More Tales of the Mothman

For several years I have kept a log of cryptid stories that have been forwarded to me or that I've found on the internet. None have fascinated me more than those pertaining to large flying particular, the Mothman. The following are a few I recently found as well as a review by Sonya Harvey of the new DVD Eyes of the Mothman.

It was a normal day, around 5:00 PM, when I had gone outside and looked over to the line of trees across the street from where my mother lives, which is in York County, PA. I had noticed a large, black shape sitting in one of the trees. It had started to shift from side to side as a parrot does on a branch. It stretched out it's wings and made a loud, screeching sound, like that of a woman screaming. I had become frightened, but stayed to look as I had no idea what it was. It had flown straight up and went in the direction I was looking until it was no more than a blur, for I had bad eyesight.

This was in 1998, and I am not making this up. It had a 7 foot wing span, had no visible hands, but had arms. It also had thick, trunklike legs. It's head was smallish, and had no beak, so it could not have been a bird. It had no claws or talons on it's feet, but it looked as though it was watching me as I watched it, studying me to see if I was any threat, as does a cat. I now live in fear as if it may come and find me for telling it's secret.


Near Pittsburgh, PA - We were heading back from my friend's house late at night when all of a sudden my Dad slammed on the brakes. I asked him why but he was silent, then I looked out of the windshield and I saw bloody lambs and sheep being tossed around like rag dolls. It was as if they were trying to scream bloody murder in sheep language, then silence again...then out in the middle of nowhere I saw a big brown feathery figure appear as it tore the insides out of one of the sheep...then it peered into the windshield. It stared at me with those big blood-red eyes. My dad floored it! It took off following our car but then the creature saw the lights of the city, turned & backed off. Those were the scariest five miniutes ever of my life.


I am a veteran of the Army. I was on my way for an appointment 250 miles away in Albuquerque, NM. The man driving me name was named Gabriel, who volunteered for veterans that can't drive. We were on Navajo land about 5 or 5:30 am. Hovering above the windshield (front) was an obvious strange figure of a man as he hovered for several minutes, then flew from the front of car to the back and disappeared. I didn't say anything until Gabriel said "did you see what I saw?" I said I was waiting for you to say something, we described the same thing to each other. Much later we drove back the same way and a small gas station was opened, and I described to the clerk and several mechanics there what we saw. They said they'd heard sightings about UFOs, lights and strange creatures on the ground but not what I had described to them.


The following is a review of the new DVD "Eyes of the Mothman" from Virgil Films. It explains the odd events that obsessed the small community of Point Pleasant, WV, during the period 1966-67. The documentary covers the curse of Chief Cornstalk, MIB, a mutated Sandhill Crane, UFOs and the Silver Bridge collapse. Regardless, there seems to be a lot of unanswered questions.

New ‘Mothman’ documentary raises more questions than answers

by Sonya Harvey

mysanantonio - Eyes of the Mothman attempts to explain the mystery surrounding the infamous winged birdman that terrorized the small religious community of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, a story known as The Mothman Prophesies.

The Hollywood movie, featuring Richard Gere as an inquiring reporter (loosely based on the real-life author John Keel who dove head-first into UFO conspiracies) and Laura Linney as a police officer responding to strange middle-of-the-night phone calls (loosely based on the real on-scene journalist during the night terrors of Mothman), attempts to piece together the fateful events that took place in Point Pleasant from 1966-1967 that resulted in the death of 46 people.

In spite of the Hollywood hype, this new documentary actually works to break apart the historical events, piece by piece, and in an attempt to cover all possible angles of the still-unsolved mystery, it at least succeeds in formulating every feasible explanation one could fathom — apart from Mothman being a distant cousin of Mothra that is.

It begins with the Curse of Chief Cornstalk. (Say what? We can’t make this stuff up, folks.) See, there was this famed battle that took place in Point Pleasant, and as the story goes, Cornstalk and the English newcomers were in peace negations’ after the battle between the two groups led to a draw.

Unfortunately for Cornstalk, some of the Native Americans weren’t too keen on the so-called peace talks and they ambushed two newbies enjoying an afternoon hunt. This led to Cornstalk being murdered point blank by the Englishmen who held him in contempt. It’s said Cornstalk’s last words were to utter a curse over Point Pleasant and anyone who calls it home. At least that’s what the locals would have you believe. (Remember the Silver Bridge collapse of 1966, anyone?)

Preposterous? Maybe, but how about the chemical mutations set upon the land where the McClintic Wildlife Preserve now stands. Sure, it once housed multiple TNT and bomb-making warfare bunkers put into play during WWII, through the chemical leaks didn’t come about until the 1980s when teenagers and thrill-seekers rummaged the land as their own personal playground. Needless to say it should come as no surprise that the scientific community, in an attempt to explain the unnatural or unknown, coined newspaper headlines that read: Mothman is nothing more than mutated Sandhill Crane. Really? A mutated Sandhill Crane? You don’t say?

Even weirder still it the appearance of the Men In Black and a possibly sub-human who simply referred to himself as Indrid Cold. Granted, UFOs were bound to play apart in the story of a winged birdman flying through the skies, but the story of local resident Woodrow Derenberger and his meeting with Cold is the weirdest explanation yet, and as it turns out, the story can be corroborated.

You see, Cold, dressed in a head-to-toe black suit with big weird bug eyes and a smile streaked across his face, spoke to Derenberger using telepathy and told him of fateful events that would later come true. When more locals swore UFOs could been seen hovering over their barns and reported missing dogs, more Men In Black would show up, not asking questions, but rather telling the towns folk to keep their mouth shut about what they’d seen.

Still, no one could explain the sight of a seven-foot-tall birdman with grayish skin, big red menacing eyes and wings that spanned ten feet, who could fly straight up into the air without so much as a single flutter, and odder still, no one could explain why the witnesses were plagued with symptoms like swollen pinkeye, sleeplessness and reoccurring nightmares.

Yeah, maybe it was the Curse of Cornstalk, or a mutated Sandhill Crane or UFOs, but we can assure you that it definitely wasn’t a distant cousin of Mothra.

NOTE: I had a personal encounter with a flying humanoid in 1988 in Adams County, PA. You can read the terrifying details at Screams of the Conewago Phantom. Please feel free to forward your paranormal experiences...Lon

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