Don't blame your Nutella's desire in hard quantities because of the microwavable feelings around you. You were never interesting in slow cooking relationships. You are this kind of person that think a friend is something changeable pretty like an old smart phone. Don't shoot at me your lonely heart's bad attitude, you aren't that kid anymore who someone took the favourite toy. Get a dog, or a cat instead because cats are much more independent and dogs will suffer much more when you'll run away from its life. Take a plant and try to keep it alive at least a week or two. I told myself this year I will not spend the thanksgiving day with you. I'm a grow up now, you know! You don't take part of my real life anymore.

I don't need you to fall asleep and lay my sadness on your warm bell. I have a little boy now, you know, and I decided not introduced you to him. You aren't a good person, I rather prefer my son be filled with unhealthy Doritos and get fat or worse than become glued to you. Ok, you smell like vanilla, your skin are soft as a cinnamon's candy, and you're regarded as "so cute and cuddly" by the female population, but I'm not addicted to you anymore. I'm totally immune from your criticism and your rude scorn to me.

By using "work" as an excuse I will go out this holiday and I won't invite you to come with me and share my bed in a low cost hotel. Don't give me your grief's face and that special look of yours that actively encourages me to forgive you. I'm doing boxing now, do you know? And I'm having good sex with my girlfriend. Unfortunely, she loves you very much, and this was the only reason to keep you sitting alone in my bedroom. But you aren't a pillow, are you? I had that bad dream that I put you in the microwave to dry, after you were struggling in the washing machine and this nightmare haunted me all my child's hapiness. That's why I can't forgive you.

Sometimes the air smells like jasmine, and I know I'm prepared to let you go out of my life at once. I'm seek of your vanilla ice cream's fragance. No, don't try to tell me what you have in mind about your lonely future. don't squeeze my tolerance blackmailing me. I promise you that you will not miss Nutella in that amazing place I found for you, just in the bottom of my new house's loft with the other multicolored electronic toys which inspired me as a teen boy. I don't tell you sweet things as you will stay in my heart forever as Nancy, the girl-next door in my parents' home. At some point you carried in your plastic eyes all my teen's secrets, and you knew so well my hidden reason d'etre. I killed my beloved Tomagotchi because of you, because you had insane jealous, and I died tortured by you. Than was the black Power Ranger you couldn't tolerate. I had to throw the poor toy down the toilet and my mother gave me a beating because of the dirty water everywhere. I was perfectly conviced that I was a mediocre child because the bad actions you made me do. Really. You wasn't that good! I completely disregards my family and that kind of stuff because I was addicted to your charming person and today I have all the reasons to consider you a dirty pedophile.

 When I will be famous I will create a cultural movement against you for the upcoming kids know that a different way of living without Teddy Bears can be possible! It is my dream for a better tomorrow. All the kids in the world will heard about the teddy bears' envy, greed, and wrath. So help you God, that was the end of our troubled relationship. You must now accepted the true, that's the nice box I brought to your ending days. Your brown pelage will be covered of black butterflies, I don't care. I must belive in something greater than yourself.

Bye bye Teddy Bear!
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