Alleged Sierra Bigfoot Shooter Discloses Incident Details

The alleged Sierra shooter, Justin Smeja

The following was posted at the Bigfoot Forums. Justin Smeja, the alleged shooter posts a response to a statement made by another forum member:

Tautriadelta: General [Justin Smeja's screename]...if you where hunting for bear as you claim you would have been prepared to extract the carcass from the kill site immediately. If you shot two Sasquatch out of fear for your well-being that is understandable, however it should be noted that bear hunters are typically very cool customers.

The prospect is high that the first shot will not bring the bear down and you have to be prepared to respond; it's the same way when shooting people who are armed and wearing body-armor. But you stated that you did not remove the bodies that day because they looked too human and you where afraid. The above example offered by the grandfather above clearly defines that your excuse is (forgive my Marine Corps vernacular) ****-poor.

Personally I believe that you went out with the full intention of killing a Sasquatch. I don't believe there where proper bear tags withing 100 miles of you, let-a-lone in your possession at the time and after the shooting you realized you had bitten of much much more than you could chew legally and ethically and you panicked. To add further tragedy to this gruesome situation you (seemingly) chose to let the "too human appearing" dead Sasquatch/s, one of which you say died in your arms lay like roadkill to be devoured or rot whichever came first; until of course you had time to think and went back for a tissue sample only to find the carcasses allegedly gone yet you elude to finding a fetus although you did not come right out and say it openly.

I am glad that if this did in fact take place that you eventually came forward, although I don't speculate that it was for the sole purpose of clearing your conscience. Maybe the supposed book will tell the whole story in it's entirety? Who knows. Maybe your tissue samples, whatever they might be will be confirmed by Ketchum and Erickson's film? I'll get back to that in a second.

Yetis, Sasquatch & Hairy Giants (Unexplained Phenomena the Para)

General: thats an interesting theory. that reminds me rwridley i think it was said something along the lines of ''did anyone check to see if justin smeja had a bear tag? if so he would have to turn in that bear tag if he was successful, after all some people say it was just a bear''. Well in CA DFG requires that EVERY bear hunter turn in their bear tag at the end of the year whether or not they were successful. So yes I had a bear tag and yes I did send it in at the end of the year. No I did not kill a bear in 2010.

Heres a bone for you all. I personally havent said much at all about the location of the kill. Lots of assumptions have been made and I've remained quiet about it. well here you go it was by Gold lake, CA. Maybe it was 2 miles away maybe it was 10 miles away. It really doesnt matter at this point, as time goes on I will release the exact location of the kill site more then likely in the book.

Of course I had a bear tag with me in my possession. I was bear hunting. Not squatch hunting. Your theory is far fetched taut.

I think it is silly what some of you must think a bear hunter does after he shoots something. Lets say its a medium size 300 pounder. Then you are going to take that home with you? REALLY? That sounds logical? well gee roy we gotta carry this 300lb bear 2 miles to the truck.... that sounds like a lot of work............. I dont doubt there are people that do that. I live in ca i see people doing some pretty stupid ****.

When the animal goes down it goes something like this and this remains the same if its a deer hog or bear. So I'm usually in the back country on foot if I'm further then 100 yards from the truck I usually still do it this way tho. It hits the ground I get on the radio to whoever I'm hunting with give em my gps location and tell em to come help me pack it out. I through the animal on its back skin front side then use the skin as a blanket to keep the meat clean. Then I cut the meat off. I load it in a trash bag then into my back pack then load up my buddies pack. Then we take the skull (to present to DFG and have them pull a tooth) and the cape/fur if its worth saving we carry that by hand. It all goes down in about 1.5 hrs (it blows my mind some people spend that long just dragging the animal the last 200 yards to the truck). Then once i'm home its vaccum sealed and thrown in the freezer. Thats about it. Theres no Crains or special equipment to move such a large animal that I've ever used or seen used. Personally I would probably move that 300lb bear about 20 ft and give up. That would be a lot of work....

I dont really feel like addressing the whole ''why didnt you grab the little one'' again again (thats once again the problem with this thread/way of forum layout. no i dont have a better suggestion). In short. I just dont know. No excuses here. I just wanted to get out of there.

