ground to where it stopped about 6-8ft. alongside that tree. I did notice the part that I saw was a little rounded at the top as if suggesting a shoulder. It wasn’t another tree since nothing else in the area (tree or bush) was that same color. I wish now that I gotten someone and looked for tracks. It has rained 3 or 4 times now so I guess I wouldn’t be able to see anything. I may go look anyway. I don’t know if it could have been a Sasquatch or what it could have been, but whatever it was it was standing straight and tall and didn’t move."

"I don’t know if the ole big guy (if that’s what he was) was passing by or he’s a local? There have been sightings to the south of us (Little Bennet campground in Frederick Co.) and some north of us in Adams County, Pa., which is just around 12-15 miles from here. I’d like to see him in the daylight again if that’s what I saw. But it would scare me sh—less if I were to see him at night. I’m here by myself a lot at night and our dog wants to always go out. When she does, she acts like she is scared sometimes since she stays on the deck and looks. I sometime wonder what she is looking at. I know this may not be from your area, but thought you’d like to know. There may be others that come across your website as I have tonight with a similar story to tell from this same area. If so then maybe we have a local. Thanks for inviting me to tell my story. I just had the need to tell you cause now you have this story for a reference in case someone else comes forward and tells you their story. I will definitely keep my eyes open and let you know if I notice anything else. I kind of got the feeling that these things (if that is what it was) are very adapted to blending into their surroundings. It actually looked like it would have been soft if I were able to touch it. People go out looking for Bigfoot all the time. They go places where they think they will see him, and all the time he’s probably almost in their back yard. I have read that he will find you and now I believe that." Thanks...J.P.

NOTE: The witness requested that her name and location be kept private for the time being...though, I have marked the general area on the map (northeast Frederick County, MD - between Westminster and Thurmont, MD). There have been several documented sightings in this general area over the years. The best known case involves 'The Dwayyo' which I have posted below. As well, there was a major Bigfoot flap in the vicinity of Sykesville, MD in the 1970's (where I had my personal encounter in 1981) which is a half hour southeast of this location. I plan to investigate further and attempt to gather additional anecdotal / physical evidence. A good reference source to past Maryland Bigfoot sightings is 'The Maryland Bigfoot Guide' by Mark Opsasnick...Lon


On Saturday evening, November 27, 1965, near the woods of Gambrill State Park, "John Becker" went out in his yard to investigate a strange noise. It was getting dark, and he had started back to the house, when he saw it...something moving toward him.

"It was as big as a bear, had long black hair, a bushy tail, and growled like a wolf or a dog in anger."

As it got closer, it stood up on its hind legs and attacked him. "Becker" fought the creature until it ran into the woods, leaving him, his wife and children in horror.

Deciding to remain anonymous under the alias John Becker, he filed a report with local state police, telling of an attack by a mysterious monster that he called a Dwayyo.

Sensing a good story, Frederick News Post reporter George May wrote a series of articles on the monster, and soon newspapers throughout the area were carrying the story.

These articles spawned a rash of calls and letters to the newspaper, ranging from the absurd to the furious.

Several University of Maryland students wrote that they had investigated the origin of the unknown creature and had traced its ancestry to the upper Amazon River and the Yangtze River plateau. They also reported that they had seen several of the creatures on campus late at night and found them friendly and fun loving.

The County Treasurer's office received an application for a Dwayyo license from a "John Becker" accompanied by the one-dollar fee. The license was issued and mailed in care of George May, Frederick News Post.

An Adamstown woman called the paper and insisted that "this trash about the Dwayyo be stopped." She said her daughter was being treated for a nervous condition because of all this talk about the Dwayyo.

The Frederick newspapers also reported other "sightings."

Several hunters saw a strange black beast roaming the woods. An Ellerton woman reported that residents of that area had heard something cry like a baby and scream like a woman for several months. A Jefferson woman said that she saw a strange dog-shaped animal about the size of a calf chasing some cows on a farm near her home.

However, investigations by local and state police turned up nothing substantial on the John Becker-Dwayyo story.

By mid-December, the story started to fade. There had not been any sightings for several days, and it was suggested that the Dwayyo had moved on to another area.

