Bright Lights / UFOs Reported Over the Mid-Atlantic - June 29th

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The MUFON CMS received a number of similar reports from the Mid-Atlantic area and Ohio of very bright lights seen on June 29th between 10-10:30 PM EDT:

Maryland: My girlfriend M. and I sat down to relax on my parents patio. We had just eaten dinner and decided to light a fire. We were facing southeast towards Haystack Mountain, seated next to each other talking, and I had just opened a beer (my first one of the night, alcohol played no factor in the sighting). I remembered looking up and noting how clear the sky was as the sun was setting, and glanced straight up above our heads and saw a light like a star, only much much brighter, like 10 or 20 stars worth of bright. I thought it was a plane with a reflection, but the sun had set long ago. It was moving, but kinda gliding along, it didnt seem propelled, and initially in a southeast direction. I nudged M. and pointed up at the light. She stopped mid-sentence and stared. so did I. I said something about it being totally silent. Thinking it was gone over the mountain and behind the trees, i said jokingly "I hope they come for us!" and took a drink from my bottle. If nothing happened after this point I would have still thought the light was out of place, it just seemed like it wasnt supposed to be there. i glanced up again to where i saw the object last, and it was just moving through the same space in the trees as it had just moved. I know that sounds insane, but the only way I can describe it is: Glitch in the Matrix. Like in the movie The Matrix when the cat walks in front of the door twice, like its on a loop. Only it seemed brighter and bigger than before. My girlfriend saw the same thing. I just cant make sense of what happened there. It was moving fast enough that it should have kept going over the mountain and out of sight, it was like magic. All of this happened in about 15 - 30 seconds. Hard to tell really my jaw was hanging open. I had to get a better look so I ran out to the alley behind the house for a better look, about 30 feet east of where we first saw it, and it wasn't in the part of the sky i expected it to be, it was further down the mountain towards Cumberland. It seemed to be moving faster as I was yelling for M. to come look. From the time she walked from one end of the driveway to the other it had changed from a solid bright white light, like a star much bigger than any in the sky maybe 10 or 20 times, down to the shape and size of a dim red star on a clear night, and vanished. It looked like light that just faded out smoothly to a single point, then gone. I cant give you a distance from us to the craft with any accuracy, but it was maybe 50 - 200 feet above Haystack Mountain when it faded out, so maybe 250 - 500 feet directly above us at first sight. I was excited, and M. was just saying "what was that? what was that?". And to make it creepier, there was not a sound to be heard, my parents live in a fairly quiet and secluded place. there was no sound. that was not an airplane, blimp, or helicopter. I am still trying to wrap my brain around this one. I wish i had a photo, but honestly it would look like a photo of stars, one being much brighter than the others. Feel free to ask any questions, i will give as much information as I can. Thanks for your time.

Maryland: I was standing in a field behind my house at 10:10 admiring how clear the night was when a very bright white light appeared in the Northwest sky. The light reminded me of a halogen spotlight intensity. It was at least 5 times the size of Venus at full magnitude. It was a constant light with no blinking lights that are seen on conventional aircraft. It flew overhead toward the southeast horizon. The light stayed on a straight course but did seem to slow down as it reached the sky above me. No sound was emitted from the object. It appeared to be flying halfway between the ground and the cruising altitude of jets. As it reached the Southeast sky the light quickly faded out and abruptly disappeared. It was nowhere near the horizon and should have been visible for another minute or so before disappearing. I have spent countless hours looking at the night sky and have never seen anything like this. I had an obvious feeling that I was watching something that was not anything conventional.

