Indonesia Crop Circle Draws Crowds, Debate Over Origin

thejakartapost - Local residents were on guard, the Indonesian Air Force launched a helicopter and social networks were atwitter after a crop circle was discovered in a rice field in Sleman, Yogyakarta on Sunday.

The crop circle — a large, geometric pattern often made by flattening crops — was found by a local farmer, Tukiman, on Sunday at 6 a.m.

Residents of Rejosari stood watch over the paddy where the crop circle was discovered throughout the night, as reported by news portal — guarding their ripening rice crops from hordes of visitors who swarmed over the field after reports of circle were made public.

A police line had replaced the farmers on Monday. The Indonesian Air Force also dispatched a helicopter to photograph the crop circle, which measured 70 meters in diameter.

“Adisutjipto [Air Force] base responded by flying a Colibri HL 1210 for a 30-minute photographic session starting at 10:30 a.m.,” according to a press release posted to the base’s website. The release said the Air Force helicopter took numerous photographs “of the object thought to be leftover from a UFO from the height of 1,000 feet… from a number of different angles.”

Twitter users engaged in debates on the origins of the circle. Some tweeted outright disbelief in that UFOs were beyond the phenomena while others said they were “spooked out” by the crop circle’s appearance.

“It’s scary. It got me thinking if I should believe the world will end in 2012,” one Twitter user said.
Some believe that crop circles are the works of alien visitors or are supernatural occurrences; other hold that the phenomena are surreptitious works of art crafted by humans.

A posting on the website of BETA-UFO INDONESIA, which lists UFO sightings and analysis, said the pattern of Yogyakarta crop circle resembled the chakra symbol in Hindu Tantrism.

UFO enthusiast Nur Agustinus said that the event in Yogyakarta differed from the dubious crop circles that had been reported in Tuban, East Java, in 1986-1987.

“This occurrence is the most obvious one,” he said as quoted by news portal.
Moedji Raharto, a top Indonesian astronomer and the former head of Bosscha Observatorium in Lembang, West Java, said: “If this really is the work of a UFO or extraterrestrial beings, it is almost 100 percent certain they would have left some sort of trace behind. It is highly improbable such beings could cover such distances without bringing along some sort of provisions.”

Such trace evidence might be used as the starting point for investigating of the crop circles, he added.

“The chemical composition of the soil may reveal the origin of the phenomena. If this crop circle was an extraterrestrial event, we can expect to see similar results in the soil analysis,” Moedji said. reported that the crop circle was found under extra high-voltage aerial transmission wires, adding it was to soon to connect the phenomena to the power lines.


Review a few facts:

* According to Fox News, residents of the area reported seeing what they thought to be a tornado the evening before over the area where the crop circle was discovered.

* The Jakarta Globe says that according to Thomas Djamaluddin, chief of astronomy research at Indonesia’s space agency, no investigation will be done on the crop circle simply because they ‘believe’ that there was human intervention with the crop circle and that no scientific or paranormal cause would be found anyway. Therefore, any trace evidence of radioactivity or electromagnetic activity won’t be discovered if it is in fact there.

* According to the Jakarta Post and, Nur Agustinus, co-founder of Indonesian UFO Enthusiasts Community (IUFOEC), the group has not yet found a meaning of the crop circle yet, however, they do believe it to be the work of extraterrestrials. Additionally, in an earlier article the Jakarta Post says that an anonymous statement was published on and stating that seven unnamed students from UGM enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science created the crop circle themselves to showcase the student’s design and mathematic skills.

* Asia One, a part of Asian News Networks, says that local police and military agencies are in fact looking into the event and believe it to be the result of either a UFO or a natural phenomena. They say that the Indonesian Air Force Chief Marshall, Imam Sufaat, instructed his staff to use helicopters to take aerial photographs of the crop circle and quote him as saying, “If we examine the photographs, we will possibly see if the patterns were in fact created with powers beyond human knowledge”.

* The International Business Times and other similar websites are discussing the event because the crowds are becoming so overwhelming for the small hamlet that the police have had to tape it off and farmers in the area are charging visitors and tourists making their way to the crop circle entrance fees onto their land to see it, making more money in a couple of days than they do all year from farming.

* Another Indonesian news source, Kompas, says that several villagers who live very close to the site are now confessing that they heard what they thought might be helicopters flying around and landing in the area. Two of them said they assumed they were military helicopters on a training flight and ignored the sounds.

* Other smaller and more independent news sources are reporting all sorts of people either taking credit or even accusing the local farmers of creating the crop circle themselves to profit from the ticket sales they’re now making money on. -


UGM Students Claim to Have Created the Crop Circle

thejakartapost - An anonymous statement posted on suggests that the mysterious crop circle that appeared in the village of Jogotirto, Sleman, Yogyakarta, is the creation of students from Universitas Gadjah Mada, as quoted by

The online post states that the decision to create a crop circle in the middle of a rice field was made by an unnamed UGM student, enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science.

The unnamed student was assisted by six other students whose names were also not enclosed in the statement.

The post also states that the crop circle was intended to showcase these students’ prowess in design and mathematics.


Air Force to Get Bird's-Eye View of 'UFO' Trails

asiaone - Indonesian Air Force chief Marshall Imam Sufaat on Monday instructed his staff to use a helicopter to take aerial photographs of crop circles discovered on Sunday in Krasakan hamlet, Sleman, with residents alleging them to be traces of a UFO.

"If we examine the photographs, we will possibility see if the patterns were in fact created with powers beyond human knowledge," Imam said as quoted by, on the sidelines of the Air Force commander meeting in Yogyakarta.

Imam, however, declined to comment further on the geometric pattern.

The crop circles are in a paddy field and resemble a geometric artwork, while the other parts of the field remain untouched.

The patterns were first reported by a farmer, Tukiman, on Sunday at 6 a.m.

The pattern has already drawn hordes of locals and people from outside Yogyakarta, causing traffic jams in the vicinity.

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