Media Reports: Sanger Paranormal 'Bigfoot Evidence' Press Conference

Paranormal group seeks help confirming 'Bigfoot DNA'

A California paranormal group claims to have DNA samples of Bigfoot -- concrete evidence of the legendary creature's existence -- but they want help authenticating them.

Members of the Sanger Paranormal Society will call upon the public to donate money and resources to their Bigfoot research effort at a Thursday afternoon news conference in Fresno, Calif.

The society's founder, Jeffrey Gonzalez, plans to present what he believes is an impression of the creature's face, pressed into two windows on the left-hand side of his pickup truck.

Each windowpane print depicts a seven-inch long pair of lips and a five-inch wide set of nostrils, Gonzalez told in a phone conversation from Fresno.

"We also found a 12-inch long footprint near the car," said Gonzalez, who added that he's preserved the samples in a climate-controlled room.

The prints were discovered 5,500 feet above ground at California's High Sierra mountain range during a six-person Sasquatch hunting expedition, said Gonzalez.

"A forensic expert has swabbed the prints for DNA and taken photographs on scene," said Gonzalez. "Now all we need to do is eliminate the possibility of it being another animal."

Gonzalez said he hopes that an anthropologist or anyone with a database of animal DNA steps forward to help authenticate their samples.

"It's not a hoax, it's not a joke; we have a reputation to protect," said Gonzalez, who works as a technician for AT&T.

Bigfoot enthusiasts became the brunt of many jokes in 2008 when two hikers in Georgia purported to have the creature's body in a freezer. Their hairy corpse turned out to be a rubber hoax.

For Martin Evison, the only place Bigfoot exists is in folklore.

The University of Toronto anthropology professor said he won't consider the possibility of Sasquatch's existence without seeing the creature himself.

"We have so much technology now, if this thing existed we would have found it already," Evison told

"I don't even bother thinking about Bigfoot. I have better things to do." - CTV


Bigfoot evidence possibly found in Sierra Mountains

A local group of Bigfoot enthusiasts says it has new evidence the creature exists in in our local Sierra Mountains.

They say an imprint left on a pickup truck window over Memorial Day weekend is in fact that of a Bigfoot.

A team of five from the Sanger Paranormal Society was camping in the mountains about 2 1/2 hours east of Fresno. They say they left the truck behind to quickly escape a snow storm. When they went back the next day they found the imprint and had it examined.

Jeffrey Gonzalez said, "As it backed off it left an impression on the back window. Whatever it was, it was oily, greasy and dirty because you can see the facial features, you can see the shoulders and torso just like the Shroud of Turin."

The group collected what it thinks is DNA from the imprint. But now it needs help paying for the DNA to be tested, before drawing any official conclusions. - abclocal


Bigfoot In Our Backyard

They've been hunting for Bigfoot for years. Now a local paranormal group says it has the most convincing evidence yet. These trackers say Bigfoot is not too far from our backyard.

Over the years they've had close encounters but they say their newest find provides them with DNA to prove this is no myth.

Jeffrey Gonzales of the Sanger Paranormal Society claims an impression left on a pickup window is the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson film of 1967. "As it backed off it left an impression on the passenger window. Whatever it was, it was oily, greasy dirty because you can see the facial features."

Gonzales probably sees more than most of us but here is how the impression got on his pickup. He and his fellow Bigfoot trackers went to their "special spot" two and a half hours east of Fresno. They say it requires driving winding dirt roads before you get to 55–hundred feet.

On Thursday they displayed evidence from previous finds. Numerous foot prints and a shot of Bigfoot sitting on a rock 500 yards away. The impression on the pickup window occurred when Gonzales left the truck in the high country. Their group got caught in a surprise snow storm and his pickup doesn't have four wheel drive.

Forensic specialist Mickey Burrow was called in to collect DNA from the window. "My position is I don't know what it is. I'd like to find out exactly what it is."

He compared the print to a bear, mountain lion and a gorilla. The bear and mountain lion had too many inconsistencies, but not one with the gorilla. "I can't make a determination on the creature itself however in all I would say it's likely that it is an ape," said Burrow.

They come from all walks of life: a high school principal, nurse, plumber and crime scene expert. Their common bond is believing Bigfoot exists. "Since I was a kid in search of Bigfoot. Anything that has to do with Bigfoot it's my passion including ghosts and unidentified flying objects," Gonzalez said.

The latest snag for the group is finding money to pay for DNA testing. They believe the bill will be in the thousands. - KMPH

NOTE: in case you missed it, here is my quick assessment of the press conference - 'Bigfoot Face Plant' Press Conference Falls Short...Lon

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