The Wladyslaw Abductions - Legnica, Lower Silesia, Poland

A researcher named Grzegorz Domanski from the Legnica UFO Research Club related a scenario of an abductee from the Legnica, Lower Silesia area, involving several abductions by unidentified beings and the after-effects.

Domanski found out about a case of Mr. Wladyslaw S. (fictional name) through contacts with Domanski's aunt, Halina L. (fictional name) who had business matters with this man and subsequently they became friends. Wladyslaw S. is a shop-owner and Mrs. Halina had once helped him to rent the location. This is the reason why she became his confidant to this particular story. It must be said that for a long time the witness refrained from revealing his experiences. One year and half passed before local researchers found out about the case. About the same time the witness became aware of local research club's existence (Legnicki Klub Badań UFO = UFO Research Klub of Legnica). Wladyslaw S. had considered the decision to share his experience with UFO experts. The first meeting with him took place in the flat of Mrs. Halina.

Wladyslaw S. had no previous interested in the UFO phenomenon. As the informer Halina L, stated, her associate was once a completely different man...he was more straightforward, vigorous and active person. The occurrence he experienced considerably changed his psyche and initiated firm changes in his mentality. His first contacts took place in the 2nd part of the 1980's and as he assumed, they cause a quite stir in his life due to missing time experiences, spontaneous electric appliances activation, dreams involving UFO objects and many other phenomena. In that period he would also find several blood drops on his pillow. Their origin seemed very mysterious since they didn't come from any visible wound or scar. Those matters may or may not be connected with UFO contact but it must be reminded here that similar events aren't usually firm evidence but in total it reveals a pattern of abduction.

As the witness claims, on every occasion and at least once a week, he would experience missing time phenomena that took place several times a day. Those time gaps were also filled with odd occurrences. Grzegorz Domanski tried to stress the chronological order of particular encounters but it wasn't always possible. Although Wladyslaw's encounters were nearly all the same, he doesn't possess conscious recollections of each one. Although completely real and material, some were witnessed by him in an abnormal state of mind. The witness recalled several other details but he isn't certain if these were real or mingled with dreams. The following is the possible scenario of one of his abductions:

It all begins usually at about 6 pm., when he finishes his work. Mr. Wladyslaw, as usual, closes his shop and heads to his house in a certain village located several kilometers away from Legnica. At this time he experiences the 'missing time' and then he finds himself standing on a meadow in vicinity of his house.

A huge craft, seemingly even bigger that the entire village is hovering directly over him. It is so large that it's hard to distinct its shape. Wladyslaw stated that it was oval-shaped and long, with lighting points located around its perimeter. Each of those 'illuminators' emanates blue, pulsating light.

Then a beam of light descends upon him from above. It is of the same color. Then another time gap takes place. After a while the witness finds himself in a small, oval room filled with pale and dim light...also blue in color. His stay in this room isn't long because soon after entering two strange entities appear by his side. Both are dressed in a loose kind of jacket, blue in color and glimmering metallic. Their dress consists of a hood with a rectangular visor, a cloak or jacket with broad gloves and legs. Wladyslaw is sure that despite that they are of the same height as we, they moved in a completely different manner: they shuffle without moving their legs as if they had wheels on their heels. The witness assumes that he was in an abnormal state of mind in which everything around seems unreal. He isn't able to move. He also doesn't feel a need to communicate with the entities and remains under their total command and will. Then he is lead into a very long corridor...a tunnel filled with the same bluish light, although a bit darker. He doesn't have conscious recollections of his each trip via this tunnel but he usually moves through it in an upright position and while being suspended from the floor. He passively proceeds along with these beings, as well as they without moving his legs. This convoy takes him to a spacious room.

The room is hall-like, oval-shaped and also filled with soft bluish light. There are many appliances of various sizes and shapes positioned on the walls all around the room but Wladyslaw isn't able to give a more detailed describe. There are also other beings very similar to those who had brought the witness to this place. They are very similar to each other but instead of wearing baggy trousers these beings wore something resembling broad, one-piece tunics. Wladyslaw is sitting on a broad, soft and very comfortable armchair with its frontal part orientated toward the hall central area. The armchair resembled that used by dentists but it's slightly more oval. The beings are moving around it, performing indescribable actions, approaching him to perform particular examinations as well as touching the witness. He states that their touch is always 'piercing.'

A small plate that seems to be part of the armchair is brought in or it moves towards him on it's own. Wladyslaw puts his hands onto it. In his head he can hear a voice repeating, "Don't be afraid', 'You'll be all right'. The witness doesn't see the voice owner; it definitely doesn't belong to any of the present beings. The person in question isn't physically present in the hall but it seems that 'he' is superior to the other beings...possibly controlling them. Then the voice orders him to turn his palms up, with their inner part turned upwards and then down and so on. After that 'examination' the plate withdraws. Then Wladyslaw (remaining in sitting position), receives massive amounts of information pertaining ecology, global politics and life conditions as well as the reasons for existence. The message is transferred through his subconscious and not expressed by means of vocal words. A three-dimensional visual accompanies the message.

After an unknown period of time in the hall, another time gap occurs. After this gap, the witness finds himself again on a meadow neighboring his house but no craft above. On certain occasions he could recollect vague memories in the morning of the next day. He wasn't aware how long his experience lasted and when he was taken back. Many times when he was about to go to work, he noticed that his car wasn't in his yard as usual. In similar instances he was forced to go to Legnica by bus, then finding his untouched car parked by his shop.

Wladyslaw's abduction frequency was changing as time went by. At first the abductions were regular, i.e. once a week...then become occasional and sporadic. The witness was harassed by the beings for about a year and half...then 2 one-year long gaps. Then 2 or 3 abduction incidents took place, divided by long intervals. The witness claimed in 2006 that he had not been abducted for several years but his contacts might take place in different forms and his memories remained hidden deep in his mind.

After one of these visits the witness noticed the following morning a small, very hard mustard-seed size protrusion on his left palm (on the inner part of his thumb). He isn't able to explain its origins. His thoughts were that the beings had implanted the object...placing it under his skin. Asked if he has tried to remove it, he said that the beings would be displeased with his deed and he would provoke another wave of unpleasant encounters. The witness agreed to a restricted examination of this protuberance by x-ray. Wladyslaw S. was also offered a regressive hypnosis session but he is reluctant. The Legnica UFO Club is going to x-ray Mr. Wladyslaw's hand and skull to verify, along with a doctor, implants presence in the witness' body. Regressive hypnosis session will be performed in the near future. - UFO Journal of Poland - some of the translation was edited

NOTE: this report was presented in August 2006 but, as far as I know, there has been no follow up information provided. If you know of an update to this case please forward it to me. BTW, there have been a fair amount of UFO reports from this area of Poland since the 1990's....Lon

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