Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 34

The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - August 1973 - various

An ungodly looking creature created havoc among the local god-fearing Amish community. Witnesses described the creature as following: The size of a good heifer, gray in color with a white mane. It had tiger like fangs and curved horns like a Billy goat. It ran upright on long legs, and had long grizzly claws. In one incident, the creature sent a team of horses and two brothers flying when it approached their hay wagon. The following day, a man was cutting weeds on his farm about five miles from the previous incident when he heard a fierce roar and turned to see a monster with three horns and a tail charging in his direction. He raised his scythe to defend himself, only to have the implement ripped from his hands. At that point, the man wisely decided to turn both cheeks to the monster and escaped as fast as he could run. A day later a woman was feeding poultry on a farm midway between the two earlier incidents when she heard a commotion and turned to see the creature in the act of snatching a goose in each of its hands. She bravely ran toward the thing, waving her apron. The woman managed to recover one of her geese when the creature threw it at her, knocking her to the ground in the process. The interloper then escaped with the remaining bird in hand.

Source: Phillip L Rife, America's Nightmare Monsters



Near New York City, NY - December 30, 2010 - 1:30 am

My dad was driving and my mom and I were asleep because it was so late. My dad pulled over and woke us up. He was royally flipping out. We didn't know what was wrong. He pointed to the overpass and all you could see were these intense glowing bright red eyes. At this point, we didn't know what it was so we just start driving again. When we reach the overpass the thing was still on it so my dad decided to stop. Then the thing swooped down and landed on the hood of our car. This thing landed with such a force it dented the hood! It then proceeded to stand up on the hood and it was 6-8 feet tall, black, and had wings!

We were all terrified at this point. My dad takes out the phone and calls the New York highway patrol and they laugh at him and hang up saying they didn't like prank calls. The thing was just sitting there. I took out my camera and photographed it (with the flash on). The thing then jumped off the car and took off, like it was afraid of the camera flash! When we got to my aunt's we told her and she said their were countless reports of this thing. Then I showed her the picture on my camera and she got REALLY freaked out. I have been doing research over the past couple of weeks and trying to find something that resembles it. At this point, I believe it was a Mothman

Source: Witness has yet to be released



Sykesville, Carroll County, Maryland - Spring 1982 - night

Williard McIntyre saw a tall hairy humanoid in a wooded area. He fired a shot at the creature, apparently without affect; the creature then turned around and hit McIntyre with a ball of light. No other information.

Source: Mark Opsasnick

NOTE: this incident occurred one year after my personal encounter...linked here: My Bigfoot Encounter - Spring 1981 - Report #231 (Class A) - The Sykesville Monster - The Enigma Project Report...Lon



Manhattan, New York - October 1, 1999 - 5:00 pm

The witness was ascending the escalator at Penn Station and had reached street level when she noticed standing about 20 feet away, what seemed to be a male figure about 6-feet, 7 inches tall. He stood near the mouth of the entranceway to the station. The tall being stared at the passerby’s as though he was trying to choose one of them. The witness caught a glimpse of his face but she turned away immediately, and walked away down the sidewalk without turning back, feeling that if she would turn around for another look something would happen to her. For an unknown reason she felt tremendous fear. The figure’s face was not human, his eyes looked right through you. His face was light gray almost white, thick brow, and menacing eyes. He stood in a peculiar way, standing with his back arched, broad shoulders, his elbows pointing towards his back, his head was tilted back just a bit looking down at the top of people’s heads. The witness quickly left the area and did not return.

Source: NUFORC



Chantilly, Virginia - June 10, 2002 - night

The witness was awakened during the night with a sense of some presence in the room. Looking toward the door, he saw, fading quickly, something, which almost had the appearance of a hologram. Next, shadows appeared outside the windows in an erratic shape. At first he thought the shadows to be from trees moving in a strong wind. The appearance was of a storm blowing the limbs to create these shadows outside the window. However, there was no storm. He looked at the adjacent window on the side of the house facing opposite and there was no wind at all. In fact there was no trees positioned in such a way to cast a shadow. He opened the blinds to see what might be causing the shadows. He then saw what seemed to be a hologram with the shape of two small eyes moving erratically outside the window. Frightened he closed the blinds. Two weeks later he was awakened by a humming sound and again saw the erratic shadows outside the window. He watched the shadows for 10-15 minutes and then called the police. The police found no signs of any intrusion in the yard. When the police left the witness walked toward the door facing the back porch and saw a large burst of bluish white light. It looked unnatural, almost like a laser. He has not seen the "shadows" again.

Source: NUFORC
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