*From 'Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County' by Timothy L. Cannon and Nancy F. Whitmore

Bigfoot Sighting - Northeast Frederick County, Maryland

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Carla tinha 15 anos, era uma adolescente como outra qualquer, com todos os seus hormônios borbulhando de vontade de namorar e aproveitar a vida.

Seu pai, Inácio, não concordava com todo esse assanhamento e achava que a filha ainda era uma menina.

Todas as noites era o mesmo drama. Ela querendo sair com os amigos e seu pai não deixando nunca.

_ E aí, velho, vai dá pra me liberar pra eu sair com a galera, essa noite?
_ Que palavreado é esse Carla? Não está mais freqüentando a escola?
_ Tô, mas acho aquilo uma chatura. Eu sei mais que todos os professores juntos.
_ Quem te disse isso?
_ A galera.
_ Quem é galera?
_ Uns colegas da escola.
_ Eles disseram que você é inteligente pra te comprar. Pra atrair você pra gang deles.
_ Me respeita, velho. Nós não temos uma gang não. Só queremos aproveitar a vida.
_ Não me chame de velho! Cadê o respeito? A galera pegou emprestado?
_ Por que você não quer encarar a realidade? Seu espelho quebrou? A idade chega pra todo mundo, querendo você ou não.
_ Eu posso não ser mais um rapazinho, mas não precisa ficar me jogando isso na cara o tempo todo.
_ Desculpa aí, foi mal.
_ Não ainda pedir desculpas. O arrependimento tem que vir do fundo do coração e acho que esse não é o seu caso.
_ Tá querendo insinuar que eu não gosto de você?
_ Eu tenho minhas dúvidas.
_ Já sou uma moça e tenho que largar a barra de sua calça. Não posso ficar debaixo de suas asas o tempo todo. O mundo é uma selva, a gente tem que estar preparado pra tudo. Você não vai viver para sempre.
_ Porque você não me chama de senhor, como todo filho respeitador?
_ Senhor tá lá no céu. Ninguém aqui embaixo merece ser chamado assim.
O silêncio pairou na sala por alguns segundos.
_ E aí, vai me liberar? - perguntou ela.
_ Você fala como se fosse uma prisioneira.
_ Não sou, mas me sinto como tal, numa prisão de luxo, feito aquelas dos políticos.
_ Eu não quero que você fique presa aqui, mas também não quero que você saia com aquela turma barra pesada.
_ Nenhum deles é barra pesada.
_ Ah, não? Então porque usam aquelas roupas e tem tantas tatuagens espalhadas pelo corpo?
_ Aquilo é um estilo devida.
_ Um estilo meio alternativo pro meu gosto.
_ Você está sendo preconceituoso, fazendo um julgamento precipitado sem antes conhecê-los melhor.
_ Não conheço e nem faço questão de conhecer.
_ Viu, por isso que é difícil conversar com você, que não cede um triz. Não procura me compreender.
_ Então empatamos. Você também não procura entender as razões de eu te querer sempre perto de mim.
_ Eu sei essas razões. Depois que mamãe morreu naquele maldito acidente, você está sobrecarregado com essas funções de pai e mãe.
_ Você não faria o mesmo? Quero apenas ter proteger, pois eu tenho muito medo de te perder.
_ Você não vai me perder. A mamãe morreu, mas eu ainda estou viva e como vivente eu necessito ver as coisas, conhecer lugares, eu preciso ser feliz.
_ Filha, você vai fazer tudo isso, mas não precisa tanta pressa. O mundo não vai acabar amanhã.
_ Quem te garante?
_ Então o problema é esse? Você tem medo de morrer sem ter aproveitado o máximo que podia.
Os olhos de Carla encheram-se de lágrimas.
_ E não foi isso que aconteceu com a mamãe?
_ Me abraça, filha. Sei que nessa idade vocês precisam muito de atenção.
_ Mais do que qualquer outra coisa.
_ Aquilo que aconteceu com a sua mãe foi uma fatalidade. Não vai acontecer com você. Não precisa ir com tanta sede ao pote. Você tem a vida inteira pela frente.
_ O tempo passa depressa. Quando menos se espera já não há mais tempo... pra nada.
_ Eu já estou do meio pro fim, como dizia minha avó, porém você tem todo o tempo do mundo. Pode errar e tentar de novo, quantas vezes for necessário.
Carla abaixou a cabeça e ficou calada.
_ Ainda quer sair?
_ Hoje, acho que não. Vou pensar um pouco na minha vida.
_ Ta parecendo uma velha, falando desse jeito. Você vai sair sim, mas comigo. Vamos ao cinema, há um filme brasileiro ótimo sendo exibido.
_ Você compra pipoca pra mim?
_ É claro.