Julio, no i do not worry about being prosecuted for this. There is a lot of people out there who TELL ME I should be and theres others who have said I'm ''shakin in my boots'' about the whole thing. Thats not the case. Yes something terrible has happened. I'm not making light of the situation BUT really.... I've seen the justice system and how it really works... This would be ruled as nothing more then a hunting accident. People get killed every year in CA while deer hunting with their best friend because somebody took a stupid shot they shouldnt have. Nothing ever happens to the best friend. In fact last week a few hours from my house 2 brothers were deer hunting. one heard a noise turned and shot into the bush and killed his brother. Terrible story. Its simply a another hunting accident. In the real world I do not believe anyone will stand trail for killing an imaginary creature....

Jerry, My hounds name is Cammi. She is a black and tan blood hound and yes she has tracked and hunted bears. That part of her life is over with due to my wife. She was always afraid cammi would come back missing a face or not come back at all. which obviously happens from time to time. now she just sleeps in bed with us and spends her days chasing squirrels in the back yard. That breed is very popular in russia for fox hunting. I believe they call them ''fox hound'' out there. They are all around good hunting dogs..... but they dont always come back when you call them.. like any hound. Randles knew of the blood hound but was more going for a summary of the story. Many details were left out. It would take a whole book to write them all like slim said.....

Derek Randles posted a response to another statement as to his sincerity in the matter:

Payday huh?? Wow,still haven't seen that money yet. LOL It's so hard for people to believe that we are serious researchers with good true intentions. We are! This isn't Georgia , that I will promise you, and we sure as hell aren't the Georgia boys. You'll see....

I can assure you I'm not trying to attempt researcher suicide. I've been in this for a long time, over half my life. I do take this very seriously. Why in Gods name would we be trying to pull the wool over anyone eyes? Please don't forget, we would not even be talking about this event if it wouldn't have been leaked by Lindsay. Where's the beef? The beef is in the study. We have no control over when it's released to the world. That is up to Melba. I know the results, and I trust her completely. Those are the facts. Everything I've said on this form is true, and I'd take a lie detector test right now, tomorrow or whenever. How the study is received remains to be seen. I have no control over that either.

If any of you here on this forum have worked with me you'd know I'm a very honest person and very true to my field of research. I have 0 tolerance for BS. People have the right to be skeptical, and I respect most peoples opinion, but to think that we're doing this for some money making scheme is laughable. In fact it's hilarious! I work closely with one of the richest men in California, yet I've NEVER asked him for one penny. This is not about money, it's about the truth. It's a sad state of affairs when nobody believes that someone is acting for the right reasons.

I sleep well at night.

Another forum member, Bukwas, posted the following:

Let’s recap the attributes of the animals General [Justin Smeja] says he killed (in no particular order).

Bigfoot Youth -- “rounded” mouths like humans, with no tusks or fangs, enlarged but not long canines, similar to a gorilla’s.
Bigfoot Youth -- black hands, with palms padded like a dog’s paw, with fingers of same proportion to palm as in humans.
Bigfoot Adult and Bigfoot Youth -- omnivores.
Bigfoot Youth and Bigfoot Adult --- smarter than any other animals in the wild.
Bigfoot Youth --- around 40 lbs.
Bigfoot Youth --- communicated, “talked” like humans, in the vocal way of the deaf, with no ape like grunts.
Bigfoot Adult and Bigfoot Youth --- “Bad body order x 12 mixed with a coyote.”
Bigfoot Youth --- eyes like humans.
Bigfoot Youth --- looked very different than the Bigfoot Adult.
Bigfoot Youth --- dark brown hair.
Bigfoot Youth --- appeared unafraid yet worried and panicky.
Bigfoot Adult --- color of a pale coyote.
Bigfoot Adult --- no “cone-head”.
Bigfoot Adult --- “8’ tall and was hairy and walked like a man.”
Bigfoot Youth --- facially “somewhere in the middle between human ape and boxer [dog].”
Bigfoot Adult --- compared to Roger Patterson’s film subject, “it was so much like that but totally totally different and not even close in appearance” and it looked “as different from patty as chuck norris and the cable guy.”
Bigfoot Adult --- 600 lbs.
Bigfoot Adult --- not muscular looking, not fat, not as wide as generally portrayed in recreations.
Bigfoot Adult --- when shot, it ran on two legs, and then on all fours, then on two legs, then on all fours before it left view. (this part was in Randles’ recounting).

