Update: Llanelli, Wales Haunting - EVPs / Activity

The activity in the house has increased....both mother and daughter were forced to sleep in the dining room on Friday night because of footsteps and loud bangs. They couldn't pinpoint where about in the house it was coming from but they were loud enough for her sister who lives upstairs to phone down asking them what in hell were they doing. This happened just after 1 am in the morning (10/23).

The sister upstairs said last night there was an awful smell in her place, so disgusting she couldn't describe it. She also heard footsteps coming up the stairs from downstairs...the stairs that are blocked off.

The client called Irene Saturday evening at 11:20 PM Wales local time because of the increased activity. The client also setup the tape recorder in the upstairs bedroom (directly above the bedroom Irene recorded) and left it for several hours. She played the recording over the telephone for Irene who described it as one of the worst haunting recordings she has ever heard. The loud groaning, moans, audible words, banging, footsteps as well as a disturbing buzzing she described as a 'large swarm of blue bottle flies.' Also, there was a heavy stench of sulfur in the bedroom.

NOTE: Irene and I would like as much feedback as possible on these EVP recordings - Upstairs bedroom 1 ℗​ sound recording copyright - SRI and Upstairs bedroom 2 ℗​ sound recording copyright - SRI - many discernible voices (terrible screams in #2) - recorded by client (background noise DB has been lowered a bit when I processed). We believe there are a bevy of spirits involved including at least one very malevolent entity

UPDATE: Upstairs bedroom 3 ℗​ sound recording copyright - SRI - we've known that one of the entities reacts to the dogs barking...yelling after the 2nd set of barks. The 'tweeting' sound is Irene's pet bird in the background while she was transferring the audio to her recorder (speaker to speaker...no port on client's recorder).

The EVP / noise recording links are available at Wales, UK House Haunting - Astral Preceptions forum

We will start researching the history of the house and area this week. As well, I will be conducting a remote view (from the USA) on Tuesday which will be monitored by Irene. A full overnight investigation will be assembled on Wednesday by Irene and associates. Use the Astral Perceptions forum for future updates...Lon
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