Prince Edward Island Attachment Case Log - Spirit Rescue International

The following notes are from our most recent case at Spirit Rescue International:

Lon's Notes: Tue 1 Feb 2011 - Irene and I have had an initial conversation with the client. We have also received the questionaire with the history of this case. The research tasks will be assigned today.

This case is in Prince Edward Island, Canada and the activity has been occurring for quite awhile. As a result of the client's personal situations over many years Irene and I feel we are dealing with an attachment / possession by one or more entities. The activity has been varied and troublesome.

That is about all the information I am able to disclose currently. More will be posted after we get the research, go over a 'battleplan', confer with the client then ultimately conduct an RV session. Stay tuned....Lon


Irene's Notes: Thu 3 Feb 2011 - This is a case of a lady in Canada who over the years has had some strange unexplained happenings surrounding her.

Besides suffering dreams that she says are hellish and intense which she has talked to us about, things happening in the house which she has now fled had started to increase.

Every door in the house slamming at the same exact second, cups flying off the work surface and pictures flying around the room in a circular fashion, now this may sound to you like an ordinary poltergeist haunting but there is much more to this case which stems back to childhood, at first when I read the details it reminded me of the film 'Carrie', anger plays a big part in this case.

Whispering and talking is often heard, a vision of a young girl with Red hair and brilliant bright Blue eyes who changed in to something unearthly.

The Freezer door would be found open in the mornings when they got up, the partner accused her of having been eating in the middle of the night and only believed she hadn't when one morning they found what looked like black soot handprints on the door, one of the dreams this client has is of people being burnt in a fire, this maybe or may not be connected.

An apparition of what the client describes looked like a Farmer has been seen floating in a doorway, the client says she did not feel anything negative with this.

This case consists not only of a haunting but also multiple attachments. This is all at the moment I am going to reveal on this case as it is one being investigated and in the early stages many things I am holding back.

The research on this Island has revealed one piece of very good information that we would like to look into further, a remote view will be the next step whether this will be done by Lon or myself has yet to be decided. The results will be posted in due course.

As and when we progress with this we will try to post more information here.


Lon's Notes: Tue 15 Feb 2011 - Irene and I conducted a remote view on this case on Monday, February 14th.

Irene set the target coordinates for me and monitored the session. We systematically executed 4 phases in order to perceive the target and to gather as much information possible.

In Phase 1, the coordinates (a set of two - four digit numbers) were given to me...from which an ideogram (a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept) was developed. The target was narrowed down to a subject. I was drawn to an area in a house which I suspected was a living room. My focus centered on a knit or crocheted blanket or something similar which I sense held some importance to a past or present member of the household. The colors were light green and pink. There was also a fragrance of roses.

In Phase 2, the target vignette was narrowed by probing for sounds, textures, temperatures, colors, luminescence, contrast and smells. Through this information I was able to focus in on any verticals, horizontals, diagonals, topography, mass and energetics as well as my overall 'feeling' of the target. In this instance, I was directed to a bedroom with a large-mirrored dresser. Again, the focus was on the blanket or covering which was now being used...possible wrapped around the client. I could tell that this was from the past and that this person was feeling fear and apprehension. There was also a man yelling and moving about the residence.

In Phase 3, I made a rough sketch or drawing of what I was perceiving. At this point, the sketch included the objects in the bedroom including a doorway, a window and a bed.

In Phase 4, I went into a deeper perception of the target. This included sense, magnitudes, emotions, physicals, subspace and concepts. There were other specifics used...but at this point there was no systematic procedure because the observations are starting to come together into a primary deduction, though I suffered a psychic attack early in the process. I experienced severe nausea and pain to my arms, hands, right ribs and the bridge of my nose. Irene immediately projected her energy towards me in order to alleviate the symptoms and pain. After many minutes, my pain started to dissipate. It's a difficult process to describe but it was obvious that it took a serious toll on Irene. Actually I was quite worried for her (in turn, she was very concerned for my well-being). We were eventually able to continue the session.

Through the process I perceived this man, that I previously referred to, was in an area outside and near the ocean or a lake. At first, his emotions were that of severe guilt...then it suddenly changed to relief as I felt him leave his physical body. (at the end of the client's father's life he had gone missing for 10 days and committed suicide...further details will remain confidential). Later, I perceived his spirit in a dark wooded area where it was confronted by an unknown being...definitely a vengeful entity that was very tall with dark deep-set eyes and a wrinkled face that walked in a peculiar fashion. It first appeared as a bright green light that started to take form as it neared the man's spirit. I am quite positive that this entity invaded the man's spirit and may have been one of the attached entities we sensed on the client. Irene immediately made an effort to move it away from me...though it did attempt to come back. She eventually cleared this entity which I was able to witness during the remote view. Honestly, it was truly a remarkable experience though this could have easily been a dangerous event.

At that time, the remote view session was ended. There are still questions to be answered, especially when we consult with the client. The presence of another attached spirit is still a very real possibility...though my sense is that it may be an entity that has accompanied the client since an early age and may be more mischievous than malevolent.

There are other specifics but because of client confidentiality this information must remain private...Lon


Lon's Notes: Tue 15 Feb 2011 - I woke this morning with a very sore right shoulder something hit me. There is no bruise but I needed to take a Vicodin to calm it down. The attack was swift and shocking...the first I have ever experienced. I'm glad Irene was there, but she paid for it I'm afraid.


Lon's Notes: Tue 15 Feb 2011 - We just talked to the client who verified much of what was perceived during the RV. I seems clear that we were dealing with 2 entities, one of which was cleared during the session. There is still a mischievous spirit attached to the client...this will be dealt with very soon.


Irene's Notes: Wed 16 Feb 2011 - I have to admit that we took a battering with this one but to me that is part and parcel of the job and I think Lon is beginning to realise that...I am proud of him.

Anyway the entity removal was successful I believe this entity at one point could of been attached to the father who in the end committed suicide then transferring itself to a friend of the client or the client themself, either way it was then able to attack the client, strange that at the time of the removal the client was with this friend who is normally very somber and witnessed a sudden change come over him, he changed, said he felt great and I am sure he felt the move.

There, as Lon has said, is another attachment with this client and this one has been with the client for a long time, its not going to want to go anywhere and I already know that we have a fight on our hands to get rid of it, it is a real trickster. If I had to rate it on a danger level out of 10 I would give it an 8.

I hope to take this one out in the next couple of days, so Lon or I will let you know the outcome.


Lon's Note: Mon 21 Feb 2011 - I talked to the client today...she states all is well. Her quote...."the last 24 days, since you started my case, have been better than my last 24 years". We will continue to follow up and keep in closed.
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