A morte de Voldemort em Harry Potter e As Relíquias da Morte: Parte II em detalhes

Pelo Collider, conferi essas artes conceituais de Harry Potter e As Relíquias da Morte: Parte II, que mostram a morte do vilão Voldemort em detalhes. Lembrandoque o filme está indicado para 3 prêmios da Academia, incluindo melhores efeitos visuais:

Eis uma pessoa que pode substituir o elfo Legolas, de O Senhor dos Anéis

Interessante esse vídeo que mostra uma jovem arqueira russa fazendo um exercício muito semelhante ao que o elfo Legolas faz em O Senhor dos Anéis -  A Sociedade do Anel: atirar 6 ou mais fechas ininterruptamente. Vale a olhada:

Casa da Praia 2012: Mario Kart

•••• E o primeiro mês do ano está terminando. Janeiro de 2012 se esvai em suas últimas horas, porém nem mesmo por isso a peteca cai por aqui. EVR recorda agora do jogo Mario Kart, um dos ícones da galera dos vinte e poucos anos.
•••• Em 1992 a Nintendo decidiu lançar o primeiro jogo de corrida com os personagens do desenho dos irmãos Mario e Luigi. Mal sabiam eles que este jogo se tornaria um dos mais famosos games de todos os tempos.
•••• O primeiro jogo foi lançado para o Super Nintendo, porém ganhou versões para Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii e por aí vai. No jogo, o usuário compete contra sete adversários em pistas que lembram os jogos de Mário, Luigi, Yoshi e demais personagens. Além disso o jogo apresenta as modalidades fáceis, nível médio e difícil, representados por 50CC, 100CC e 150CC respectivamente.
•••• No jogo, o usuário pode recorrer a vários itens para ajudar a vencer a corrida. Raios, cascos, tudo vira arma nas corridas, sendo que cada um dos jogadores possui características diferentes um dos outros. Um é mais rápido, outro mais fácil de controlar, outro tem arrancadas boas, etc. Tem que testando para saber quem usar.
•••• Eu sempre gostei de usar o Yoshi. Hehe! Mario Kart é uma lenda, sendo que as pistas são bacanas, as corridas emocionantes e rola uma pancadaria feia.
•••• Casa da Praia 2012 recordando do passado.

Os Borgias – segunda temporada: trailer dos próximos episódios da série com Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons, indicado ao Globo de Ouro pela performance de Papa Alexandre VI

Abaixo, vocês conferem um trailer da segunda temporada do promissor Os Borgias. Nos EUA, em abril, o canal Showtime trará novamente mais histórias de uma das famílias mais poderosas da Roma renascentista-católica-pagã, com as ações centradas no devasso, inteligente e sedutor Rodrigo Borgia, o Papa AlexandreVI. A presença dele com líder supremo da Igreja Católica ocorreu entre 1492 e 1503. No Brasil, a série foi exibida pelo TCM:

Relembre a primeira temporada clicando aqui.

Matthew’s Day Off - Honda: o retorno de Ferris Buller, 26 anos depois (vídeo)

Anunciando o lançamento de um novo carro, a Honda convidou Matthew Broderick para reviver o clássico simpático atoa Ferris Bueller, de Curtindo a Vida Adoidado (1986). A trama do comercial mostra Bueller, 26 anos depois, aproveitando um “dia de folga” com o carro. A propaganda será exibida nos intervalos do Super Bowl, final do campeonato de Footballestadunidense:

Bigfoot Attack...or is the Lizard Man in Georgia?

Hi folks...the posts on 'Phantoms and Monsters' are going to be a bit sporadic until I get finished with medical tests and other matters that need attending. I appreciate your patience and support. In the meantime if something significant 'catches my eye' I will try to post it ASAP...ex. the post below. Thanks...Lon

Look at the video and the screen caps. The damage to similar to that of the supposed Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp (also known as the Lizard Man of Lee County, SC) that had been reported in 1988, 2005, 2008 and again in 2010. BTW, Hambersham County, GA is on the South Carolina border.

