Field Investigator Continues UFO / Entity 'Bio-Form' Research

UFO Field Investigator Gary Mansfield forwarded the following statement in reference to his field work and to those questioning his research:

Lon - While I haven’t been too forthcoming with follow-up’s to certain investigations that we have currently been involved with, our team has found interesting results in the outcomes of some strange and interactive results than we could have ever imagined. I do feel a certain obligation to those whom have a serious interest into the UFO enigma. I do not profess to be the ultimate authority by far in this study. However, I have seen, documented, and analyzed more investigative sightings and digital footage than I wish I had ever become aware. I repeatedly find myself at odds end with people that are professionally dismissive, not to say the least obnoxious in their classical scientific disregard for any acknowledgement in what is obvious and true observational and objective field data.

What I have repeatedly been confronted with in our extensive research are representations of biologic and highly intelligent objects, as exhibited by their responsive and interactive behaviors, not to disregard their strange morphing and often audible recorded signatures. Sounds too real to be true? Yes, that is exactly where I to first began this journey. But they do exist, and they are constantly in transit above our heads, and thru our skies in a seemingly curious and observational attitude.

Open your eyes people! The truth is just beyond your fears of seeing and truly believing!

Gary Mansfield, F.I.

NOTE: I totally agree with Gary...criticism from close-minded cynics does not favor anyone. Skepticism is fine if there is a counter argument or when evidence of note is available. Conjecture without knowledge of the subject is simply negligent babble. Below are links to past posts on Gary's investigations...Lon

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