The Donna & Clayton Lee Abduction

A married couple, Donna & Clayton Lee of Houston, TX, claimed they were part of an actual alien abduction that occurred on December 22, 2005. Their alien abduction story was reported by Local 6 News in Orlando, Florida (posted direct link available).

Their claim was that they were abducted by alien beings on several occasions during their 19 years of marriage. Donna Lee also reports she was taken while pregnant and lost her unborn child due to the alien abduction.

Her husband, Clayton, stated that he has been abducted numerous times throughout his life and remembers his first alien abduction occurred while he was playing in a Houston park as a small child. He remembers floating into the sky and just seeing stars and the darkness of space before passing out. Additionally, he has a scar on his side that he believes was caused by aliens attempting to take DNA samples from him.

The couple underwent hypnotic regression therapy in order to recover memories of the incidents. They were treated by Harvard psychiatrist, Susan Clancy, who wanted to include their story in the book she was writing about alien abductions. Donna Lee was able to draw a picture of her alien abductor, and her husband confirmed the appearance as the same in his personal abduction experience as well.

While the psychiatrist doesn’t believe in alien abductions, she nevertheless interviewed countless people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. Her main contention is that there are numerous explanations for people like the Lees who have alien abduction stories. She names such things as sexual difficulties, nightmares, psychological issues and anxiety as being able to mimic the same symptoms as alien abduction proponents claim.

Despite Clancy’s psychological point of view, the Lees expect that they will meet these alien beings once again in future alien abductions.


Couple Claims Aliens Abducted, Probed Them

A husband and wife in Houston, Texas, claim they have been abducted by aliens several times, including an incident where a fetus was taken from the woman, according to a Local 6 News report.

Clayton Lee, who is confident that a scar on his side came from an alien probe to collect his DNA, and his wife, Donna, have come forward with claims that they have been contacted by extra terrestrials more than 20 times.

Clayton Lee said he was a child in a Houston park the first time he was abducted. He said he was lifted in the air at the time of the alleged abduction.

"I remember just floating up higher and higher, Lee said. "And, all that was around were stars and blackness. And then, I blacked out."

Donna Lee said she lost a baby during one of the encounters. She also drew a photo of the aliens who abducted her.

Local 6 News showed video of a hypnotist trying to retrieve memories of the abduction.

"They're touching me -- quit touching me," Clayton Lee screamed in fear during the session.

Susan Clancy, who is a Harvard psychiatrist, decided to do research on people's abduction claims similar to the Lee family's.

Clancy ran an advertisement searching for people who wanted to be included in her book about alien abductions.

"When I ran the first ad looking for people who thought they had been abducted by aliens, I thought we would get very few calls, but we were inundated with calls for a month after we ran one ad," Clancy said.

Clancy said she is not a believer of alien abductions.

"So, people have symptoms like psychological distress, anxiety, sexual problems, nightmares, and for better or for worse, today, being abducted by aliens is a culturally available explanation for why you might have some of these symptoms," Clancy said.

The Lees told a reporter that they expect to be abducted again in the future. -


Houston Couple Claims They've Been Abducted By Aliens - CNN SATURDAY MORNING NEWS

Aired June 10, 2006


National Correspondent Gary Tuchman has this extraterrestrial experience.


CLAYTON LEE, CLAIMS ABDUCTION BY ALIENS: Everything's taken care of.

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Clayton and Donna Lee consider themselves a happy couple.

(on camera): How long have you guys been married?

D. LEE: Eighteen and a half years. It will be 19 years January 2nd.

TUCHMAN (voice over): But not an ordinary couple.

C. LEE: I want to go home. I want to go home!

TUCHMAN: Under hypnosis...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Relax completely and listen to the sound of my voice.

TUCHMAN: ... it's apparent the Lees are quite out of the ordinary.

DONNA LEE: Oh, no. I just need to go. I just need to go.

TUCHMAN: What's going on here?

Clayton and Donna Lee are trying to retrieve memories about being kidnapped by creatures from another world. Donna has drawn a picture of an alien who she says captured her. Clayton says one of his captors looked similar.

(on camera): How many times have you been abducted by aliens?

C. LEE: More than 10. Yes. More than 20 probably.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL": We have come to visit you in peace.

TUCHMAN (voice over): For most people, visions of alien abductions are limited to the movies and TV. But in a CNN-"TIME" magazine poll in 1997, two percent of respondents said they had been abducted by aliens or knew someone who was. Based on the sample, that correlated to more than five million Americans.

Clayton Lee says he was a child in this Houston park the first time he was abducted, saying he was lifted in the air.

C. LEE: And I remember just floating up, higher and higher, until all that was around me were stars and blackness. And then I blacked out.

TUCHMAN: The hypnotist tries to retrieve further memories of that day.