Gilberto Carlos

Daily Dip: Erin Lucas

Introducing Erin Lucas, the girl who AskMen.com describes as: "A self-proclaimed serial dater, Erin Lucas is a downtown party girl with a penchant for stringing along three men at a time. Don’t get the wrong idea about her, though. This 24-year-old NYU grad isn’t promiscuous; she’s just open-minded. “Trying new things is always fun for me,” she says. “Throw me in with anyone and I’ll be fine.” That was especially evident during the first season of The City as Lucas dated a wide variety of eligible young bachelors. Unfortunately, her egalitarian approach sometimes backfires, leading her to endure some rather unsavory sleeping arrangements. “I have an invisible tattoo on my forehead that says 'make out with me’” she jokes, “and only guys who live on futons can read it.” Enough Said.

Lançamentos em DVD – Maio de 2010

Aproveitando o fim do mês, passo a vocês a lista dos principais lançamentos para o mês de maio/2010. É certo que o grande destaque vai para a nova adaptação de Sherlock Holmes (idem, 2010), do diretor Guy Ritchie. Estrelado por Robert Downey Jr. e Jude Law, a Warner bros estará disponibilizando o título simultaneamente nas locadoras e varejo. Mas há de considerar também a boa quantidade de filmes indicados ao Oscar 2010 (Amor sem Escalas, Um Homem Sério, Nine e O Mensageiro são os melhores). Dentre os inéditos nos cines, Defendor, estrelado por Woody Harrelson, parece ser o mais interessante.

Obs.: as imagens não correspondem exatamente as capas do DVD

Rental (exclusivo para locação)

Encontro de Casais (Couples Retreat, 2009)
Previsao de chegada nas lojas: 05/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


A Batalha dos 3 Reinos (Chi bi, 2008)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 07/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Confusões em Família (City Island, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 12/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Estão todos bem (Everybody’s Fine, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 12/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


O Fada do Dente (Tooth Fairy, 2010)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 12/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Pandorum (idem, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 12/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Um Crime nada Perfeito (The Maiden Heist, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 12/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Vírus (Carriers, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 12/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Defendor (idem, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 13/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui

Nine (idem, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 13/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Zumbilandia (Zombieland, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 13/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Amor sem Escalas (Up in the Air, 2009)
Previsao de chegada nas lojas: 18/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


O Mensageiro (The Messenger, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 19/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui

 Um Homem Sério (A Serious Man, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 19/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui

 É Proibido Fumar (idem, BRA, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 26/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


O Amor pede Passagem (Management, 2009)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 26/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui

 Percy Jackson e os Olimpianos: O Ladrão de Raios (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighning Thief, 2010)
Previsao de chegada nas lojas: 26/05/2010
Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Abismo do Medo 2 (The Descend part 2, 2009)
Previsao de chegada nas lojas: 27/05/2010
 Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


Idas e Vindas do Amor (Valentine’s Day, 2010)
Previsão de chegada nas lojas: 27/05/2010
 Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui

Alguns que estarão nas locadoras e varejo:

Sherlock Holmes (idem, 2010)
Lançamento simultâneo – locadoras e varejo: 13/05/2010
 Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


O Fantastico Sr. Raposo (The Fantastic Mr., Fox, 2009)
Lançamento simultâneo – locadoras e varejo: 26/05/2010

Informações tecnicas sobre o DVD do filme, no Star Cine Shop, clicando aqui


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