Bigfoot Encounters, Inquiries and Questions

I'm going to start off with two emails I recently received:


Bigfoot Encounter - Fort Lewis, WA

I have been interested in Bigfoot since I was 8 years old when I read a article in the newspaper in Martin, Tennessee about a white man-like creature running alongside a police car doing 35 miles a hour. An old lady who lived down the street would tell us about a monster who would come out of the woods and sway back and forth. She described it as being very tall, taller then any man and was black in color with streaks of white hair. She had seen it many times in the 25 years she had lived there. She would feed it apples and that is why it comes up by her house. It was not until I was older that I learned that she was telling truth.

I went into the Army in 1965 and while stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington I had my first encounter. We were out in the forest on training exercises and the area we were in covered 100 SQ. miles. It was just getting dark. Part of our training was to live off the land. We divided into groups of two. My partner and I decided to try our luck at fishing. As we approached the river bank we saw a man-like creature on the other side that stood about 7-8 foot tall, covered with hair on all of its body except on its face and hands. The color of its hair was kind of a buckskin tone. It stood 25 foot from us and did not show any intention of harming us. We just stood still looking at each for about 10 min then it turned around and walked away turning its head over its shoulder to get one last look.

We returned to camp and told our comrades about what we had seen. They only laughed and said we were crazy. After we returned to base I told my commanding officer what we had seen. He told me that he believed us because he had seen the same thing but kept it quiet since he felt no one would believe him. - Dean


Beegum Creek, CA Sasquatch

Hi - this happenedyears ago, and I hesitate to repeat the story because of the stigma that is (often rightly) associated with this sort of thing.

In 1977 (I was 15 at the time) I was traveling from Corning, CA. to Platina, Ca via highway 36. My mother was driving and I was gazing out into the woods. When we reached Beegum Creek I saw a Sasquatch standing on a hillside just outside the treeline. I told my mom and she turned the car around to get a better look and we saw the creature turn and walk into the woods. Not believing what we were seeing we came to the conclusion that it was a prankster in a Sasquatch costume. At least that's what I thought until I stumbled across an article about a siting on the same highway very near that same exact spot. The article mentioned that there have multiple sighting along that stretch of highway over the years. the siting featured in the article happened 33 years after mine so either someone is passing their man-ape costume down from generation to generation or there are Sasquatch in those woods.

My sister owned a ranch in Platina and I spent many, many hours in the surrounding woods and never saw anything out of the ordinary.

Thanks - Mark R.


Debunking the Patterson-Gimlin Film

Video - Nolan Canova On The Patterson Film: Part 1

Video - Patterson Film Is A Digital Illusion - A Question Without End

Statement with video - Nolan Canova (famed paranormal and pop culture expert) explains how the modern Patterson film has digitally artifacts that have created an illusion and captured the imagination of many. This allows exploitation for profit for a lifetime because the question is without answer.


Was There a 2nd Bigfoot in the Patterson-Gimlin Film?

Video - The Patterson Footage Fact or Faked

Statement with video - What if there was a second creature in the Patterson footage?
What if I can show you there's a second creature in the footage?
What are the chances of Patterson being able to create 2 suits that look just alike? (Not possible)
Could it be 2 guys in 2 suits? (NO, don't think so)
This video shows that there is a real possibility of a second creature.

NOTE: some of these 'skeptics' are more goofy than their subjects...this is just another prime example of conjecture and innuendo being used against Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. BTW...I have received several abduction scenario inquiries since publishing Abduction: The Night My Life Ended on Saturday. I welcome your input and anecdotes. Thanks again...Lon

Spotlight on the Patterson Gimlin Film

The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story

Searching for Sasquatch: Crackpots, Eggheads, and Cryptozoology (Palgrave Studies in the History of Science and Technology)

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