Fortean / Alternative News: Family Abductions, Alchemy Comeback and BTE Radio Guest Rev. Tim Shaw

Family Abductions - Seeking Help!

MUFON CMS - North Carolina: My wife and children as well as two other family members complain of having the same dream where they are all in a large room and can see each other but are unable to communicate. The next day they all contact each other and describe the same things to each other. There are unexplained marks on my wife and children and they bleed. They even complain about having the same type of test performed using the same type of instrument in similar locations. We are scared to death and have been trying to contact John Kledis but have been unsuccessful. I spoke by phone to someone at the MUFON Office in California and was instructed to contact Mr. Kledis. We need someone to either debunk this or help us to understand what has happened and continues to occur. These things do not like my dog and they know that I have weapons. My children have drawn pictures depicting my wife being pulled aboard a craft within some type of beam while I attempt to prevent it from happening. We all have specific areas on our bodies that vibrate occasionally. Most of us have unexplained nose bleeds. You have no idea how helpless it makes me feel to have my children tell me what they think is happening to them and for me to not to be able to make it stop. If I can get to my weapons the next time they are at my house I WILL have as many of these bastards to study as I can empty my gun into. And I hope they have a soul and I hope they go to hell pissing gas. They are not nice to us and frankly we do not deserve this. We need somebody to help us. Either prove to us that all concerned are having some type of ESP dream at the same time on the same night or help us to deal with this and tell us what to do.

Contact me at or ###### preferrably at #######. This may not be the proper place to seek assistance but I cannot get in touch with John Kledis. PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKE HELP US or give this information to someone who can. We are either at home or at a new construction site that we protect when this happens to us.

NOTE: to the family...please contact Spirit Rescue International or contact this blog. We can help with non-terrestrial entity visitations and well as spiritual possession/attachment/haunting experiences. SRI has dealt with these alien entities in previous investigations.


Alchemy is making a comeback

InsideScience - No, wizards haven't learned how to transmute lead into gold and they haven't found any rejuvenating elixir of life. But the scholars who write the history of science and technology no longer lump alchemy in with witchcraft as a pseudo-science.

Instead they see alchemy as the proper precursor to modern chemistry.

The modern word "alchemy" comes from the Arabic word "al kemia," which incorporated a spectrum of knowledge of chemical properties and practices from ancient times.

Chemist and historian Lawrence Principe of Johns Hopkins University in Maryland believes that the hardworking alchemists of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, a period stretching across the 14th to the 17th centuries, were defamed by being lumped in with charlatans of the 19th century -- quacks often depicted wearing eccentric costumes and casting spells.

"We're in an alchemical revolution," said Principe during a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in February. Principe said that just in the past 30 years articles about alchemy were being accepted into Isis, one of the leading journals devoted to the history of science. Before that a prohibition on alchemical subjects had been in place.

The reason for this change is that historians are now recognizing the huge role alchemists had in producing valuable things, even if the alchemists never succeeded in turning lead into gold. By the way, making new gold was of great concern to kings since it would have interfered with the valuation of coins. This is why transmutation was considered a crime -- and why alchemists often had to do their research in secret.

Alchemists did something more important than make new gold. They were instrumental in the development of many technologies during pre-modern times in Europe. For example, alchemists could be considered as an early form of industrial researcher. William Newman of the University of Indiana points out that alchemists "integrated a host of pursuits that can be loosely labeled 'chemical technologies' with an experimental practice that was linked to various theories about the nature and operations of minerals and metals."

Newman provides plenty of examples. Alchemists, he says, were active in assaying metals, refining salts, making dyes and pigments, making glass and ceramics, artificial fertilizers, perfumes, and cosmetics. An alchemists' shop was often the place in a town where you would go for medicine. Even today in many parts of Europe you go to "the chemist," for medicine, rather than to a "drug store."

Principe said that alchemists perfected the process of distillation, in which a mixed substance is boiled in such a way as to separate out one component by letting a vapor collect in a portion of the apparatus where it can be drawn off. Distillation is of course well known as the means of making spirits like whiskey. But it was also used by alchemists to make powerful acids, which in turn were important for a variety of industrial purposes, such as for separating metals from their ores.

The career of Robert Boyle illustrates the new, more respectful, view of alchemy. Boyle was long considered to be the first major modern chemist, one whose quantitative and careful laboratory practice made him the supposed antithesis of alchemy. But some 17th century documents, fully interpreted by Principe for the first time, show that Boyle was an avid alchemy practitioner.

So was the man often cited as the father of modern physics, Isaac Newton.


Father 'barbecued wife and fed her to children'

metro - Benoit Piet, a father of six, has admitted digging up his dead wife, barbecuing her body and then feeding it to his children in a bizarre bid to escape a murder charge.

Mr Piet told a court it was time to stop the lies after previously claiming his wife committed suicide.

In front of his two girls and four boys, aged 12 to 20, the 42-year-old said: ‘I promise to tell the truth to my children. A court is a good place to do it after telling so many lies.’

Police believe he murdered wife Adeline in 2006 after she asked for a divorce. He told officers then she had run off, sparking a nationwide hunt.

Two years later, he was interviewed again and said she had hanged herself at their home in St Malo, Normandy.

‘I found my wife hanging in the garage. So that I wasn’t accused of murder, I buried her in the garden,’ he told police.

‘In May 2008, I dug the body up and burned the remains in the barbeque in the garden.’

