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Sky Squid

Greetings Lon,

Here is an odd photograph which was taken by myself on a trip to Wales this past August 2011. My wife and I were attending our oldest sons wedding and we spent a week afterwords dogsitting while the happy couple went for a short honeymoon to the Isle of Jersey. On Monday August 22, we spent the day exploring the Brecon Beacons in Wales. There we spent a lovely afternoon having a picnic on one of the higher peaks and had great views of the surroundings. I had my camera and took many photographs that day. When I returned home and examined the frames of the digital images I found many anomalies (which always give me a brief thrill) on this outing I was floored to see what only can be discribed as a FLYING SQUID in the upper corner of the photograph. I have always believed in the theory of life forms living in the upper atmosphere of our planet, but that was only a theory. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Thomas Finley USAF Ret.
Essex, England


Fresno UFO videos

Jeff Gonzales from Sanger Paranormal forwarded the following link of a strange object over Fresno, CA - Morphing UFO

The UFO Kid Fresno also forwarded this link - Large UFO over Fresno, CA


Photos of UFOs over Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas 7-28-2011: My brother, a friend and myself were on the front porch when I looked to the east and noticed something that seemed completely out of place. It was brighter than a star or a planet and it seemed to be pulsating and hovering. Commercial aircraft flies overhead regularly and it was much larger and higher altitude. I brought it to my brother and friend's attention and we began watching it closely. It seemed to drift and then hover and then pulse. When it was obvious that it wasn't a plane or a planet (I used my Skyview iPhone application to debunk any planets around or visible... there weren't any visible in that area) we went and got our binoculars and realized it had a specific shape. A triangular shape with at least 3-5 distinct circular orb like shapes at each point with what looked like electrical current running between all the points. I began taking zoomed in pictures with my iPhone and then grabbed my expensive zoom lens Canon camera and rapidly took about 302 photographs. For some reason my cell phone battery went from 88% to 18% within a matter of 15 minutes. This also affected my friend's cell phone battery power as well. It increased in size and rapidly pulsed and while I was watching it thru the binoculars it seemed like 3 other craft split from the center leaving the original object less pulsating and only white light... the other three objects had the spectrum of light in a pattern and were darting to various points and hovering with the colored lights pulsating in a pattered around each craft. The shape of the original object seemed to change as well and become more of a disk like shape. The other 3 objects with colored lights were boomerang shaped. We drove at least 20 miles east to Rockwall, Texas's Lake Ray Hubbard. We parked and continued to watch the objects but they decreased in size and weren't pulsating as much as before. By 5:30am they seemed to be gone. NOTE: These photo were enlarged and cropped from the high definition photos taken by the witness.

Thanks to MUFON and their CMS system. Ken Pfeifer


Odd thing

I have had a few odd things happen to me but nothing that i wish to go into at the moment. bar this event i am about to tell you. I was living in a small town in the midlands in Ireland at the time. and i had just been to the pub after a few drinks with a friend and his girl friend and my girl friend. we all parted company at the bottom of this little alley way as we were all going in different directions. this alley way always spooked me and i have had a feeling that somebody was just behind me really uncomfortable and one each time i used this alley way home which was not often the feeling of something not nice behind me would be stronger i never saw anything on a few occasions it spooked me badly that i sprinted to the end of the alley way even though i never saw anything anyway back to the story in hand this particular night the street lights started to flicker and go out when i would approach them four lights in order this happened to before i reached the lights i was really spooked and ran home not looking back i never used that alley way again and even now when i visit Ireland (home) i stay away from it and take the long route home three years later when i was speaking to a local historian about the area we lived in which encompasses this alley way he told me it was once the site of a mass grave from the Irish famine from the local work house (which by the way still stands and a lot of young people seem to be hanging themselves there) maybe it is just me spooking myself maybe there is something to it my instinct is normally very good for the usual in the more mundane circumstances in Afghanistan (as a soldier) i'll share this experience and see if anybody has had a similar experience to me.

Cpl J McGrath HM Forces
Kind regrards


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