C. LEE: Quit touching me. Quit touching me. Ah!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is that, Clayton?

C. LEE: Oh!

DERREL SIMS, INVESTIGATOR, HYPNOTIST: What's the reason for all this?

C. LEE: They gave me something.

SIMS: What was it they gave you?

C. LEE: They gave me something.

TUCHMAN: The hypnotist, who's a private investigator, also claims to have been an abductee.

(on camera): You can understand how a lot of people would think, this is really far out.

SIMS: Well I think it's far out. I think it's bizarre. And I wish it had never happened to me. My life would be a lot better.

TUCHMAN (voice over): Susan Clancy is a Harvard psychiatrist who decided to do research on people's abduction claims.

DR. SUSAN CLANCY, HARVARD PSYCHIATRIST: When I ran the first ad looking for people who thought they had been abducted by aliens, I thought we'd get very few calls. But we were inundated with calls for a month after we ran one ad.

TUCHMAN: The ads were for subjects who wanted to be included in her new book about people who believed they were kidnapped by aliens. But Clancy is determined she is not a believer.

CLANCY: So people have symptoms like psychological distress, anxiety, sexual problems, nightmares. And for better or for worse, today being abducted by aliens is a culturally available explanation for why you might have some of these symptoms.

TUCHMAN (on camera): With all the reported alien abductions, you might think there would be one high-quality photograph or videotape that would indisputably show aliens in action. Until that happens, most people will have their doubts. But not all people. C. LEE: And I said, "I don't know what you're talking about.

TUCHMAN (voice over): Clayton remains convinced this scar is a remnant of an experimental operation to collect his DNA. Donna believes a fetus was taken from her body.

(on camera): Is it possible -- possible that you just have a vivid imagination and that this really didn't happen?

D. LEE: No. I mean, I have a vivid imagination, but I know it happened.

TUCHMAN (voice over): And they both say they expect to be abducted again at any time.

Gary Tuchman, CNN, Houston.

NOTE: here's another transcript from the O'Reilly Show

Reaching for Reality: Seven Incredible True Stories of Alien Abduction

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Contact with Alien Civilizations: Our Hopes and Fears about Encountering Extraterrestrials

Trip EVR: Jurerê Internacional, Santa Catarina

•••• Conforme prometido, ‘Trip EVR’ retornando agora para desbravar mais uma praia paradisíaca em algum lugar do mundo. Na postagem de agora, postagem que fecha o mês, a praia da vez é a famosa e badalada Jurerê Internacional, localizada na capital de Santa Catarina.
•••• Jurerê Internacional é um loteamento residencial sofisticado, localizado a cerca de 15 minutos do centro de Florianópolis, que possui um dos metros quadrados mais valorizados do Brasil.
•••• Nesta praia catarinense tem muitas mansões, muitas mesmo, sendo que é uma das praias nacionais mais internacionais, ou seja, visitada por muitos turistas estrangeiros. Até mesmo o New York Times já fez uma matéria sobre a praia.
•••• Com uma costa marítima de 3 km de extensão, a praia de Jurerê Internacional é considerada uma das melhores e mais seguras praias do Sul do Brasil. Por ter uma infraestrutura inigualável na ilha, Jurerê Internacional destaca-se ainda pela tranquilidade, urbanização, clareza e temperatura da água.
•••• O bairro de Jurerê Internacional possui supermercado 24 horas, Open Shopping com lojas de roupas, calçados, brinquedos, artesanatos, banca de revista, vídeo locadora, jogos eletrônicos, Bancos e muitas outras facilidades que apenas praias chiques possuem.
•••• É Jurerê Internacional, bebê!
•••• O padrão de construção também é internacional, as casas com fachadas livres de muros e os edifícios somente na área do Open Shopping, o que faz parecer com certos bairros de cidades americanas. De fato, realmente esta praia não lembra em nada as demais praias brasileiras...
•••• Com águas limpas, claras e quentes, a praia realmente é atrativa para aquele banho de mar, além curtir aquele bronzeado a beira-mar.
•••• A praia é linda, porém para a Classe A. Não é difícil avistar pelas ruas carrões conversíveis ou mesmo do último ano, importados, etc. Conforme uma postagem antiga comentou, essa é a praia que vai te fazer se sentir pobre, bem pobre...
•••• Quer conhecer o lugar?

Recapitula 11/2011

**** ‘Recapitula’ entrando no ar agora para comentar o que aconteceu por aqui neste mês de novembro, novo mês com o maior número de postagens desses três anos e meio do blog das Estranhas Verdades Relativas.