Virginia: It was around 10:20 (maybe a little after...could have been about 10:25) or so last night and I was watching tv in my room. I was staying up to see if I could view the rocket launch from VA beach that was going to happen at 11:10. For some reason, I had the feeling to look out of my bedroom window (which faces the NW - the rocket was to be seen SE). It was a very clear night and I noticed that up in the sky, there was a large bright (brighter than the stars) ball of light. It definitely was not a star, it was much larger than all the stars, it was not as high up in the sky as the stars. There wasn't a color, it was almost like a lightbulb compared to the stars. The light did not flicker, blink, or anything like that. It was just a ball of bright light. It moved very smoothly and very slowly across the sky in a straight line. I've never seen anything like that before and I was really thinking that it might turn out to be a plane or something, so I kept watching it get closer and closer. The object never changed or moved away from the straight line path it was on. There were no lights blinking or any other lights around just the one ball of light. It was starting to get out of my sight from my view in my room and I wanted my husband to see this, so I went down 2 flights of stairs to the basement, tried to wake him up (was unsuccessful), went back up to the 1st floor and out the back door so I could keep watching this light. I was still able to continue watching it pass over a large area across the sky for another 2 minutes or so. The light then all of a sudden just dimmed right out (took just a moment) and then it was gone. I would say that the entire viewing of this light lasted about 7 minutes. I was able to see the rocket launch at 11:10 and the rocket was actually seen at the exact spot that light dimmed out. I thought that was ironic. All in all, I have never seen anything that made me think I saw a UFO until last night and I am intrigued to keep my eye on the sky now!

Pennsylvania: i just got out of shower,,abt 10;15pm,,had that feeling again,to go out and lookup at all the stars out,very clear tonight,as soon as i went out back,i looked up,towards se,i saw a big huge low star,im thinkin,hmm,cool,wonder what star that is,than,i noticed ,its moving real slow,cool,its another ufo,it was very,big and bright,very low,i watched it going se,in about another min,it dimmed,then disappeared into nowhere,as,alot of them do i see,some go all the way across the sky till out of view,some just vanish,/it was,not a aircraft,i was in the military,i now what planes look like,,it was not flashing,or a shooting star,but ,a typical ufo,/its about the 12th i've seen,this yr,i saw another low 1 just like this about a month ago,at abt 3am,low and slow going ne,i havent seen many this yr,i wonder why not,cause,last yr,i,and my friends saw about 45,ufo's,flying over nwpa,usa,,over warren,always at night,on clear nights,between,sunset,and before sunrise,i have seen a few in daylight,and they look like stars moving,the summer before,was real crazy,here,we,saw,like,75 ufo's,/up,til,a couple yrs ago,i never saw more than 15-20,in my life,somethin's goin on,and i saw,on history channel,last yr,that 2 yrs ago,,in summer,more ufo's were reported over pa,than ever before,i can attest to that,note,when i see them,they are always star like,moving,slow,than,increasing speed all off a sudden to like infinity,most real high,a few,very low and slow,than,they speed up real,quick,i have only seen a few,go in different zig-zag,directions,,well,thats it for my report,for now,i will keep lookin up at the stars at night,for more.//ps,in my opinion,the ufo's,are either,our's,or thier's,i've never seen any aliens yet,,or been abducted,that i know of,..

Pennsylvania: My wife was out on the back patio waiting for the dogs while they did thier business at about 10:05PM and then she called me outside at 10:10PM to look at this bright round white light in the sky slowly moving from the north-west to south-east direction with no sound. We watched it for about 5 minutes and then the went out and it was gone. There were no blinking maker lights that you would see on airplanes since we live close to the airport and see air traffic over our house very often. It appeared to be flying higher than the normal air traffic that was taking off from the airport but lower than another airplane that was higher up in the sky with red blinking marker lights flying in the north-west direction. The sky was very clear tonight with no clouds.

Ohio: On June 29th around 10:10pm I was standing on the back deck of my house with my husband. A bright light in the sky caught my eye, when it was almost overhead as it came into view from the side of my house. It was coming from the North heading South. Both of us were amazed by how bright it was. Airplanes almost never fly that path over our house as well. It was a yellow/white light…. maybe three times the size of the biggest and brightest star or planet in the sky. It flew overhead at the speed of a regular airplane, but seemed low and was completely silent. I ran in the house and grabbed my binoculars. When I first pointed the binoculars at the moving bright light…it was almost blinding, and no other lights could be seen. No red, or blue lights like a regular plane. As the bright moving light flew out of sight I could see other airplanes in the area on both sides one flying to the East, and another flying to the West. This light was so bright it was the most oddest thing to see fly over…. especially in comparison to the other planes in the area.

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