UFO / OVNI Worldwide Sighting Reports - 10/27/2010

MUFON CMS - Illinois - 10/26/2010 - unedited: Witnessed 4 different objects, making short quick movements in all directions the first one was red in color and glimmering, would make movements in all directions, noticed multiple aircraft flying in same are, all towards the object and all followed same flight pattern, weird!!

Other objects were bright white and blue in color, all making the same short movements in all directions. I will include pics.

We are still observing these objects as of 11:15 pm, central time


MUFON CMS - Austell, Georgia - 10/23/2010 - unedited: Around 9:00pm on Sat, 10/23/10, my husband and his friend were driving home from work down I-20W through Austell, Ga, just outside of ATL. They both spotted a low-flying, slow-moving, cigar-shaped object with four lights, no wings, and no sound. Since it was moving so slowly and at such a low altitude, he was able to fumble for his phone and snap a picture. Neither of them had any clue to what it was, but it was apparent what it was NOT - NOT a helicopter, balloon, airplane, power-glider, etc. (To get some perspective, you can see the interstate sign and tail lights from other cars at the bottom of the pic.) He went to take another pic, and then boom! It just disappeared! Any familiar aircraft takes a few minutes to fade off into the distance, and this was very slow-moving, so should have been visible for longer. Nope, it just vanished! This was very confusing and they kept looking for it, but it never reappeared. They were able to compare it to airplanes which were also in the sky at a much greater altitude. The airplanes had blinking red, blue and white lights, which this did not. May not have been extraterrestrial, but sure was unexplainable.


MUFON CMS - Ontario, Canada - 6/13/2010 - unedited: Took this at June 13, 2010 around 10:00pm when noticed light outside my window.I though at first was lamp but the shape was to weird to ignore,and i couldn't see it clearly(bad eye sight)

so i took out the camera and zoomed in at it,and thought what the heck and pressed record to see if anything odd would happen..really i thought was new lamp neighbours got..but then at around 30 secs into recording it,thing would fade out and in but i could see it still shiny from distense with my eyes and it wasent fading like it was on camera view.

also after checking the other video's i took,beside this one.what ever it was has put itself between the neighbours garage brick wall right side and my backyard fence.so its between.

also later the Neighbours came outside and started pointing to the sky and talking excited about what i prasume was the beams of lights that shot down as you see in the video,I stoped recording when they came out.

Also I dont think they where aware of the the other entity.I took pictures of it change shape from small ball of light to tall person, I saw it glow like sparkles while i was snapping the picture and saw it burts into light and shoot off some of its body? in the sky.

Also i would prefer it with no music, But the orginal audio has to much backround sound from my family in other rooms.And i dont want there voices to be herd.


MUFON CMS - Tombstone, Arizona - 10/26/2010 - unedited: My husband and I were on vacation visiting Tombstone, Arizona. We were staying at a hotel on the north side of town. Late that afternoon, from 8:00 P. M. Central Standard Time (? Arizonia time) we were sitting behind the hotel facing west toward a mountain. He pointed out to me an object in the sky over the mountain. The mountain was probably two to three miles away and the object several hundred feet above the mountain. At first he thought it was possibly a blimp. I made three photographs. We continued to watch it until sunset. It appeared to be black and continued to hover in the exact same location. He is definitely a UFO skeptic; however he did said that he knew of no plane, helicopter, or blimp that could hover like that. He is a former army paratrooper. The next morning he went outside before I did and spotted it again. I went with him to look. It was in the same spot twelve to fifteen hours later. This time to me it appeared white. He thought it was silver. I made several photos. The sun was bright during the second AM sighting and I could not focus. The photos are not great. I copied and enhanced one. Enlarged it appeared to me to be shaped like a fish. We observed it for a few minutes that morning. As we had many things to do we left the hotel. I did look for it later that morning while visiting Boothill Cemetery and it was not visible. I was anxious when I saw it and continued to be that night and the next day. My husband did not express any anxiety. His interest in looking for it again and the fact that he did not tell me it wasn't anything says he did think it was unusual. The photos are attached. I was reluctant to report it. I have checked this site to see if anyone else did. Someone else reported a similar sighting and I decided to report ours. The photos in which the object appear black were made later afternoon. The one with a white object in the far right corner were made mid morning the next day.


This was posted on the ATS forum today. Tell me what you think...Lon

I have no explanation for this one. It looks just like "Eva" from the movie Wall-E. Have at it people, tell me what you think. There are turkey's in the area but the object is colored different. Also to stop debunkers as to the legitimacy of this picture, I have not altered in any form or fashion this image. It was copied from the sim card to my desktop and then uploaded to here. Also I have the original unaltered SD card with the all of the pictures taken since last sunday. It is very odd. I have never seen anything like it and I have looked at 10's of thousands of pictures off of these game cameras for the last couple of years. I also never post in this forum so take it easy on me.

Keep in mind this has not been altered in ANY way, shape or form.

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