Inquiry: Possible Alien Implants

I received the following email this past weekend: name is Josh and I live in Wisconsin. Recently I had went to the doctor because I had been having a lot of back pain. So the doctor says "let's take a x-ray of your whole back". When the x-rays came back he was kind of startled by what he saw. We both observed 5 pea sized oval shapes of metal in my stomach and went all the way into my upper chest. The doctor asked if had ever been shot I told him "no, and I never had surgery in my life." He couldn't explain it and it freaked me out when he couldn't. I asked to have them removed and they wouldn't because the metal seemed not to be hurting me. I was wondering if you could explain this or tell where the metal could have came from. I searched the all over the net and nothing. Until I came across this article you did about the guy who had metal in his face and had no clue how it got there. Same situation with me but the metal is in my chest and stomach. So if could email me back I would appreciate it. Any info could help. Thank you.

Follow up to some of my questions: I have an illustration, but its one I just drew up real quick (I used a stock human outline...Lon). I also drew a illustration of what those metal things look like, the locations aren't exact but its the general location. As for lost time, the only time I can remember was when I was younger - its crazy I remember that far. Anyway I lived on the Menominee reservation at the time. I remember walking into the woods but don't know what for, I know its was daylight. Then I remember walking out and it was like dusk. I remember my Mom saying like 4 or more hours. But back when I was little my mom drank a lot and I was pretty much on my own. So who really knows how long I was gone for sure.

NOTE: I informed Josh that I would post his inquiry so the readers can give their opinions. I also suggested he read Dr. Roger Leir's book - Casebook: Alien Implants (Whitley Strieber's Hidden Agendas)...Lon

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