**** Rolou por aqui uma semana especial Britney Spears para comemorar os shows da cantora aqui no país. Foram 12 partes que mostraram fatos curiosos, fotos, novidades, a história da cantora e todos os seus vídeos até então lançados. Foi bem bacana!
**** Também foram 12 blocos do especial musical que misturou música e multidão neste mês de novembro.  Os quadros já tradicionais do blog tiveram sua vez, porém alguns merecem destaque como o quadro ‘Tem Jeito’ deste mês postado hoje. A versão deste mês abordou o fim do relacionamento e a dificuldade que algumas pessoas tem em seguir em frente.
**** Rolou também o Top 15 Brasil 2011 que mostrou quais são minhas quinze canções nacionais favoritas. Há quem diga que eu não gosto de música nacional, o que tem seu fundo de verdade, mas tem muita gente bacana por aqui também.
**** Os reviews voltaram com força assim como muitas imagens que realmente mereciam destaque. Ainda rolou algumas piadinhas da internet, Jensen Ackles ganhando espaço por aqui no início do mês, sendo que desde então ele não saiu das mais lidas da semana. O poder do cara está em suas fãs...
**** E outro quadro que merece destaque é o ‘Trip EVR’ que foi viajar para a paradisíaca Bora Bora no início do mês. O paraíso na Terra de águas azuis e hospitalidade para lá de bacana também já está entre as mais lidas. Vai ser o mesmo quadro que vai encerrar o mês de postagem com mais uma praia, mais um local bacana em algum lugar do mundo. Deixo vocês com mais um Trip EVR!

Just the Facts?: Strangeness Beyond Hollywood -- South New Jersey UFO -- 'Redneck Exemption'

Hollywood producer claims proof of UFOs

Hollywood producer J. Herbert Klein has proof that UFOs exist. That is the claim he makes in his new book Beyond Hollywood: A Memoir of Fate, Luck, the Unexplained, and Living the American Dream.

The book was announced today via press release from International Film Arts, a production company founded by Klein and his business partner, movie star Jon Hall. According to the press release, Klein and Hall invented things together, including a square anamorphic lens that Klein believed “could photograph the invisible – UFOs, alien life forms, energy fields, and other unexplained phenomena.”

The pair reportedly shot thousands of photographs using their special lens, and “frequently captured images that could only be called out of this world.” An example was explained in the press release:

The most notable example occurred in 1977, when Klein and Hall witnessed a test flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise at Edwards Air Force Base near the Mojave Desert in California. From his seat in the viewing section, Hall photographed the space shuttle before, during, and after the flight.

When Hall developed the film, he discovered that the photographs included images of what appeared to be energy fields, UFOs, and humanoid forms that had been invisible to the naked eye. Stunned at his discovery, Hall submitted the images to one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of photographic equipment – and the company’s experts could find no explanation for the unusual phenomena visible in the photos.

Hall died in 1979, and Klein kept the photographs in a “safe place” until deciding to write his memoir. Klein recently stated, “I’m finally ready to share my incredible story with the world.”

The 296-page book features approximately 100 photos taken by Klein and Hall, “including many amazing shots of unexplained phenomena.”

Beyond Hollywood: A Memoir of Fate, Luck, the Unexplained, and Living the American Dreamis available now at Amazon. - openmindsTV


Large Craft in South New Jersey

South New Jersey - 8/15/2011 - unedited: I should have submitted this sooner. However, i didn't. Anyways, It was about 7pm, August 15th, 2011(still daylight, clear sky, and no clouds) and i was driving north bound on black horse pike in Bellmawr NJ. I pulled up to the light at wendys and i noticed what i thought was the front end of an airplane, about 75 to 100 yards in the air, crossing the black horse pike about a mile up ahead, going westbound. It was very low and big.I thought at first, wow, this plane is low, its gonna crash. But it continued. As it continued to cross it stopped, hovered for a few seconds, then proceded again. While looking at it, it didnt seem right... The front was rounded, but square, with no windows, but I noticed 3 or 4 windows on the side at the top, with more holes or exhaust ports on the side. It had a milky white color on the top half, and a dirty silvery metalic bottom. It was made of some type of metal, almost submarine like. As the back end came across, i was expecting to see a tail or tail wings, but there was no tail, just a little hump on the back end. It did not have any wings or rotar blades, it just drifted across the tree tops to the west and then it was gone. I was kinda taken back for a moment, like wow that was really freakin cool. I looked to the person in the car next me, to see if they saw what i saw. But they turned left and showed no interest. I serverd in the USAF as a Security Officer back in the late 90's and i have never seen a craft like this... To me it was a mix between a plane, a helicopter, a sub and a space shuttle rolled into one. The best way to describe its shape is, it looked like a flying metal loaf of bread... Very wierd, but cool... MUFON CMS

NOTE: I'm familiar with the area since it's a highway that most people from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware take to Atlantic City, NJ off of I-76 or I-295. There have been several UFO sightings, as well as strange cryptid reports, in the general area in the past even though much of it is in an urban setting...Lon