Piet later changed his story again to claim she had been murdered by two strangers before reverting to the suicide theory.

He appeared in court on Wednesday in Ille-et-Vilaine, in northern France, charged with murder.

He has admitted his wife died during a drunken domestic dispute but stopped short of saying he killed her.

The case continues.


BTE Radio Welcomes the Rev. Tim Shaw

Join us live Sunday night 10:00 pm ET as we welcome our good friend...the and only Reverend Tim Shaw to the program.

Reverend Tim Shaw has had a life long interest in the investigation of occult and esoteric subjects. The religion of Modern Spiritualism was introduced into his family in the 1880’s and thus he comes from a long line of psychics and mediums. Tim is also an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Medium, Reiki Healer – achieving the Master/Teacher level, trained Spiritualist Healer, Dowser, and Metaphysical Instructor.

As well as following a traditionalist approach to paranormal research he also embraces new scientific techniques and methodologies used by the modern “para” investigator. Reverend Shaw is currently researching and working with “Real Time Spirit Communication” (RTSC) and “Instrumental Transcommunication” (ITC) devices such as the modified “K-2 Meter”, the “Joe’s Box” and the “Radio Shack Hack Box”.

To his credit he has published many articles, most recently in the nationally circulated “Haunted Times” Magazine and has co – authored the book “Haunted Rochester” that is published by History Press. Rev. Tim’s next book is tentatively entitled “Haunted Buffalo, the Nickel City and Surrounding Area” and will be published by Schiffer Books in 2010.

Reverend Tim can be heard each Monday at 9PM (EST) on the Internet Radio Show the “Black Cat Lounge” on the Para-X Radio Network which is “powered” by CBS Radio. (WWW.Para-X.Com) This show embraces a multitude of topics which are of interest to the local and national paranormal and metaphysical communities. Past episodes can be downloaded from www.BlackCatPodcast.Com. He is also the co-host of a “call in” Radio Show “The Psychics Next Door” heard Wednesdays at 7PM on the Para-X Radio Network. When not investigating, teaching, lecturing, writing, or enjoying classes he lives with his wife Nancy and black Labrador Ebony in Western New York. Check out his website



'Phantoms and Monsters' moving up

DBKP Alternative News-Info 80
February 20, 2011
1st Ratings- 2011

Rank last Alexa Rank Website
1 2 2200 Info Wars
2 3 3001 Above Top Secret
3 1 3069 Dr. Bruce Maccabee Research Website
4 5 3557 Natural News
5 8 4078 Godlike Productions
6 – 4120 AlterNet
7 – 4402 The Raw Story
8 6 5092 Prison Planet
9 4 5543 Rense
10 7 7181 Coast to Coast
11 10 7208 David Icke
12 – 8593 Before It’s News
13 9 11779 Top Conspiracy Sites
14 16 12432 Disclose TV
15 15 13644 The Paranormal Supernatural Unexplained Phenomena
16 12 14219 The People’s Voice
17 – 17054 Disinformation
18 14 17191 What Really Happened?
19 13 18329 Global Research
20 17 19283 Unexplained Mysteries
21 – 20517 Anti
22 – 23435 Vigilant Citizen
23 – 34626 OpEd News
24 18 35235 Information Clearinghouse
25 19 38107 Henry Makow
26 26 43191 Illuminati News
27 – 45417 Jesus is Savior
28 – 48082 Educate Yourself
29 – 48499 Adbusters
30 27 50412 UFO Digest
31 22 51051 Intute
32 – 52294 The Skeptic’s Dictionary
33 20 53490 News with Views
34 21 59269 Dreams of the Great Earth Change
35 23 62800 Heavens Above
36 25 63261 Genesis Communication Network
37 – 75466 Cassiopaean
38 – 78462 Center for an Informed America
39 28 80189 UFO Casebook
40 – 97093 Z Communications
41 32 92650 Republic Broadcasting Network
42 – 96521 The Cutting Edge
43 29 102899 Real UFOs
44 30 107927 Kjos Ministries
45 31 109920 Alien-UFOs
46 34 125580 UFO Evidence
47 50 136869 Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth
48 39 148547 Paranormality
49 57 171475 Phantoms and Monsters
50 47 178372 Conspiracy Planet
51 24 180131 DProgram
52 36 182343 Conspiracy Archives
53 42 185134 Cyberspace Ministry
54 51 190181 Masonic Info
55 56 200701 MUFON
56 59 202533 Wilderness Survival
57 46 203520 Unsolved Mysteries
58 37 205499 The Shadowlands
59 44 206042 Freemasonry Watch
60 49 209158 The Mystica
61 41 211406 Crop Circle Connection
62 33 213386 Project Censored
63 40 218118 The Disclosure Project
64 – 231963 911
65 48 231963 Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
66 43 236163 Astral Pulse
67 55 237700 Cutting Through the Matrix
68 – 254212 From the Wilderness
69 – 281225 Mystical Blaze
70 45 281794 The Unexplained Mysteries
71 38 288173 Propaganda Matrix
72 35 298169
73 – 340227 Big Eye Alternate News
74 53 415756 Personal Freedom
75 – 463962 Center for Investigative Reporting
76 52 469134 The Atlantic Paranormal Society-TAPS
77 54 474842 Warrior Matrix
78 – 543102 The Freeman Perspective
79 – 646955 CyberSpace Orbit
80 60 754593 UFOSeek

These rankings are determined by ranking for Alternative News sites
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