Are We Witnessing A Time Traveler and/or Dimensional Overlap?

During the vigil at Wales, UK House last evening Irene and Lorna went into the downstairs bathroom to take a few digital photos. Well...when we went through the images today, some unknown 'person' showed up on one of the photos. It is not a double image and know one present knows who it one on the team, the clients, the landlord, nada. Frankly, we are stumped.

This 'person' looks fairly young and has some type of helmet or whatever on their head. As well, there seems to either be something in the hand and/or it looks like it may have grabbed a handle to a door that is not there.

You can see the top of Lorna's head behind Irene who is using the camera. The photos taken before and after these photos did not have anything that could have transferred.

Is it a spirit? A time traveler? Your thoughts would be appreciated...but please, only enlightened and civil responses. You can also join the discussion at the Astral Perceptions Facebook group page and/or post your comments on the Astral Perceptions board (you must register to post). Thanks...Lon


UPDATE: my clairvoyant friend, Sunny, took a look at the photos and came to this conclusion:

I isolated the image. Young man, sweat shirt perhaps, that is not a helmet on his head but there are 2 other "spirits" overlaid, so I cropped them out to show you. One does wear a helmet (with nose guard) and one is feline.

I keep getting the word "Saxon", for the helmeted older one. Odd. He has a goatee type beard. The feline really has me perplexed. It's like a cat... but not.

It's like seeing a glimpse of other worlds intersecting with ours. The impression I get is that the young man doesn't "fit".

I'll keep trying to 'connect'. I know I am missing something...

Everyone swears there was NOT a third person in the bathroom. Are we witnessing a dimensional or time shift of some kind? Is there a dimensional portal or vortex present? This entire house has a very strange 'feel' to a malevolent electrical charge. There seems to be something going on all the time.

As I've said before, Irene and her team are a very serious investigative group who have the soul purpose of helping people without compensation. As well, Irene is the most comprehensive and talented clairvoyant/medium I have ever connected with. SRI does not want publicity...but they do want answers. We ask for rational opinions.
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