Click for video

NOTE: Below is some 'Lizard Man' information from previous posts. I have also included a BFRO Bigfoot report from Hambersham County, Georgia...Lon


From 2010

Lizard Man Scuttlebutt In South Carolina

On Ida Lane in rural Lee County, they’re struggling to explain what took place Monday morning.

“I ran into the house and told my wife to call the police because something happened to the car,” explained Leon Marshall.

“The tooth marks went completely through the fender,” added his wife Ada.

Early that morning the Marshall’s woke up to find their car mauled by something.

“That’s metal! And it just bent it up. Like it was a piece of tissue paper,” said Ada.

The question is by what?

“We have no idea. No idea. No idea what-so-ever.”

To former Lee County Sheriff Liston Truesdale, this sounds all too familiar.

“This part here is how it all started in 1988,” explained Truesdale. “We got a call to come and look at something that had mauled a car. I went out there and looked at that damaged car, and I haven’t seen anything like that before.”

About that same time there were bizarre calls coming in.

“They had been seeing a large creature about 7 feet tall, with big red eyes, with three pointed fingers.”

So he started asking residents, “have you seen anything like a big tall creature round there? And the guys said, ‘what you mean that lizard man?’ That’s how it started and you got it from the horse’s mouth.”

Back then, there was a media frenzy.

“Everyone thought they were going to get a glimpse of the Lizard Man but he didn’t appear.”

The damage on the Marshall’s car is almost identical to the damage on the two cars from back then.

Was it the Lizard man?

“I’m skeptical about that. I’m not gonna go that far. I’ll believe it when I see it,” said the Marshalls.

“Everything it laid off on the poor lizard man,” jokes Truesdale. “But at this point, he must have grandchildren!”

Whether you believe in the Lizard Man or not, he certainly did generate a lot of buzz. In 1988 it’s estimated that about 50,000 visitors came to Lee County in hopes of spotting the creature. - WLTX

Click for video

NOTE: Here is a website that describes the 1988 encounter - The Lizard man of Bishopville, SC. BTW...back in April 2008, the one and only Tom Biscardi got involved in the Lizard Man stating that he thought it was a Bigfoot. So he packed up the circus tent and headed to the location. Biscardi didn't find anything in South Carolina but he did hit pay dirt a few months later a little further south in Georgia. This time the Bigfoot was already in the freezer...Lon


Cryptid Investigator Thinks 'Lizard Man' May Be 'Bigfoot'

It's a story that got a lot of people talking in the Midlands. Back in February, a Lee County family woke up to find their van torn and bloodied. Some people thought the legendary Lizard Man had struck again, and many of you sent us stories telling about your own run-ins with him.

Now, an investigator says those who believe the legend have it all wrong. Instead, he says a very different type of creature is to blame.

"Think about it. It's incredible," says Tom Biscardi. He wants answers, so he drove all the way from California to Bishopville. Biscardi is traveling with his team of researchers - trying to figure out what could've chewed up the front of the van, biting right through metal.

Biscardi heard all the rumors. The only freak of nature that could do it was supposedly the Lizard Man.

A giant creature of legend was first reportedly seen near Scape Ore swamp nearly 20 years ago. Biscardi doesn't think so. "There's no Lizard Man. I'm telling you, you've got something else."

Biscardi, says his investigation - will debunk all the rumors. He can't prove it yet, but Biscardi traces the damage to a creature like the one in Texas. "I'm going to tell you, it's not a Lizard Man. What you've got is a primate, a thing called a swamp ape."

The creature Biscardi speaks of is more commonly known as "Bigfoot."

The team found 18-inch prints in Texas. Biscardi's team of Bigfoot hunters says it's found similar prints near Scape Ore Swamp. The team set surveillance around the swamp, and near the damaged van.

Forensic evidence was also gathered. But after two days of searching, no creature was spotted. Biscardi says, "No problem."

He'll be back next month with a bigger crew. "If anything does travel out on this area, we'll get it. I have no doubt in my mind."

