TEX SAVERIO GOES ON ROLLING IN THE FASHION WORLD - Exclusive Interview and review of his latest collection at Jakarta Fashion Week

Do you remember Tex Saverio HERE, the Indonesian fashion designer who takes part of the Jakarta Fashion Week, that Fashion Heroines interviewed HERE? So I've good news, the most talked Indonesian fashion designer at the cyberspace, sent me a very nice email talking about his new collection and up-coming projects and his participation in the latest edition of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 held a few days ago. Tex Saverio,whose dress was worn by pop phenomenon Lady Gaga in the US edition of Harper's Bazaar, since his debut at last year's Dewi Fashion Knights (DFK), is in a growing popularity, fulfilling the Fashion Heroines' prediction that Saverio will be the next "big thing" of the fashion world. Here he is now again, one of the Indonesia's  finest creative talents to conquer our heart with his passion and dreams made of amazing art pieces to wear.

FASHION HEROINES: What was your main inspiration for your new collection? 

TEX SAVERIO: It’s from the Bible : from the Revelation 12 : “And there was war in heaven…”. This is very contradictive condition in my point of view. Can you imagine… HEAVEN and WAR.  And from this, I got an idea that GOD created everything in this world in balance, a DUALISM concept. So that’s why I used a very contradictive materials while narrating the stories of that war – from beginning to the end – and apply it in symbolism in the collection.            

FASHION HEROINES: What do you think your collection brings back into the fashion world?

TEX SAVERIO: This collection, for me, is a reminder that “fashion is art”. And I hope that the world will see it in my works. I hope. 

FH: What were the materials and fabrics that you used?  

TEX: So many, but basically since the concept is about dualism, I picked 2 types of materials, the one that represents “the heavy” and “the light”, such as feathers, metals, etc.           

FH:  If you must choose a single statement piece from your new collection what would it be?     

TEX: The no. 1.  It represents the whole idea, about dualism, the materials, the looks. Everything.

FH: Are you kind enough to talk me about your new projects?

TEX: The new project will be an art exhibition, I was requested to create an installation for this event. Well, I hope it turns out good...


When I saw Tex Saverio's work the first though that was going in my mind is that I was seeing something radically different from what is usual to see in the current fashion world. It occurred me also when I saw Alexander McQueen's creations. It's when art meets fashion in both designers' majestic pieces. Astonishment and respect were the main feelings before the pictures that Tex Saverio sent  me from his fashion show at Jakarta Fashion Week and I shared with you in this post. Tex Saverio is that kind of designer-artist that make me believe that fashion is all the pure beauty that a human's body can support. He makes me dream, he makes me belive that creative minds like him could save the world of anger and violence through the virtue of the true love and beauty because men and women of all kind can read these message over the gorgeous pieces covered the human's mistakes and imperfections.

It's all about excess and golden heavens because there's also an heaven over each war; It's all about contraditions and beliefs, between God and the human's minds, the drama of passion and magic at Tex Saverio. Saverio's models are goddesses wearing incredible engineered feathers, metals different kind of fabrics in a constant dualism between the heavy and the light, and the result is always complex and dramatic. The details of the clothes were so obsessively conceived and realized that is a really danger to forget the clothes as a whole, that's another thing that Saverio's work has in common with art, we must take our time to appreciate the pieces, nothing about the fugacity associated with fashion itself. 

This collection has that kind of unambiguous prettiness that makes the Saverios's woman a powerful one caught up in the turmoil of an Empire of the Sun's war at the same time she was a warrior and an alien felt in love with the tradition and symbols of the old culture. No wonder Lady Gaga loved a Tex Saverio's dress, and certainly all the collection. After the ice queen of the debut collection, Tex Saverio brought us a warrior from the future wearing couture pieces based in heritage and baroque aesthetic as if his muse was a kind of a futuristic French Queen Marie Antoinette.    

Lady Gaga wearing a Tex Saverio's dress from his collection La Glacon
for the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar US 

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