Update: The Rosslyn Chapel Bones Query

I received an important update from Jeff Nisbet to his original article that I posted at The Rosslyn Chapel Bones Query:

When my copy of Girnigoe: Scotland’s Clan Sinclair Magazine arrived, I was astonished to find another article that further muddied the waters.It was written by Danny McCarthy, Farm Manager for the Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, and told the story of Marie Josefa de Mariategui, the Duchesse of Pomar, who had inherited a vast fortune upon the death of her husband in 1868, and became the second wife of James Sinclair, the 14th Earl of Caithness, in 1872, becoming the Countess of Caithness, a marriage that produced no offspring.

Upon the 1881 death of the Earl, Marie moved to Paris and took up residence in a grand house on the Avenue Wagram, where she became a major figure behind the popular occult movement and the French Theosophical Society, rubbing elbows with such luminaries of the day as Scottish spiritual-ist Daniel Dunglas Home and Theosophical Society founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. In 1883 she founded the Societe Theosophique d’Orient et d’Occident, and was president of the Society until her death, publishing many books and pamphlets in support of Theosophy, including Truths in a New Light and Mystery of The Ages.

Here is where the stories of the Countess of Caithness, the Countess of Rosslyn, and the skeleton clock converge. According to McCarthy, the Countess of Caithness “be-lieved herself to be the reincarnation of Mary Queen of Scots,” and that the spirit of the queen “had come into being again in her own existence.” In 1887, the countess published a short book titled A Midnight Visit to Holyroodin which she recounts an inter-view with the spirit of the dead queen among the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, where the queen instructed the countess on how she should live, and where both now lie buried.

Caithness: Webster's Timeline History, 839 - 2007

As McCarthy relates in his article, the countess “was notable to prove that Mary Queen of Scots was her personal advisor and inspiring genius; but on the other hand no one can prove that she was not.

After her move to Paris, the countess named her grand house “Holyrood,” decorating the rooms in 16th-century style and hanging the walls with a massive collection of the queen’s portraits.

Top: Marie Josefa de Mariategui, Duchesse of Pomar and Countess of Caithness. Bottom: The interior of  Edinburgh’s Holyrood Abbey, where the remains of  both Mary Queen of  Scots and the countess are buried

The Countess of Caithness died in 1895, five years before the date attributed to the skeleton clock, 38 years before the death of the Countess of Rosslyn, 80 years before the clock’s usage in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and 107 years before the clock’s eventual sale to an unnamed buyer at the Sotheby’s auction.

Clearly, we have a wealth of information that in some weird and convoluted way gives tantalizing hints at the truth of the matter, but falls far short of the mark. And as for the bones found in Rosslyn Chapel in February 2010, it will soon be two years since the time they were found until the time of this writing and the archaeological experts have yet to weigh in with their official report.

I grow weary of this digging.

Shortly after the publication of my original article, I sent it along to no fewer than 50 U.K. newspapers. Not one showed any interest in my findings, regardless of the interest that many had shown in the original and woefully deficient STV report of March, 2010. Go figure - Jeff Nisbet

NOTE: If it is any consolation to Jeff, I received several inquiries to the original article. I am sure my readers will appreciate the update and his tireless research...Lon

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