Bigfoot DNA Preliminary Result = Confusion

The following was posted by Robert Lindsay who asserts that the information came from his sources. He states that he had preliminary nuclear DNA results for several months and was just given the 'go ahead' to release. For the record, I was given a less detailed though similar finding from my source...though there were a few assessment differences. The following is posted at Bigfoot Evidence:

As I promised in an earlier post, we can now release preliminary data on Bigfoot nuclear DNA. Three samples were tested for nuclear DNA. A single gene, the MC1R gene, was tested. According to Wikipedia, MC1R is one of the key proteins involved in regulating mammalian skin and hair color. In fact, in this study it was considered the “hair color” gene for practical purposes. The default Bigfoot hair color, which was the same in all three copies, is “red.” That could mean “auburn.”

All humans have a distinctive marker on this gene. In Neandertals, one polymorphism is different. Caucasians can have 10 varying coding genes for MC1R and Blacks can have five different coding genes for MC1R, but they all share a single polymorphism that differentiates them as humans and from apes and even primitive hominids like Neandertal.

The results from the MC1R gene tests were very confusing, and I do not understand the results very well, but I will just throw them out to you and let you try to make sense out of them. Sources told me that the MC1R gene in the three Bigfoots was exactly the same in each one, a shocking finding. The results were “within the human range, but just barely.”

The results were not in GenBank, nor were there any human results even remotely close to be found in GenBank. It is barely possible that such a bizarre finding could show up in one random modern human. That it would show up by chance in three separate random humans is for all intents and purposes statistically impossible. That is, the odds are against it are so extreme that we can be reasonably sure that these were not three random humans.

The problem is the same as with the MtDNA. We are still stuck with human DNA, even though it is so bizarre it is nearly completely outside of the modern human range.

But here is where the problem comes in. Out of the ~1000 polymorphisms in this gene, all three Bigfoot samples were concordant for a single polymorphism. That polymorphism was “100% non-human,” as my source put it. In other words, it is like the Neandertal copy of this gene that also differs by a single a non-human polymorphism.

Now the question is, can humans have non-human genes, non-human markers on their genes, or non-human polymorphisms? I would say no. If you find a non-human area in something’s genetics, my position is that the genetic sample is simply non-human. Humans can’t have non-human genes or even parts of genes. But I’m not a geneticist.

I would assume that this single non-human polymorphism is what made the Ketchum Study conclude that we were dealing with something non-human in terms of the nuclear DNA.

We also have the 4-letter DNA alphabetic code for that polymorphism, but I am not going to print it as I do not want to upset Ketchum’s findings. For now, let us call it XXXX where each X is an alphabetic letter in the genetic code.

I believe that the DNA testing subsequently concluded that all three of these samples tested positive for Bigfoot on DNA.

I believe at least one of these samples referenced above was Larry Jenkins’ Bigfoot toenail.

Numerous questions arise from this finding.

First of all, how can the gene be “within the human range, but only barely,” and also have a 100% non-human polymorphism similar to Neandertal’s? This makes no sense to me.

If the default color gene in Bigfoots is “red,” then why do we find dark brown, brown, white and grey colored Bigfoots? I have no answer to that question.

The nuclear DNA findings above are extremely tentative and are based on conversations with sources over a period of months. I tried to check back with my sources today before I wrote the piece, but I could not get in touch with them. They are subject to revision in the future. I have had this nuclear DNA information for months now but have been unable to release it because it was given to me off the record. I just now got the go ahead to run it.

My understanding of the final results of the nuclear DNA is that it is quite a bit aways from human. How far away is uncertain. From three different sources, we heard “1/3 of the way from a human to a chimp.”

However, another source said it is closer. Two different sources referred to Neandertal and Denisova. “Whether it is closer to Neandertal or Denisova, I am not sure,” one said. Another referenced late Erectus trending into archaic Sapiens. An example would be “Heidelberg Man.” If the nuclear side is 1/3 of the way from a human to a chimp, the split between Bigfoot and man took place 2.2 million YBP (years before present). If it is instead closer to Neandertal – Denisova – Heidelberg Man, we are looking at a Bigfoot – human split of 750,000 YBP.

At the moment, we don’t know how far away the nuclear side is from humans. All we have is conjecture.

NOTE: until there is an official release of the entire study, this information is speculative. I decided to post it because there has been keen interest in the study and the date for release of a full report is tentative. Hang in there...Lon

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