A Sleeping Sasquatch?

The Maple Ridge News recently published an article on The Erickson Project - Sasquatch: Is It Out There? - Part 1 and Part 2. As well, a video capture (above) of a supposed sleeping Sasquatch has been leaked by Erickson. Take it for what it's worth...but, IMO, it's another blobsquatch to add to the already large pile.


Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference organizer Troy Hudson recently gave the following statement to R.W.Ridley in reference to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s scheduled appearance at the event:

"I am more about quality than quantity. Our committee is more concerned about presenting quality information that having worries about how many people come through the door. This year is about learning who and what they are. Dr. Ketchum’s project is still in peer review. She was only added to the conference schedule due to deadlines on advertisement agendas. Several venues wanted our schedule because they were rolling out advertisement for several states across the US. We will have a number of people presenting topics that are related to the DNA project. We are not trying to give the impression that the DNA results are going to be discussed at the conference unless the peer review is complete. However everyone knows that she is the lead on the DNA for this project. She will be prepared to discuss things either way if it is out or not. She can’t go into detail about things unless it is out before the conference. If it isn’t I am sure she will discuss the road traveled up to where they are on it. If it is out, all bets are off, no telling what is going to be talked about at the conference. Either way it will be interesting. Hope that helps."

'North American Bigfoot Search' issued the following statement on David Paulides, who is working with Dr. Ketchum:

"If we stated that David Paulides/North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) and Dr Ketchum were going to speak about DNA then the implication is that the paper has been submitted, we cannot deny or confirm this has occurred. If the DNA paper has not completed peer review by the time of the conference, then Mr. Paulides and Dr. Ketchum either will not appear or will discuss other topics."


Regan Lee has posted a very insightful article on 'Monster Tracker' titled Monsters Creating Monsters?. You can find her blog at Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch

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