Whether the Lizard Man story ends there remains to be seen. What's clear for now, the mystery's plot - has only thickened.


The following is a previous BFRO report from the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley in Habersham County, Georgia. (NOTE: the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley has had a fair number of cryptid sightings over the years...including large unknown cats.)

Report # 17957 (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, February 26, 2007. Mother and son experience multiple incidents in the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley

YEAR: 2006-2007

SEASON: Winter

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Habersham County

LOCATION DETAILS: This is only 10 to 15 miles away from another site in Helen. Both which back up to the National Forrest.


NEAREST ROAD: Ga.Hwy 255 &Ga.Hwy 197

OBSERVED: In Sept.2006 my 18 year old son and a friend were camping out off of hwy 255 in Habersham Co. (next to the National Forrest and right beside WhiteCo.) They were frightened and run off by howls and growls they swore were not human. High pitched Ape like sounds then VERY LOW long growls. The horses were huddled in a "defensive" stance then at the high pitched sound would run as if they were stampeeding. The boys said they could hear something walking near them but when ever they looked out nothing was there.
The next week I went to feed alone and NONE of the 7 dogs that live there would go to the pasture with me. THIS WAS TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTOR! I could hear something following along beside me but each time I stopped to look it was as if a flash of dark just ran by. I wasn't scared, but I KNOW something was there.
January 2007 8 of us went to the barn late at night we heard the sounds the boys had heard and all people and dogs were accounted for inside the barn. While we were in there one old horse that stays in at night was in his stall and he would NOT calm down for anything, not even food! He circled in his stall yelling for 45mins. While he was doing that 2 of us were in a stall with an other horse and something hit the outside of the barn right at that stall. This happened 4 or 5 times until some of us went to look. NOTHING WAS THERE! It was very dark and my son started throwing horseshoe in the direction of the noise. He threw 5 one at a time. We heard 3 hit the ground or trees or bushes, 2 NEVER HIT ANYTHING, BUT WE HEARD GRUNTS RIGHT AFTER HE THEW THEM!
Febuary 15,2007 my friend Cathy and I have been on several websites looking for clues as to what we are dealing with. We have found 3 foot prints, these are NOT "giant size", but they are much larger than human. There are 2 different Areas that look as if something large has been bedding down there. There are trees that look like the markings of territory shown on some of the web sites. One of the most increddible things we have found is an area by a little stream where an oak tree was down, still fresh, and some of the bark had been shreded and appeared to have been chewed. The gorund around it was totally dry, but the "chewed" bark was slimmy wet, like spit. I brought some home and put it in a baggie and today it is STILL moist! It looks as if spit bubbles are in it.
After picking this up and heading back out of the woods we knew something was following us. We heard the high pitched howls, sticks beating together and trees and bushes moving. Still we could not see anything. HOwever I told her to take 3 stepps together and stop with out talking, we did BUT WHAT EVER WAS FOLLOWING US DID NOT!! Then we REALLY got some vocals.
We don't wish this any harm, but we do want to know what is there. We are planning to stay out in the woods near this site This up coming weekend. We would love to have a pro with us!

ALSO NOTICED: Yes, this area is usally loaded with small animals, rabbit, deer, squrrell, birds etc... If nothing eles I always see tracks of animals. WE DIDN'T SEE OR HEAR ANY OF THEM.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 to 7 others each time. WE were feeding or cleaning horses. Then just hiking through the forrest.

OTHER STORIES: Several people who live around there tell me aobut all the farm animals getting in their defence stance and howling and acting scared every night just before dark. Most that I have talked to say it is either wild hog, bear, cougar or deer. I KNOW IT IS NOT! If nothing eles I know my horse! He acts scared at night and he never has before.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Beautiful cool day in the high 50's around 3 in the afternoon until 5:30 in the evening

ENVIRONMENT: Abandon hunting camps are in this area, but it is mostly Rodadenronds and mountian laurels in a beautiful forrest area. Lots of creeks and heavey wooded areas, for miles!

