UFO Orb Event - The Dome of the Rock / Temple Mount, Jerusalem

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Commentary: This morning around 01:00 AM at the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm, i was witness(with another guy), an amazing ufo aircraft over Jerusalem old city (mount Moriah) Dome of the Rock,Temple Mount,قبة الصخرة, הר הבית.
What is the meaning of this sighting?

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Commentary: Proof Jerusalem UFO video is real. A new video of the UFO over Jerusalem surfaced tonight from a tourist that was filming while on a late night tour of Jerusalem on January 28th 2011. The video is not the clearest because it was dark out, but it catches the same glowing orb that was caught on tape from across town.

Another statement of the event: "Witnesses noticed the large oval shaped UFO suspended on the night skyline. At about one minute into the clip the UFO descends almost to ground level directly over the Dome of the Rock-Temple Mount. The oval UFO hovers there for a short while, flashes lights into surrounding buildings then shoots upwards at an incredible speed. Witnesses were totally taken back and amazed at what they had just seen.”

Alfred Lambremont Webre asks: Three questions now linger for UFO and Exopolitics experts and observers around the world

Question #1: Is the Dome of the Rock UFO orb a genuine ET phenomenon?

Question #2: Is the ET or interdimensional intelligence behind the Dome of the Rock UFO Orbs sending an intentional, meaningful “context communication” to humanity by this UFO event?

Question #3: Does the Dome of the Rock UFO event fit the pattern predicted by former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham in his Dec. 3, 2010 communiqué that [Extraterrestrial] “Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011).”
- Is UFO orb over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem a context communication by ET?

The Dome of the Rock shrine in Jerusalem is the oldest extant Islamic monument. The rock over which the shrine was built is sacred to both Muslims and Jews. The Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, is traditionally believed to have ascended into heaven from the site. In Jewish tradition, it is here that Abraham, the progenitor and first patriarch of the Hebrew people, is said to have prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. The Dome and Al-Aqṣā Mosque are both located on the Temple Mount, the site of Solomon’s Temple and its successors.

NOTE: now that the second video of the UFO over the Dome of the Rock surfaced, an argument could be made for the authenticity of this event. The speculation has just begun but I'm already reading that many people are using this in context with the Egyptian uprising, the second coming of Christ, as well as the Rapture. Be prepared for a number of religious theories. Hopefully, the UFO community will offer balanced query...Lon

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