BLACK HORSE PIKE, THE (NJ) (Images of America (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing))


3 Ft. Ape-Like ET

Mississippi - 7/1/1973 - unedited: I was 4 years old and my two brothers were 12 and 14. We were moving some dirt around in the backyard of our home. My brothers remember hearing a screaching sound, which sent them running to the front yard to hopefully see a cool car speeding away. After their disappointment they returned to the back where we noticed, near the same time, a disk shaped ship hovering over the back of our next door neighbors house. I saw the door slide open and a short (3 foot tall) ape-like being walk out onto a narrow catwalk that appeared to encircle the ship. He walked a few steps to my right and kneeled down and opened a small door on the side of the craft. He used a small tool to make some type of adjustment, and closed the small door before returning inside. While he was out, a second being walked to the door and watched him. The second guy was taller, maybe 5 feet. They were both covered in thick brown hair, but well groomed. Both were wearing a coverall but not anything resembeling a space suit like our NASA guys wear. After the door slid back down, the ship started ascending at a slow speed. When it reached about 100 Feet, it ascended almost straight up and out of sight in 1 or 2 seconds. The beings made no audible communication between each other, and didn't pay any attention to the 3 boys silently staring at undoubtable proof of life on other planets. My brothers knew they were looking at alliens, I didn't. I knew I had never seen anything like this before, but I wasn't old enough to know what an allien was. My oldest brother and I remember almost all the details the same, but our middle brother is now schitzofrenic. His recollection is light years away from what really happened. - MUFON CMS

Lloyd Pye: Where Did We Come From? Aliens, UFOs and our Origins


Two-Legged Pig

A dedicated farmer has taught his prized pig, which was born without back legs, to walk upright on his front legs.

Proud Ge Xinping, from Mengcheng in eastern China's Anhui Province, says he thought the deformed piglet would die after he was born in July.

However, after lots of time and devotion the pig has learned how to walk on its forelegs and is now the talk of the town.

'Villagers all love it as it walks like an upside down gymnast,' Ge said.


Man who shot his lawn mower claims 'redneck exemption'

A 43-year-old man said to have shot at his lawn mower while intoxicated, fought his adult son and pulled a shotgun on the son was arrested after being shocked three times with a Taser. Mark Thomas Wach, of Palm City, was arrested on Nov. 20 on charges including aggravated domestic assault with a firearm and domestic battery in connection with the incidents near his home. Wach told a Martin County Sheriff's deputy he was puzzled about why he was going to jail.

"He then stated that he shoots in the yard all the time and that fighting is what redneck people do," records state. Wach's 18-year-old son, who said he wasn't hurt, said that about 45 minutes before he called authorities, Wach was intoxicated in the side yard shooting a pistol at his lawn mower. Wach went on his son's porch and began "a verbal altercation with him over (the son's) mother not paying child support."

The son said Wach pointed the pistol "all over," but the son managed to get the .380 caliber handgun away. Wach left, and his son thought he was going home "to sleep it off." Instead, Wach returned with a 12 gauge shotgun. The son said Wach started to point the pump action shotgun at him, but he wrestled it away. They engaged in a physical altercation, and the son said they rolled out onto the porch. That's when a deputy arrived and saw them fighting.

Wach was on top of his son, and the deputy told him to stop fighting. Wach didn't, and the deputy shocked him with an X-26 Taser. Wach didn't follow additional instructions and was shocked twice more. The son wouldn't complete a written statement because he didn't want his dad to get in trouble. Wach said he didn't understand why he was being taken to the Martin County jail. He said he routinely shoots in the yard, saying "fighting is what redneck people do." - tcpalm

Jeff Foxworthy's Complete Redneck Dictionary: All the Words You Thought You Knew the Meaning Of

Intriguing Bigfoot Video - Ontario, Canada

I have to admit that this video has much of the criteria needed to make a reasonable argument that these creatures do exist. The witness, Timbergiant, IMO is very believable and the explanation offered by FB/FB and Timbergiant make this video a very intriguing piece of evidence. I don't normally give credence to Bigfoot videos but I do take my 'hat off' for this presentation.

Click for video - Ontario, Canada Bigfoot

Statement with video: Thanks to FB/FB for this, and of course Timbergiant bigfoot.
Timbergiant films Sasquatch flanking him November 21st 2011 Ontario, Canada. This is the third video by TMBGT to make the list. Confirms on Coned head, Bent legs, tree hiding, high shoulders, consistent coloring. This shows just how strategic Sasquatch are. We include some clips of Jim and how the video came to be. Jim goes deep and goes solo. Sasquatch is on film for 28 seconds.

On the Track of the Sasquatch Book 1: Encounters with Bigfoot from California to Canada (1980's Edition)

Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch

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