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matt Pruitt:

I have spoken with the witness who submitted the report and her son many times over the last few years, and have visited the property and surrounding forest where these incidents occurred; just to the east of the White/Habersham County border, in the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley.

The witnesses heard characteristic vocalizations, found large man-like tracks in the area, and experienced stalking behavior on several occasions.

I find the witnesses to be credible and reliable, and their stories bear a remarkable consistency to other incidents; not just in this particular valley, but in other river valley communities across the continent where these animals occur.

The initial on-site investigation was conducted by Georgia-based independent sasquatch researchers Leigh Culver and Wayne Ford.

The Sautee-Nacoochee Valley has produced observation and encounter reports each winter, without exception, for the last several years. I strongly suspect that as wild edibles become scarce during the winter, resident sasquatches will come closer to areas of human habitation and exploit human food resources in addition to their natural diets. Moreover, more deer occur in the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley during winter months than in the surrounding forested mountains. To learn more about the BFRO's research into the connection between deer and sasquatches, read this article.

In the incidents that are reported in North Georgia, the majority of warm-weather reports occur in higher elevations in the mountains along densely vegetated creeks and headwaters; places where wild edibles (like blackberries, persimmons, muscadines, etc.) are abundant seasonally.

Many of these Sautee-Nacoochee Valley winter reports are given to me directly, as I have established a strong network of contacts in White County (having grown up there, and having conducted a great deal of field research there).

South Carolina Lizard Man, The

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Game of Thrones – Segunda Temporada: veja o trailer da aguardada continuação da série baseada nos livros de George R.R. Martin

Abaixo, vocês conferem um novo trailer da aguardada segunda temporada do sucesso Game Of Thrones. A prévia mostra algumas das famílias que brigam pelo trono, incluindo o chamativo Tyrion Lanninster, interpretado pelo vencedor do Globo de Ouro, Peter Dinklage:

Nos EUA, a segunda temporada de Game of Thrones, que adaptará o livro a Fúria dos Reis (A Clash of Kings) estréia na HBO em abril.

(via Collider).

Show de Pitbull será transmitido ao vivo durante o Carnaval da Bahia

No dia 22 de fevereiro, em pleno carnaval baiano, o rapper e cantor americano Pitbull vai subir ao palco do AXE Lounge, no Camarote Salvador, para agitar os foliões.
Quem não estiver presente, também poderá conferir a apresentação, que será transmitida em tempo real pelo VEVO – provedor de entretenimento e música online. A exibição terá início a partir da uma hora da manhã do dia 22, no site PitbullLive.vevo.com.
Entre os dias 17 e 20, o AXE Lounge também vai receber nomes consagrados da música eletrônica, como DJ Steve Angello, DJ Roger Sanchez, Kaskade e Todadisco. Para mais informações sobre o evento, acesse www.axe.com.br/carnaval.

Fonte: Billboard Brasil 

Andréia Horta muda o visual para a novela “Amor Eterno Amor”

Andréia Horta deixa o cabelo comprido para viver a atirada Valéria em “Amor Eterno Amor”, próxima novela das seis da Rede Globo.
Filha dos donos da famosa vendinha de Vila dos Milagres, a personagem faz de tudo para domar o coração de Carlos (Gabriel Braga Nunes), enquanto despreza o amor de Josué (Raphael Viana).
“Amor Eterno Amor” é uma novela de Elizabeth Jhin e tem direção de núcleo de Rogério Gomes.



I love the haircut and all the simplicity of the outfits! Renee Kitchen for Grazia.it... she really inspired me!

More photos HERE

Novios desconocidos (II): Emma Rigby

Fabulosa novia del desconocido Matthew Mills, jugado de fútbol en Inglaterra.

Novios desconocidos (I): Bethany Dempsey

Tony Lochhead es un jugador de fútbol de Nueva Zalanda. ¿A quien le importa viendo la novia que tiene?


I love fashion illustrations, and this one by Vanessa Datorre, inspired on Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall is gorgeous!

See more of the Vanessa's work HERE and her work's inspirations HERE


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