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

Again, here is the original statement Derek Randles made in reference to the Sierra shooting and the physical evidence that was gathered:

This incident occurred in October of 2010 in Northern California. The persons involved will be known as Hunter 1, and Hunter 2. Hunter 1 is the shooter. Hunter 2 was driving the vehicle.

While driving down a dirt road looking for bear, hunter 1 and hunter 2 were noticing large piles of feces along their route. They commented on the amount they were seeing, and at the strange nature of it. They were having a rough time figuring out what was responsible. To big for Cougar, and didn't appear to be bear. It is important to note that they were hunting at considerable elevation. It's also important to note that they were legally hunting, with appropriate bear tags in a legal hunting area.

As the truck came around a corner they both noticed a large hair covered figure standing approx 80 to 100 yards in a meadow off to the side of the road. ( On the Bigfoot forum I previously said it was off to the left, that was my mistake, it was actually off to the right of the road.) The figure was standing on two legs with it's arms above it's head. It took roughly eight to ten steps toward the vehicle. The arms were moving a little either because it was walking, or it was intensionally swaying them. It was dirty grey in color with some black mixed in. The figure was very large. Hunter 1 decided it had to be a bear. It was completely hair covered, and from that distance good definition was impossible. Hunter 1 got out of the truck and leaned against the door aiming his riffle at the figure. He does admit that it looked strange but in his mind it had to be a bear. He did not believe in Bigfoot at that time. Hunter 2 was now looking at the figure and said " I'm not sure that's a bear". The shot was fired hitting it's mark in the chest region. The figure went down. It got back up immediately and started running on two legs, and then on all fours. It went from two legs to four legs a couple of times before it left view. A short time later they were very sure they heard it crash into the brush, although they never did confirm this. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

They exited the truck and started across the meadow still wondering what just happened. When they reached the spot where it was standing they noticed movement in the nearby brush. Two smaller figures appeared from the brush and started circling around their position. The smaller ones were totally hair covered, but were much more black in color. They would go back and forth from two legs to four. They were exhibiting some type of chatter back and forth to each other. Hunter 1 and Hunter 2 described them as a cross between a gorilla and a bear. They said that they had very large heads, almost too big for their bodies. They also stated that the little ones had a much flatter face than a bear. They spent as much time on two legs as they did on four. The smaller figures began getting closer and closer, at on point, just a few yards. One of them climbed up a small outcrop above hunter 1. Hunter 1 started to get the feeling he might be attacked. He made a quick decision, turned and fired. The figure went down and rolled right down to Hunter 1's location. He lifted it up, and then placed it in the brush. They then decided that they needed to leave, now.

I, Derek Randles was put in touch with the hunters about two weeks later. I interviewed them both by phone extensively, and separately. I found that their story matched perfectly with no inconsistency's. I could also tell that they were natural and not rehearsed. Consequently, I've spent many many hour talking with hunter 1 one about all aspects of the story, and I completely believe him.

I then urged hunter 1 to return to the site and look around for any evidence from the incident. Upon returning they were greeted with roughly two feet of snow. The little one was not found. They concentrated their efforts in the area where they thought they heard the larger one go down. After digging though the snow for many hours they were able to find a piece of flesh, greasy fat and hair, but no body. The flesh and hair matched the color of the larger one exactly. White gray hair with some black in it.

I then asked him to forward a small piece of the flesh to Dr. Ketchum to have it analyzed for the current DNA study she's involved in. I cannot speak to the results at this time due to an NDA I've signed, but I will say that I 100% believe the story. Read into that what you will.

The site has been under snow since last November. Further study of the site is ongoing. To date, no bodies have been recovered or found. If and when a body or remains is discovered, the appropriate authority's will be notified.

The Olympic Project and Dr. Melba Ketchum do not advocate or condone the killing of a Sasquatch to advance science. That being said, if this sample can help with species verification and protection, then some good can come from a unfortunate incident. It's also important to note that this is but one of over a hundred samples the Olympic Project has contributed to this study.

Updates on this story will be available on this web site, and the story in it's entirety will be told by Hunter 1 when the time is right.

Thank You,
Derek Randles

NOTE: as I have stated previously, all the conjecture really means nothing until the DNA study is revealed and the real stories are told...Lon

Thanks to James for the heads up!

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

Bigfoot! : The True Story of Apes in America

Bigfoot: The Unsolved Mystery (Mysteries of Science)

Impossible Visits: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites

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